Meet Susan Deixler (Barry Manilow’s first Wife) Net Worth Relationship and Bio

Barry Manilow is a famous singer-songwriter who wrote hits like “Can’t Smile Without You,” “Mandy,” and “Copacabana.” But did you know that he was married to Susan Deixler? She was his high school love. We will talk about the life and times of Barry Manilow’s first wife, Susan Deixler, who was also his only marriage, how they met, why they ran away together, and why their marriage was thrown out after only a year.

What did Susan Deixler do after her short marriage to Barry Manilow? We will also find out how she responded when he recently told everyone that he is gay and married to his longtime manager, Ken Kief.

Keep reading to learn more about Barry Manilow’s ex-wife Susan Deixler.

Who was Susan Deixler? Barry Manilow’s first wife?

He has had an amazing journey, even though he has a reputation in music that not many people have. He grew up poor in Brooklyn and found his love for music there. Since then, his main goal in life has been to keep practicing music and get better at it.

However, there was a time when someone else was more important in the famous singer’s mind. Sue Deixler, his high school love from Brooklyn, was there. In high school, many liked Manilow and he was chosen as the best singer in his yearbook. He married Susan in 1964 in front of a Rabbi because Susan was Jewish. Susan Deixler was only 19 years old when they got married in 1964.

Susan Deixler Bio, Family and Education

She was born in Brooklyn, New York, in August 1944. Natasha Deixler is her mother and Al Deixler is her father. She met Barry Manilow at Eastern District High School in Brooklyn, where she was in singing, the Chemistry Squad, Bowling Club, and swimming, among other groups. Her senior yearbook said she planned to study nursing at Miami University. It’s not clear, though, if she finished school or tried to become a nurse. She later turned into a natural healer.

Susan Deixler’s Relationship

The “Copacabana” star Barry Alan Pinkus was born in Brooklyn. When Deixler was no longer in high school, he married the girl he loved. He was a senior at Brooklyn’s Eastern District High School when they started going out together. She was a junior. Sue Deixler’s love story read like it came from a teen book or movie. Everyone at school liked Deixler, but Manilow was shy and played in the band. They were together.

When Did She Fell in Love with Manilow?

Manilow was a senior in high school when she was a junior, and they went out together. Manilow writes in his book that he and Susan did not get along in school. Manilow hung out with a small group of close friends, but Susan was friendly and open. After high school, Manilow attended the City College of New York and the New York College of Music. Her profile says that she also worked as a secretary.

Susan Deixler soon began to talk about getting married. Their peers thought they were too young and were shocked when they saw them. They chose to split in 1964 because their families couldn’t agree on how much a big wedding would cost. His parents didn’t want a big wedding, but hers did. During their lunch break, they got married at City Hall in the judge’s office. They went back to work for the rest of the day after lunch. It is written in the book that Deixler’s parents didn’t like the civil wedding, so they got married again in front of a rabbi.

The divorce of Susan Deixler and Manilow

From what Manilow and Deixler have said about their marriage, it sounds like they had a good time together. After a year, Manilow called off the wedding because he wanted to focus on his art instead of his wife. Sue Deixler says he was young and not grown enough at the time. Because he was leaving, he was looking forward to “musical adventures.”

After that, Deixler ended the marriage because of “fraud.” Since then, neither side has said anything else about this. During their marriage, Manilow always said that Deixler was the perfect wife, and he was still in love with her after they split up. He said that his youth was to blame for everything.

Even though Barry Manilow has told everyone he is gay, he has been in a few public relationships with women. He dated many women in the 1970s, like Melissa Manchester and Lorna Luft. But Manilow was married before that. Sue Deixler, the girl he liked in high school, became his wife. After moving to California, Deixler works as a nursing home manager and keeps to herself.

Barry Manilow’s second attempt at romance

Barry Manilow

Barry left his wife to pursue music, but once he reached the goals he set for himself, he chose to try dating again.

He met Gary Kief, who worked in TV at the time. The two worked together, at first for business reasons but later because they became close. Because of how the public saw Manilow, they chose to keep their relationship a secret.

But in the end, they got married in 2014. As a couple, they came out and set an example in the entertainment business.

“I thought they would be let down if they found out I was gay.” I didn’t do anything, then. They were so happy when they found out that Garry and I were dating. It was such a beautiful response.” Barry told People magazine when the pair first told the world they were dating in 2017.

The couple has been leaders in their areas and a model of acceptance and individuality in the music business.

Does Barry Manilow Have A Child?

A lot of people like the artist Barry Manilow. Many people are interested in the “Copacabana” singer’s life, especially if he has children. People don’t talk about their private lives, so no one knows anything about Barry Manilow’s daughter. Fans, that’s all we know about Barry Manilow’s daughter. In 1978, Barry met Garry, a TV director, and they became married.

Soon after, they started dating. His first wife gave birth to a girl named Kirsten Kief. Garry married “Mandy” singer Barry Manilow in 2014 after producing his own shows. After that, Barry became a loving stepfather to Kirsten. Reports say that in May 2017, the musician talked about his daughter Kirsten and how they had raised her together for years. Kirsten is one of the most beautiful and smart people you’ll ever meet.

Susan Deixler’s Net worth

As a rock star, Bary Manilow is reportedly worth a million dollars. However, we don’t know how much Susan Deixler makes, what she owns, or what her overall net worth is.

She is said to be a qualified holistic healer and works at a California organisation that provides nurse care. Our knowledge of her and the fact that her children are also working workers leads us to believe that she is financially stable and not short on cash.

Susan Deixler Reaction to Barry Manilow’s Marriage

Barry Manilow’s first wife and high school sweetheart, Susan Deixler, hasn’t talked much about her ex-husband in the news. But she did talk to the Daily Mail in 2015 after Manilow married his longtime boss Garry Kief.

She told Manilow she was happy for him and wished him well. She also said she had moved on with her life and had a daughter and a boy from a different relationship. A year after they married in 1965, their marriage was annulled. She said she wasn’t bitter or angry about it. She said that Manilow lied to her about being gay and she felt lied to, but she didn’t hold a grudge.

She said she was proud of what Menlo had done and that she still loved his songs. She told them that she wasn’t famous and that she liked living a quiet life in California as a holistic healer and nursing care manager.


What Is Susan Deixler’s Current Relationship?
Susan Deixler has never been in a relationship that we know of. Deixler and Manilow still seem to get along well after almost 50 years. She was even happy for Manilow when she heard he was getting married to his longtime partner.

What Is Susan Deixler’s Job?
Susan said she was a very private person when she finally told the news about her relationship with Manilow. In the past, she has tried to avoid talking to the press.

Who Are The Children Of Susan Deixler?
She is married and has two kids. It’s hard to get to know her because she stays to herself. Her daughter is a lawyer and her son is an artist.

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