Crafting The Ultimate Stag Do in Dublin

Dublin is one of the most attractive destinations for a stag do. Packed with bars, history, food and entertainment, you will rarely find yourself without something to do. When planning the perfect stag do, there’s a lot to consider such as budget, transportation, activities and more. We are here today to make your life that little bit easier when planning your dream boys trip. 

Choose a Home Base… The Pub

Making yourself a home base is the best way to keep what could easily turn into a messy weekend slightly less messy! Stag dos often pull together a random bunch of folk. School pals, workmates, uni friends, family members and that really cool guy the stag bumped into on his trip round India.

Meeting up at a central spot is the ideal way to get things going. If not everyone wants to participate in all the activities, having a base camp to regroup is perfect.

Personally, we think  BadBobs is the ideal spot. It’s slap bang in the heart of Temple Bar, Dublin’s liveliest neighbourhood.  It’s got live music, tasty food, endless drinks list and you can even rent out parts of it if you want your own space. 

Fill the Day with Activities 

If you are going to Dublin for a stag do, of course you are going to have a drink, but it’s never a bad idea to create some sober memories for you and your mates. Consider including competitive activities such as go karting, bubble football and more to give your day or weekend even more excitement (No sore losers please). 

Dublin is home to over 40 museums, featuring everything from leprechauns to Guinness to cutting-edge design. Maybe one of these spots will take your Stags fancy?

  1. For the sports fans, visit the GAA museum at historic Croke Park Stadium where you can have a tour of the historic venue. You could even catch a game of football if you are there at the right time. 
  2. Americans with Irish heritage will want to check out the EPIC, The Irish Emigration Museum in Dublin City, to find out more about where their family started.
  3. Soak in the History of Dublin Castle, Trinity College, Kilmainham Gaol and more. 

As you can tell, there is a lot for you to get up to in Dublin. Enjoy a day full of activities and create memories for you and your mates to cherish for life. 

Get Around Dublin in Style

Mix your transport up and enjoy being the centre of attention on the road. Consider hiring a booze bike to get you all around town while enjoying a refreshing beverage. If you are planning a shindig with a select group of pals why not hire out a couple of vintage sports cars with drivers for a OO7 inspired day out

For those looking not to be the centre of attention, use Dublin’s handy public transport, taxis are also an option but can be expensive (but let’s face it, probably not as expensive as a vintage sports car and private driver). 

Ensure Everyone is on the Same Page 

It’s no secret that stag and hen dos can come with an extra shot or three of drama. Communication is key to avoid falling outs, no shows and random disappearances.  Set a clear budget long before your trip, this allows people to save and plan ahead with their money. 

Let everyone know what you are going to get up to. Where they need to be and when. If you are staying overnight, make sure everyone has the address of the hotel, hostel or tent saved in their phones!

Surprise the Groom 

Spice up the groom’s day with a surprise, whether it is one they will like or not. You could be nice and surprise them with tickets to see their favourite comedian or band giving them a nice memory to remember. Or you could tell the groom to dress up in a fancy outfit but when you show up, he is the only one looking silly. 

Ultimately this surprise has to be specific to the groom, so think about something he likes (or doesn’t like) and secretly plan it. 

Make it a Memorable One 

Whatever it is you get up to, don’t forget to enjoy it! Make sure everyone is well informed and comfortable with the activities you are planning. 

For the best experience possible, we recommend you follow our recommendations for an exciting and lively experience in Dublin. Gather your mates, raise a glass to the groom-to-be, and enjoy a memorable stag do experience in the heart of Ireland’s capital city. Sláinte!


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