Unveiling the Story of Beth Grosshan’s Husband, Dennis Stattman

Beth Grosshans, a prominent clinical psychologist and child development advocate, has achieved a remarkable position in her field. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Beth’s life is intertwined with her equally remarkable husband, Dennis Stattman. Dennis is known for his significant contributions to the finance sector, notably with BlackRock and his subsequent transition into academia. Dennis reflects Beth’s dedication to making a meaningful impact. This article aims to uncover Dennis’ multi-faceted life, highlighting how his journey with Beth and shared values create a story of success, philanthropy and enduring partnership.

The Journey of Dennis Stattman

Dennis Stattman’s career trajectory is as impressive as it is varied. His notable stint in the finance sector, particularly his co-founding and leadership role in the BlackRock Global Allocation Fund, marks him as a significant figure in his field. His transition from the high-paced world of finance to academia, taking up a role as a visiting lecturer at Georgetown University, showcases a dedication to sharing knowledge and nurturing future leaders. This shift also reflects a broader perspective on life and success, where contribution and education are prominent.

Shared Passions and Philanthropy

The story of Dennis Stattman and Beth Grosshans is not just about individual success but also about shared passions and philanthropic efforts. Their commitment to bettering society is evident in their extensive charitable work, which spans healthcare, education, and environmental conservation. This joint mission to contribute positively to the world around them speaks volumes about their character and the values they uphold together.

The Love Story That Binds

Their love story, beginning in 1999 in Princeton, New Jersey, adds a deeply personal touch to their professional accolades. It’s a tale highlighting the importance of shared interests – in their case, a love for music, art, and travel – in building a strong and enduring relationship. Their marriage in 2003 was a natural partnership progression based on mutual understanding, respect, and shared life goals.

Family Life and Values

The couple’s approach to family life, blending their respective families from previous marriages, underscores their commitment to values like kindness, philanthropy, and mutual respect. They have created a family environment where giving back to the community and valuing each other’s unique contributions are fundamental principles.


The story of Beth Grosshans husband, Dennis Stattman, is more than just a narrative of individual achievements. It’s a testament to the power of partnership, shared values, and a commitment to positively impacting the world. Their journey together, marked by professional success and a deep commitment to philanthropy, serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved when two people unite their strengths and visions.


Who is Beth Grosshans?
Beth Grosshans is a renowned clinical psychologist, and author acclaimed for her contributions to child psychology and family dynamics. She has significantly influenced the field of child development through her professional work and published material.

What is Dennis Stattman known for?
Dennis Stattman is recognized for his notable career in the finance sector, especially for co-founding and managing the BlackRock Global Allocation Fund. He later transitioned to academia, contributing as a visiting lecturer at Georgetown University.

How did Beth Grosshans and Dennis Stattman meet?
Beth Grosshans and Dennis Stattman met in 1999 on a soccer field in Princeton, New Jersey. Their relationship blossomed due to shared music, art, and travel interests.

What are some shared interests of Beth Grosshans and her husband?
Beth and Dennis share a passion for philanthropy and education. They actively engage in charitable works and appreciate cultural experiences, which reflects their commitment to societal development and personal growth.

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