Christina Yamamoto: The Mother of Jhené Aiko – Everything You Need to Know

Jhene Aiko, one of the most well-known singers and songwriters in the music industry, is the proud daughter of Christina Yamamoto. Jhene Aiko is an American vocalist who gained popularity while playing with the band B2K.

Being the mother of a well-known person, Christina Yamamoto’s life narrative has always generated curiosity. She was twice married, but the unions ended in divorce. Also, there is still a lot about his life that is yet to be explored.

In this article, we will learn all the little-known details about the mother of Jhené Aiko and Mira J, Christina Yamamoto and her birthdate, parents, spouse, divorce, and children.

Profile Summary

Full name:   Christina Yamamoto
Date of birth:  February 18, 1958
Age:   66 years old
Zodiac Sign:  Aquarius
Place of birth:  Inglewood, California
Parents:   Tadashi “Teddy” Yamamoto (father), Essie Pecot (mother)
Nationality:  American
Ethnicity:  Divorced
Ex-husband:  Dr. Karamo Chilombo (1980-2000)
Children: Jhené Aiko, Miyoko Chilombo, Jamila Akiko Aba Chilombo (Mila J), Jahi Chilombo, Miyagi Chilombo

Christina Yamamoto Bio

Christina Yamamoto was born on February 18, 1958 in Inglewood, California in the United States. Although it is uncertain, she is of mixed (Japanese American) ethnicity. Apart from that, little is known about her early years, family history, or educational background. She is the mother of jhené Aiko and Mira J.

Christina Yamamoto’s background is unclear. Her girls are her greatest assets, but it’s unclear if financial gain is something she’s interested in pursuing. On the other hand, his daughter Mira J is a well-known R&B singer best known for her roles in Trey Songz, Omarion, IMx, RaRa, and Prince’s “Diamonds and Pearls” music video.

jhené Aiko, her daughter, is a well-known singer and songwriter who is best known for her role in the group B2K. Furthermore, Christina Yamamoto has worked with well-known rappers and singers like Big Sean, Chris Brown, and Lana Del Rey. Christina discusses her personal life in great detail. She delighted in her daughter’s joy.

Christina Yamamoto was married to Dr. Karamo Chilombo. After being hitched in 1980, they had a happy marriage until 2000. She has lived alone with her girls since the couple’s 2000 breakup, the primary cause of which is still a mystery to the public.

Christina Yamamoto is the mother of five children with her ex-husband, Karamo Chilombo. Her first kid, Miyoko, was born in 1981, and her second child, Mira J, was born in 1982. In 1986, she also gave birth to a son, Miyagi, who passed away at the age of 20 from cancer. jhené Aiko, the youngest sibling, was born in the latter part of 1988.

Christina Yamamoto Career

Christina Yamamoto’s work history isn’t very clear, but her daughters have made her popular. Mila J, one of Christina’s daughters, has had a great career as an R&B singer and model, but it’s unclear if she wants to make more money.

Mila J has worked hard and is talented, so she has been in music videos with famous singers like Prince and on the records of other well-known artists like RaRa, IMx, Trey Songz, and Omarion.

Married to the famous Dr. Karamo Chilombo

Married to the famous Dr. Karamo Chilombo

His father went to the United States during World War II after being married to the famous Dr. Karamo Chilombo. He later got married and had children there, including Christina. He never got to go to Japan, even though he lived in the US for most of his life.

Christina married Dr. Karamo Chilombo (born Gregory Wycliff Barnes) in 1980, and they stayed together until 2000 when they split up. As Karamo worked on his music business, he changed his name to “Chilombo.” “Chilombo” is an African word that means “free spirit,” which was a word that spoke to him. The marriage lasted a long time and worked out well. The two people are still good friends even though they are no longer married.

Loss Of Her Child

It was true that Christina had lost her child, Miyagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo. He died on July 19, 2012. Miyagi was dealing with cancer. Before he died, Miyagi fought a growth for two years that could not be cured. The whole family was very sad about Miyagi’s death, and Jhene felt hopeless for a while afterward. She was born on July 7, 1986, and died when she was 26 years old.

She officially became a grandmother in 2008

Christina was thrilled when her daughter Jhene Aiko had her first baby, Namiko Love Browner, in 2008. Christina had a special connection to the birth of the sweet little girl because her daughter had dated O’Ryan, who is better known as Omarion’s younger brother, and that’s how Namiko was born.

