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Top 3 Occasions to Give Flowers

Flowers have become a traditional gift for many different occasions. Without them, it is impossible to imagine birthdays, holidays, romantic dates, significant dates, and family events. Colourful plants are presented as a sign of respect, gratitude, and love. For the bouquet to acquire a certain meaning, you need to follow the rules that MyFlowers experts will share with you.

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A birthday is a special event in the life of every person. Bouquets of flowers can be a perfect addition to this special occasion. Choosing the suitable plants for a birthday gift is a bit difficult but experts can help you make the right choice.

  • Roses are a classic option for such gift occasions. Different shades of roses can convey various feelings and emotions. For example, red roses symbolise love and passion. Pink roses show gratitude and respect. White roses emphasise tenderness and purity. If you’re unsure of the birthday person’s preferences, choose a bouquet that includes various flowers.
  • Lilies are a great choice for those who love elegant and sophisticated plants. They are considered a symbol of purity and harmony. Select white lilies for women, while yellow and orange lilies can be given to men.
  • Tulips mean new life and rebirth. This is a great spring or summer birthday gift. Pick bright and rich shades of tulips to make the present more memorable.
  • Irises represent wisdom, respect, and integrity. It is better to give them to older people or those who love classic style.
  • Chrysanthemums mean longevity, wealth, and prosperity. They are perfect for birthday gifts for people of any age.

First Date

Giving bouquets on the first date is the smartest decision. The maximum allowed is to present the flower arrangement with a box of chocolate or candies. You should not give huge gifts that exceed the average price tag. Such presents will confuse the woman.

For a first date, arrangements of the following plants are optimal:

  • Roses are a universal option. Choose white buds if you want to demonstrate your sincerity and charm, and pink ones if you are ready to express deep sympathy to a person. Lilac is a symbol of spring, femininity, beauty, and first love.
  • Peonies will add romanticism to your date. They symbolise beauty, love, affection, and goodwill. 
  • Daisies are a symbol of romance and youth. A bouquet of cute flowers will demonstrate admiration for the tenderness and beauty of a woman.
  • Sunflowers with their sunny nature and warm colours emphasise happiness and positivity. 
  • Gerberas with their large flowers and wide range of shades exude youthful energy and playfulness.

Opt for multi-colored flower arrangements if the goal is not to demonstrate feelings. They will set the mood for the first date and encourage the woman to communicate.

Valentine’s Day

Choosing the right bouquet of flowers image for February 14th that will please your loved one can be a difficult task. For this day, you should consider the options we suggested below:

  • Red roses. According to one legend, the red rose appeared from the tears of Aphrodite, mixed with the blood of her beloved Adonis, and became a symbol of eternal love. With a modern twist, the classic red rose is often the best choice for showing the deepest feelings.
  • Tulips symbolise love and are often associated with new beginnings. If you want to confess your feelings, give red tulips. 
  • Pink hydrangeas represent love, romance, tenderness, and heartfelt feelings.
  • Dahlias are a symbol of strong bonds and devotion, making them ideal for anniversary bouquets.
  • Chrysanthemums symbolise joy, fidelity, love of life, and love. The colour of chrysanthemums is important. Red plants express mature and experienced love, like that of spouses in a long and happy marriage. Pink chrysanthemums speak of a feeling of affection and tenderness for your partner.

Of course, regardless of the occasions for flowers, everyone should also consider the person’s preferences and the message they want to convey. You can confess your love without words if you pick the right plants for the composition.

A bouquet of flowers will always be a wonderful addition to a gift. If you are not sure about your choice, contact experienced florists who will help you create the perfect arrangement.

To order a beautiful bouquet for your loved one, check out our flowers shop in London by following the link. Don’t forget to add warm words and wishes to the flowers. This will make your gift even more valuable and special!


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