All about Janet Condra: Larry Bird’s Ex-wife Bio, Net Worth and More

Basketball player Larry Bird, also known as “Larry Legend,” was among the greatest basketball players who left an unforgettable mark on the NBA. He has won many awards, including Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, Finals MVP, All-Star MVP, Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year. Many people think he is one of the best players ever.

Janet Condra was Larry Bird’s first wife and their first marriage to Janet Condra didn’t go as planned though. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Janet Condra, who was Larry Bird’s first wife. Get ready to learn about Janet Condra’s interesting life journey along with the basketball legend.

Know about Larry Bird’s ex-wife, Janet Condra

Janet Condra became famous because she used to be married to Larry Bird. Larry Bird was a great American basketball player in the past. People think of him as the best basketball player in U.S. history.

According to papers that are open to the public, no one knows for sure when Janet Condra’s birthday is. However, she was born in Indiana, USA. At Spring Valley High School, she runs into her ex-boyfriend. While she was at the school, she felt deeply connected to Larry. On the other hand, Larry was one of the clear leaders in going for the ball. A couple of them were also students. In her early years, Janet was like most American lyceum girls.

Childhood and Early Life

Janet Condra was born in the US in the middle of the 1960s. Since no one knew for sure when she was born, no one knew what her star sign was either. However, She was born into a white family.

The news still doesn’t know who her parents are, though. We’ll talk about her folks and other family members in our next report. Larry Bird’s wife is a Christian. As for her schooling, she finished high school at Springs Valley High School in her hometown. On the other hand, the reporters haven’t asked her much about school.

Career and Professional Life

Janet Condra is married to a famous person. She is best known for being married to Larry Bird, a famous basketball player and coach. When she talked about her husband’s job:

Janet Condra is married to a famous person. Her main claim to fame is being married to Larry Bird. She is also a famous basketball teacher and player. Concerning the job her husband has:

His birthday is December 7, 1956, and he was born in West Baden Springs, Indiana. He used to play professional basketball in the United States, teach, and work for the NBA. A lot of people think he is the best basketball player ever. He is the only person in NBA history to have won Rookie of the Year awards. Being a top coach and business leader has also brought Larry the Legend a lot of success.

When he got hurt in the back and had to stop playing in 1992, the champion went into management for the Celtics. In his first year as coach of the Indiana Pacers in 1997, he won Coach of the Year.

Janet Condra and Larry Bird’s Relationship

The story of how Janet Condra and Larry Bird met is about two kids who met and became friends. Both Janet and Larry went to Spring Valley High School and met there. They quickly fell in love. They got married in 1975 after dating for a long time when they were young. They were happy together for a short time, but they broke up less than a year after getting married. Even though they tried to get along, their efforts failed.

Janet and Larry had a girl named Corrie Bird in August 1977 while they were still together. But in the end, they broke up, and Janet had to raise Corrie by herself.

On the other hand, Larry found love again after being apart from Janet for 13 years. They had two children together after marriage in 1989: Conner and Mariah Bird. Dinah Mattingly wants to stay out of the spotlight and doesn’t use social media. Right now, Larry and Dinah still love being married, and their happiness shows in their long-lasting relationship.

Their Relationship After Divorce from Larry Bird

Janet Condra had a tough time after she broke up with Larry Bird. Sources say that Condra and Larry broke up on bad terms. Condra and Bird’s relationship had gotten so bad that she couldn’t talk to Bird, and her daughter Corrie was also not close to Bird. According to a website, their bond wasn’t like that of a normal father and daughter.

Larry Bird ignored his daughter Corrie’s requests to meet her father over and over again. After that, Janet Condra said these things in an interview with Oprah Winfrey on The Oprah Winfrey:

“When she was little, I made excuses. I couldn’t protect her from the hurt caused by her dad. I could protect her from everything else, but not that.”

Now that Corrie’s stepmother asked her for a Pacers game, things between her father and daughter are getting better.

Summary of Her Husband’s Coaching Career

Bird’s first job after college was as a special assistant in the front office for the Celtics. The Celtics hired him and kept him for five years. Bird returned to his home state of Indiana and became the head coach of the Indiana Pacers in 1997. It was his first time as head teacher because he had never been in that role before.

But in 1997–98, Janet’s husband led the Pacers to a 58–24 record, which was the best record in team history at the time. Larry has been named the NBA Coach of the Year because he has done well.

He quit as head coach after taking the Pacers to the NBA Finals in 2000. Late in 2003, Bird tried to get back to the Pacers, but this time as the head of basketball operations. At the end of the 2011–12 seasons, Larry is awarded the NBA Executive of the Year.

Height and weight of Janet Condra

The bodies of Condra are about average in size and shape. She has a thin body. Janat’s blonde hair and dark brown eyes are both attractive. The way she acts is nice and understanding. She raises her child by herself, showing her bravery and determination even though she is now a single mother.

Social Media Platforms

Janat doesn’t spend a lot of time on social networks. There is no page for her on any social media platform, like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Janet Condra’s Net Worth

No one knows how much money Janet Condra has. No one has written down how much she was paid each year. The person who used to be her husband is thought to be worth around $75 million. We still don’t know how much she got as part of the divorce deal.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Janet Condra’s trip with Larry Bird shows their relationship’s good and bad times. Janet’s net worth is still unknown, but Larry Bird is thought to be worth about $75 million thanks to his basketball success.

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