Darryl Baum: Mike Tyson’s Bodyguard Who Shot 50 Cent – A Tale of Friendship and Betrayal

Boxing great Mike Tyson had a close friend named Darryl Baum as a bodyguard. His fame, though, came from being accused of killing American rapper 50 Cent (Curtis James Jackson) in 2000.

He was said to have ties to several gangs before he was brutally killed three weeks after allegedly trying to kill the rapper. He was a part of a gang and additionally worked in the drug trade.

After he was killed, his brother Tyrone Baum vowed to get revenge, and Tyson devoted his 38-second knockout of Lou Savarese in June 2000 to him.

Early Life Darryl Baum

Darryl was born on August, and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. Darryl Hommo Baum had big dreams of becoming a great businessman. His parents helped him reach those goals. No information is known about his time in high school or college in Brooklyn. It’s also hard to figure out things about his personal life, like his childhood and his connections with important family members.

Darryl had big plans when he was younger, but he got involved with drugs and faced tough gangs. Even though he was stressed, his relationship with Mike Tyson made him feel better. Dany could stay at Tyson’s house because they were so close. After their time in prison in the 1990s, Tyson said he would help Darryl get a job. As promised, Tyson hired Darryl as his security team’s right-hand man.

Darryl was brutally killed on his way home on a lonely street. He was shot in the head and died before help came. The people who killed him were caught and found guilty. When Darryl died, his younger brother Tyrone tried to get even, but he too died. Tyrone died on a building site after going into dangerous areas to get even.

Darryl Baum allegedly shot 50 Cent 9 Times

On May 20, 2000, 50 Cent left his grandmother’s house in a stopped car to meet up with his friends. Someone in a second car then pulled out a 99mm shotgun and fired nine times at 50 Cent. This person was said to be Darryl, the hitman.

He was hit in the hands, face, hips, arms, chest and had to stay in the hospital for at least 13 days. Also, it took him about five months to fully get better.

It seems that 50 Cent had an issue with some gang members, and they wanted to kill him. The rapper was known to insult Ja Rule, who was on the Murder Inc. label, which made the other artists very angry.

Another source said that 50 Cent recorded a song that was never released but showed how drug lord and boss Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff did business. Baum got involved when he supposedly got orders to kill rapper 50 Cent from McGriff.

How Was Darryl Baum Related To Mike Tyson?

People have been interested in how they became friends for a long time. It might surprise you that Darryl Baum and Mike grew up in the same neighborhood. They’ve been close friends since childhood and grew up through good times and bad.

Strangely, they both went to jail around the same time in the 1990s. As cellmates, they both tell each other secrets and form close ties.

Mike said he would give him the job as soon as he got out of jail. Mike Tyson kept his promise and made Baum his bodyguard and friend. This shows how much he trusted Baum. However, Baum doesn’t last long because he was killed because of his feud.

Mike always showed Darryl how much he loved and cared for him, even after Darryl died. He aimed his 30-second knockout at Lou Savarese and even offered a prize to anyone who could find the person who killed Baum before the real killer was found.

Mike still talks to Baum’s sister Zakia and looks out for her because he is friends with Darryl Baum. Aren’t you interested in this kind of friendship that doesn’t depend on anything? It seems so rare these days.

Tyrone’s Revenge Mission

Born in Brooklyn, New York City, Darryl Hommo Baum was caught up in a life that was both full of potential and danger. His childhood hopes of becoming a wealthy businessman were pushed aside by the harsh facts of life on the streets. Even though not much was known about his family, he found comfort and company in his friendship with famous boxer Mike Tyson, who later became his trusted bodyguard.In a sad turn of events, Baum got into a fight with a rival gang, which ended with him dying too soon from a gunshot wound to the head. That person or people who killed him were caught and put on trial. But that wasn’t the end of the story.

Baum’s younger brother Tyrone goes on a quest for revenge, which ends in more tragedy. Baum’s life and the scary things that happened to him are a stark reminder of how complicated loyalty, betrayal, and the streets can be.

Darryl Baum was Killed Three Weeks after He Allegedly Shot 50 Cent

Darryl Baum was Killed Three Weeks after He Allegedly Shot 50 Cent

You must be interested in what exactly led to his death. It’s clear from his past records, though, that he didn’t die naturally. He was walking through an empty alley when he was killed. He got hit in the head. His death was difficult because the wound washed out and he wasn’t given medical help right away.

