Meredith Bagans’s (Zak Bagans’ Sister) Bio, Net Worth and Personal Life

Meredith Bagans is the younger sister of television celebrity and paranormal investigator Zak Bagans. She has also been mentioned in Zak’s book Ghost Hunting: True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena from The Atlantic Paranormal Society and has made several appearances in Ghost Adventures episodes.

Zak claims that Meredith has experienced a good deal of paranormal activity, which is why they both are interested in it. There is not much information regarding Meredith’s personal life, and she presently resides in Illinois.

Name Meredith Bagans
Date of birth 4 June 1974
Birthplace Washington D.C., United States
Famous as Zak Bagans’ Sister
Spouse Michael Mixer
Parents Larry Bagans and Nancy June Knapp
Siblings Zachary Alexander Bagans, Sky Knapp, Phil Knapp

Meredith Bagans’ Early Life

Meredith Bagans has not disclosed any information about her early life or date of birth. We do, however, know for a fact that she was born in America. The famous sister is Caucasian in origin and holds American citizenship. Furthermore, regarding their parents, she was born to Nancy Knapp and Jeanne Kilroy. She has a brother named Zak Bagans among her siblings.

When it comes to her brother Zak he was born on 5th April 1977. Likewise, the American television host was born in Washington, District of Columbia, USA. As a child, Zak was very lively and was of a very inquisitive nature.

Meredith Bagans Education

Moving on to Meredith Bagans’ educational background, she has not disclosed the names of the schools she attended. She is a famous celebrity sister. However, our sources claim that the renowned sister is now enrolled in a nearby high school.

Similarly, it’s unknown if Meredith pursued her higher education by enrolling in college. Regarding her brother’s schooling, he continued his studies at Glenbard West High School. He continued his education at the Motion Picture Institute in Michigan after graduating from high school.

Meredith Began’s Personal Life

The media has not had access to Meredith Bagans’ private life. She is a married woman, but we have no notion what her life is like. She and Michael Mixer are wed. The pair has been extremely private. They are parents to Maddox and Morgan, two beautiful kids. Together, they have a contented existence.

Meredith Bagans’ Brother: Zak Bagans

Meredith Bagans’s (Zak Bagans’ Sister)

American author, media personality, and paranormal investigator Zak Bagans is well recognized for his work as the host and chief investigator of the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures. After witnessing mysterious incidents in his last apartment, Zak became interested in the paranormal and decided to become a paranormal investigator.

Zak began his successful career in the entertainment business by making documentaries about unexplained phenomena. His work on Ghost Adventures, which debuted in 2008 and has since become one of the Travel Channel’s most-watched programs, brought him widespread notoriety. The program tracks Zak and his group as they look into reported haunted places worldwide, gathering evidence using various paranormal and scientific techniques.

Zak is also the author of various paranormal books, such as Ghost Hunting for Dummies and Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of The Ghost Adventures Crew. In addition, Zak has worked on several other paranormal television projects, such as the documentary series Deadly Possessions and the spin-off series Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks.

Moreover, Zak has contributed to numerous charity initiatives and is a philanthropist. He has contributed to groups, including the Wounded Warrior Project and the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


Despite being a middle-aged aunt, she exudes natural charisma and conceit. In terms of her line of work, few people are aware of how she makes her living. It’s not like she’s a reclusive and lazy person. She enjoys being involved and finding new ways to support her brother. Even so, it’s unclear exactly what she does.

Romantic Life

It seems that adventure and romance go hand in hand. With Meredith, both terms apply. When she ventures outside to explore, she is happy. Similarly, this American celebrity’s first meeting with Michael Mixer was a turning moment in her life. She acknowledged that Michael is her evening idol. She likes this young man a lot. She is cautious and isn’t yet ready to reveal her prior flashback. There is no tug-of-war in their secure and successful marriage.

Was Meredith Already Married?

Meredith Bagans has a husband. The woman and her spouse, Michael Mixer, are leading a contented life. It is said that he is a devoted husband. After they were married, Meredith adopted his last name. However, since the woman has been so secretive about her personal life, it is hard to find out exact information regarding her wedding, thus something needs to be posted on social media. Nonetheless, the pair shares a close relationship as life partners. She has two kids with her spouse. Maddox Mixer, a girl, and Morgan Mixer, a son, are their two children.

Meredith Bagans Hobby

Meredith keeps her curiosity and likelihood to herself. She has no desire to divulge her hobbies or dating life. She doesn’t reveal anything about herself and keeps everything private. She is commended, nevertheless, for her upbeat attitude. She is gregarious, cheerful, and sporty. She did not particularly identify her pastime, but she enjoys watching TV series and leisure activities.

Zak Bagan’s Net Worth

Meredith’s financial details are yet unknown. As a result, we shall depend on Zak Bagan’s reported net worth of $5 million. In addition to the qualities above, Zak is well-known for being the lead host of the Travel Channel series “Ghost Adventures.” It had 21 seasons, 230 episodes, and more than 45 specials when it first appeared in 2008.   The following games will be available in 2021: Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks, Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits, Ghost Adventures: Quarantine, and Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room.


Who Are Meredith Bagans’s Relatives?
Meredith Bagans hardly ever talked about her roots. She seems to be keeping her family’s secrets to herself, much like she did when she was younger. Based on our information, Bagans was born to Nancy Knapp and Jeanne K. Kilroy. In the same way, she has three younger brothers: Sky Knapp, Phil Knapp, and Zachary Alexander Bagans (also called Zak Begins).

What is Meredith Bagan’s Educational Experience?
It’s possible that Meredith attended Glenbard West High School with her brother Zak, but further details regarding her schooling are required.

Why is Meredith Bagans so popular?
She is well-liked for being a famous sister. Meredith Bagans’s brother (Zak Bagans) is a well-known American TV actor, writer, and paranormal investigator.

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