Christine was happy for four years, but four years later, she and her family went through the terrible pain and sadness of losing her oldest son, Miyagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo. He had bravely fought an inoperable tumor for two years, but nothing could be done.

Jhene Aiko Removed the N-word from her Song

You may have noticed that the only singers on her new album use the word “nigga” in their songs. On the other hand, the woman chose not to use the word when she was writing. She had a chance to explain herself when she talked to someone on social media. In answer to a fan question, Jhene said, “Whispers cat fur, Slauson asphalt, and sand from Venice Beach.”

Jhene explained that she is neither fully black nor fully white and that Asian is the last thing that makes her unique. Right now, she is whatever people want her to be. She finally gave her fans a full explanation of her nationality because she feared that her first answer might confuse them.

She says that her DNA is 25% Asian, 34% European, and 33% African. Her grandma is Creole and Dominican and her grandfather is Japanese. Her father’s parents are black and white. She also said that the DNA sites given change all the time, so you never know what might happen. She’s done giving an explanation. Then she says that no matter how others see her, she still treats everyone like family. As she thought about her ancestors and how uncomfortable it made her when non-black people used the phrase, she chose to take it out of her work.

Christina Yamamoto Social Media

Christina Yamamoto is not well-known and lives in the United States. Because of this, she is not on social media. The famous mother would rather stay out of the public eye and avoid social media as much as possible. Even about her early life, she hasn’t said anything.

A lot of people follow her daughter on Instagram, though. More than 16 million people follow her there. Jhene posts pictures of her big family, which includes Christina, from time to time.

Christina Yamamoto Height and Weight

Even though Christina Yamamoto was famous, she pretty much kept her looks a secret. The 66-year-old man is said to be very talented. He is about 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 60 kg.

Even though it’s a secret, a lot of Christina fans have made guesses about her body sizes based on different facts and pictures. She likely wears a size 6-8 US dress and shoes size medium.

Her chest measurement could be 28 inches, her waist measurement 32 inches, and her hip measurement 36 inches. The rest of what we know about Christina Yamamoto’s height and weight is pretty vague. In short, she is a trendy 63-year-old woman who is very pretty.

She is married and has two beautiful children. Both of them are successful singers. Christina might not say what her body measurements are, but many people love her taste and personality, and she still has much power in the business.

Net Worth

Christina is living a good life because of her successful daughter. When it comes to her private life, she keeps it very quiet. Because of this, we don’t know anything about her job, income, or net worth. We know how much her famous daughter is worth. Her daughter Jhené Aiko’s net worth is more than $6 million.

Final thoughts

Christina Yamamoto is a famous mom to her famous daughter, Jhene Aiko who is thought to be worth more than $6 million, making her a very wealthy woman. No one knows how much money her mother has, but she did raise a beautiful singer who is still making waves in the music industry.

She is also happy to be the mother of Mila J, born in 1986, and Jhene Aiko, born in 1988. Christina is an impressive woman with a sense of style and charisma that still impacts the business today, even though she doesn’t get much attention. Few details about her body are known, but she is said to be about 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 60 kg, which is pretty amazing for someone her age.

Christina Yamamoto is an amazing role model for moms of all ages. She raised two beautiful girls while going through a divorce and the sad death of her son Miyagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo when he was only 26 years old.


Is Jhene Aiko’s dad a real doctor?
His daughter Jhene put out a song called Chilombo, and she said that she learned the name came from Africa and meant “wild beast” or “monster.” Dr. Chilombo has a medical license, which he got in 1978. As a child doctor, he has worked for more than 40 years.

Who does Jhene Aiko have a kid with?
All About Namiko and Noah, Jhené Aiko’s Two Kids, Jhené Aiko has two kids. The “Sunshine” singer and her longtime boyfriend, Big Sean had a son together in November 2022. Their name is Noah Hasani. Noah joins Aiko’s daughter Namiko Love, who is 15 years old and who she shares with her ex-boyfriend O’Ryan. Aiko told CR Fashion Book in May 2017 that becoming a mother is her main drive.

What nationality is  Jhené Aiko?
As of March 16, 1988, Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo has a voice that sounds like a bird. She is an American musician. She was born in Los Angeles, New York. Her family tree includes Spanish, Dominican, Japanese, Native American, African American, and German-Jewish people.

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