But even though he was an American criminal, his death still made people sad. Damion Hardy was found to be the person who killed him and is now being charged with murder. Along with him were two other guys named Eric Moore and Zareh Sarkissian.

Damion was a firefighter, and he had a rough past. Hardy was in a relationship with Lil Kim, an American singer, but she also worked in the drug business. Baum and Hardy fought over the dirty business, which ended in Darryl’s death.

Getting your hands dirty in crimes will not lead to good results, as his murder shows. Your desire for fame, on the other hand, could kill you.

Darryl Baum’s killer

After a thorough investigation by the police, it was found that Darryl had a grudge against a rival gang, which led to the sad death of his friend. The person who killed him was quickly caught and was accused of being involved in the deaths of six other people. Damion Hardy, who was identified as having ties to the American rapper Lil Kim and being involved in drug-related activities, shot Darryl in the back of the head and caused him to die from heavy blood.

This event made people more aware of the risks that come with gang rivalries and drug-related fights, showing how terrible the effects can be on both individuals and groups. Even though the person who killed Darryl has been caught, his sudden death is a sad reminder of how important it is to keep working to solve the problems that cause violence in society.

Cause of Darryl Baum’s Death

Following a fight with a rival gang, Darryl Baum tragically lost his life after being shot in the back of the head. Even though his injuries were very bad, he didn’t get medical help right away, which led to his unexpected death. The criminals responsible for this horrible act have been caught and are being held by police.

The story of Darryl “Homo” Baum’s life and death shows a story of friendship, betrayal, and the harsh facts of living on the streets. His journey is a stark warning of the problems many people face when they try to reach their goals, as well as the dangerous paths that loyalty and revenge can take people down in the end.

Impact of  Darryl Baum’s Death On His Family

Mike Tyson’s brother Tyrone Tyson decided to get revenge for Baum’s death. For Tyrone to get this done, he had to step on some toes, which made many people dislike him. Tyrone was quickly marked for death, and on July 25, 2003, he was shot and chased at a building site on Reid Avenue. People used to think that Zakia Baum, Darryl’s sister, was a target because her family is related to Ivory Davis, and Davis’s nephew killed Hardy’s brother.

In 2015, Zakia and other people whose family members Damion Hardy killed went to court and Hardy was given a mandatory life term in prison. The decision did not bring Darryl and Tyrone back, but it did give their sister some peace of mind because she knew that justice had been done.
Should Darryl Baum have stayed as Mike Tyson’s protector, he might have lived longer to reach his goal of becoming a real lawyer.

Quick Facts About Darryl Baum

  • Many people knew Darryl Baum after he shot artist 50 Cent nine times in 2000.
  • Baum was 34 years old at the time of the event. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, on August 20, 1965.
  • Even though Baum is linked to Mike Tyson and the shooting got a lot of press, not much is known about Baum’s family.
  • Baum had two siblings: Zakia and Tyrone. Tyrone vowed to get back at his brother for what he did.
  • He became Tyson’s trusted bodyguard and promised them work when they got out of jail in the 1990s.
  • Baum’s life ended sadly when he was shot in the head during a fight with a rival gang. The people who killed him were quickly caught and found guilty.
  • After Baum’s death, his brother Tyrone tried to get payback but met the same end. This shows how their lives were always full of violence and tragedy.

Final Thoughts

The last fact about Darryl Baum’s life is that he grew up in the same area as Mike Tyson. Even when they were kids, they were there for each other. But their friendship grew stronger when they told each other secrets in jail.

Mike Tyson told him he would help him with money when they were free. A legendary boxer named Mike Tyson offered to be his friend and guardian. Darryl Baum gave up his life to protect him. But they had to say goodbye sooner rather than later because Darryl did some illegal things and died at the age of 34.


Why did Darryl shoot 50?
Many ideas have been put forward about why he wanted to kill 50 Cent. It could have been because of a personal grudge or the drug trade, but the most likely reason is that Kenneth McGriff, the head of the gang, told him to attack the famous rapper.

Did Mike Tyson order the hit on 50 Cent?
Being that Darryl Baum works for Mike Tyson, it’s possible to guess. No, Tyson did not order the hit. He doesn’t battle with 50 Cent.

Did Mike Tyson bury his best friend?
Tyson said, “I had to bury my best friend, and I’m setting this fight, I wasn’t going to fight, aside for him”.

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