Why Do People Get Cold Sores?- Here’s the Truth

A cold sore is mainly a blister-filled fluid and it usually appears on the lip or somewhere around the mouth. It can even affect your cheeks, chin, and even nose. 

Now, one of the most common questions that arises among many is how often people get cold sores. 

Well, it depends on several factors.

It can develop once or twice in one’s lifetime or even take place multiple times in a year. 

So, there isn’t any specific data on when you can get cold sores! However, if you’re healthy enough, then cold sores can generally clear up within a week or two. 

Possible Symptoms and Causes for Cold Sores 

We need to understand cold sore before getting the ideas for symptoms. 

Cold sores are a result of a virus called herpes simplex virus. 

There are mainly 2 herpes simplex virus types. They are:

Type 1 Affects the oral area (Oral herpes)
Type 2 Affects the genital area (Genital herpes)

Cold sores are usually caused by HSV-1 (herpes simplex virus type 1). Herpes simplex virus type 2 is responsible for most genital herpes cases. Around 80% of the adults are infected with this HSV-1

Some general factors can impact the virus’s activation. A few examples are:

  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Menstruation 
  • Skin break near the infected area
  • Stress or even emotional swings
  • Colds, fever, or even flu
  • Strong exposure to wind and sunlight
  • Alcohol consumption

This infection is mainly caused by people when they’re young and tends to last for a long time. However, the virus can be dormant in many people, which means cold sores might never appear in the first place. 

Let’s check a few symptoms for cold sores here.

7-14 Days

  • You will feel a burning sensation in your mouth
  • You will sense similar pain in Lips, tongue, gums
  • Sore throats will be a regular thing
  • You will feel feverish most of the time
  • There will be headaches 

More Than 15 Days

  • There might be sores on your face (mouth, lips)
  • The sores might appear on the eyelids or the sides of your eyes.
  • The pain will be severe this time.

Possible Cures of Cold Sores (4 Genuine Options)

The ointment docosanol can be an ideal remedy to tackle the cold sore. When you get the first signs of a cold sore, go on applying it to your affected area. 

As cold sores are pretty annoying and you can be affected by negligence, you need to take care of that as soon as possible.  

You can use the cotton-tipped swab to apply your medicine to the cold sore. This can surely aid you in preventing the sores from spreading throughout the entire body. 

Well, there are four other remedies that you can use to ease the cold sore discomfort.

1. Cream and Balms

You can easily protect the lips from the sun simply by applying zinc cream or lip balm. Make sure the lip balm is protected from sunlight and apply the moisturizer regularly.

2. Apply Compress

A damp and cold cloth can be a great pick to ease your symptoms and help you remove the crusting. Not just that, you can even go for a simple warm cloth to help you ease the pain.

3. Rest and Go for Relieve Pain Killers 

You can even go for non-prescribed pain meds if you get a fever or even suffer from a severe painful cold sore. Plus, creams that come with benzocaine may offer you some relief. So, to get some good relief from this cold sore pain, you should go for some painkillers.

4. Red Light Therapy

Well, red light therapy for cold sores can be a striking alternative, and with consistent use of the therapy, you can easily deal with your cold sores. 

And for the therapy device to work like magic, you need to make sure that you have the right device and that they are recommended by users and are FDA-approved. 

Usually, healthcare professionals will ask you to take the therapy sessions for around 3 minutes at least 3 times each day. 

However, the duration isn’t fixed as this can vary depending on the overall intensity of the cold sore issue. 

Possible Preventions You Can Practice to Keep Your Younger Ones Out of Cold Sores

Now, if your younger ones face cold sore challenges, it’s crucial to go on preventing them in the best ways possible. 

Here are some of the ways you can prevent your younger ones’ from getting cold sores. 

  • Explain to your children that they shouldn’t be touching their cold sores. Scratching or picking at it can further traumatize it or even spread to other places of their bodies, having more contagion.
  • Encourage your child to wash their hands frequently keeping them clean which can help to prevent the virus from spreading to other people.
  • During a cold sore outbreak, your child must not share any items that come into contact with their mouth. This can include toys, toothbrushes, soothers, and more. By not sharing these items, you reduce the risk of spreading this virus.
  • While your child has a cold sore, it’s best to avoid sports or activities that involve close contact with other children. This way you can minimize the risks of spreading cold sores.
  • Cold sores can even be triggered by certain factors like different foods, stress, or sunlight. Help your child identify the triggers and take any necessary steps to avoid them. Using lotion and even lip balm with sunscreen can easily protect against sun-triggered outbreaks.
  • Ensure your child gets proper sleep, gets engaged in regular exercise, and even follows a balanced diet. A healthy lifestyle exponentially boosts the immune system, making it easier to counter cold sore outbreaks. 
  • Stress can even drastically weaken the immune system and trigger cold sore outbreaks. 
  • Help your child find healthy ways to manage stress, like relaxation techniques, and engaging in certain hobbies. If you’re still struggling, an expert consultant will always do the trick for you. 

Note: Having a professional around can guide you with all the possible insights. This way, you’ll know what’s making your child feel uncomfortable and also figure out how you can counter the problems.  

Bottom Line

Now, after going through this blog, you should know all the reasons why people get cold sores and how they can cure them. 

Apart from so many remedies and prevention concerns, red light therapy is one of the significant treatment methods that can effectively deal with your cold sores. 

However, it’s always recommended that you consult with your doctor beforehand to get the best treatment for your cold sores. 


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