Murray Hone, Evangeline Lilly’s Ex-Husband and His Net Worth

Murray Hone, a name that might not ring bells in the world of glittering celebrities, has intrigued many due to his brief marriage to Evangeline Lilly, the famous Canadian actress. Hone, an American ice hockey player and media personality, has maintained a low profile despite associating with a high-profile actress. This article delves into Murray Hone’s life, focusing on his net worth, profession, and his relationship with Evangeline Lilly.

Murray Hone’s Early Life

Though much of Murray Hone’s early life remains shrouded in secrecy, he is known as a well-known ice hockey player and media personality. While not extensively documented, his ice hockey career signifies his passion for sports. Though less known, Hone’s transition to a media personality marks another facet of his professional journey.

Relationship with Evangeline Lilly

Murray Hone gained significant attention in 2003 when he married Evangeline Lilly, renowned for her role as Kate Austen in the hit series “Lost.” Their marriage was a short-lived journey, lasting only about a year and a half. Lilly, a Canadian actress and model, married Norman Kali in 2010, and they have two children.

Hone’s Ex-Wife, Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly, born in Saskatchewan, is a Canadian actress and author best known for her role in the ABC series “Lost” and movies such as “Real Steel.” Her relationship status took several turns over the years, including her relationship with co-star Dominic Monaghan and her current partnership with Norman Kali.

Personal Life and Privacy

Standing 5 feet 7 inches tall, Murray Hone is a man who prefers to keep his personal life, including date of birth and other details, away from the public eye. His decision to keep a low profile in an era dominated by social media is a testament to his desire for privacy.

Hone’s Life After Evangeline Lilly

After his marriage with Evangeline Lilly ended, Murray Hone chose a path of privacy, steering clear of the public eye. There is little to no information about his endeavors post-divorce, including any romantic relationships. Currently believed to be single, Hone exemplifies a unique case of an individual maintaining a deeply private life in an age where public exposure is the norm. His decision to stay out of the spotlight reflects his preference for a quiet, personal existence.

What is Murray Hone’s Net Worth?

As of 2024, Murray Hone’s net worth is estimated at around US$3 million. While the specifics of his career and current source of income are not widely known, his net worth suggests a successful tenure in his professional pursuits.

Final Thoughts

Murray Hone, though primarily known as the ex-husband of Evangeline Lilly, is a figure worth noting for his professional achievements in sports and media. His ability to maintain a private and low-profile life, especially amid a brief high-profile marriage, is intriguing and commendable. As of 2024, his net worth of $3 million speaks volumes of a life spent diligently pursuing personal and professional goals away from the public eye.


Who is Murray Hone and why is he known?
Murray Hone is an American ice hockey player and media personality, best known for his brief marriage to the Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly in 2003.

What is Murray Hone’s profession?
Murray Hone is known as a former ice hockey player and a media personality. His career in sports highlights his passion for ice hockey, though he has kept details private.

What is known about Murray Hone’s marriage to Evangeline Lilly?
Murray Hone and Evangeline Lilly were married in 2003, but their union ended approximately a year and a half later. Lilly is famous for her role in the series “Lost.”

How much is Murray Hone’s net worth as of 2024?
As of 2024, Murray Hone’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, reflecting his successful professional sports and media tenure.

Does Murray Hone have a presence on social media?
No, Murray Hone prefers to keep his life private and is not known to have a presence on any social media platforms, maintaining a low profile.

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