Top 3 Female Coaches of Valorant

Are you looking for top female coaches of Valorant? If yes, you came to the perfect place. Here, you will find the top 3 female coaches of Valorant that have been gathered after extensive research.

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Coaches play an important role in improving your gaming skills and your Elo. But, it is not safe to pick up a coach for yourself blindly – without knowing anything about them. And, when it comes to Valorant female coaches, there is no latest list where you can find reliable information. So, here we curated this list to help you out.

In case you are wondering what coaching is? How does it work? And, how can it help you? Here is the answer. In coaching, you hire a pro player who acts as a mentor and helps you improve your gaming skills. They give you feedback either live or on recorded matches. Whatever the way you are comfortable. Coaches also give personalised training to players to target their specific weak areas. Whenever you choose a coach, choose the best one because it is a one time investment and the results are lifelong.

Coaching can be useful to improve rank. Many professional coaches like Kyedae, Jogi, and many more work for valorant boosting service to help people enhance their Valorant gameplay. 

Top 3 Valorant Female Coaches


Below are the top 3 female coaches of Valorant:

1. Kyedae Shymko

Kyedae Shymko is the number one female coach of Valorant. On Twitch, she has a channel under the name Kyedae. She has 1,141,679 followers. Her viewer hours stand at 364,956.  Her peak viewers are averaged around 10k. Her channel is the number 4 most watched VALORANT channel. And, is third among the most watched English VALORANT channels. This is a testament to how well she can coach. She is also very popular on Youtube where she has around 1.2 M subscribers. Kyedae has been part of several esports organisations such as Sentinels and 100 Thieves. 

Her coaching style is very relaxed, fun, and spontaneous. She gives an in-depth analysis of players’ own matches. Plus, she also dissects professional matches and provides valuable insights into high-level gameplay. Her dedication to improving individual skills has garnered a following of aspiring players seeking to enhance their precision and mechanical prowess. With her as a coach by your side, you will surely improve your game and climb up the rank ladder. Last year she was diagnosed with cancer, but despite this, she is very consistent in her Valorant streams. This signifies her commitment. And, what a player wants in her coach – a commitment to help her students improve their gaming skills. And, she has that.

2. Jodi

Jodi is the second on the list of top female Volarant coaches. You can also find her channel on Twitch under the name QuarterJade. On Twitch, her followers are 1,141,679 while viewer hours are 364,956. Her streamers also attract more than 5k viewers on average. Her channel is the 9th most watched English VALORANT channel on Twitch.

This shows how much attention she gets from the Valorant community. In her games, she is super chill but also very competitive. She reached Immortal in just 300 hours. This shows what her skill level is. Apart from this, she is known for her humour, engagement, and interaction skills. The very skills that are paramount in a good coach because they keep the students attentive and make learning effective. Jodi emphasises creating a positive and inclusive team environment. 

So, with her, your communication with your mates will also improve. Her coaching philosophy focuses on not only refining gameplay mechanics but also fostering strong communication and camaraderie among team members. She brings a balance of competitiveness and fun to her coaching sessions. To sum up,  Jodi has established herself as a prominent figure in the Valorant community, showcasing a blend of skill, personality, and coaching capabilities.

3. Imane Anys

Imane Anys comes second on the list of top female Volarant coaches. She has reached Immortal in Valorant. She streams on Twitch under the name Pokimane. Her Twitch channel is the 13th most-watched English Valorant channel. She has around 9,340,233 followers and 273,539 viewer hours. This shows the Valorant community likes her coaching style. You can see her streams to verify how good her tips, strategies, and insights are. 

With her, you can improve your decision-making process as she provides advice on gameplay mechanics. Plus, she is also very interactive with her students. Her coaching philosophy revolves around adaptability, encouraging her team to experiment with different agent compositions and play styles. She emphasises effective communication and fostering a positive team atmosphere. Plus, she has got amazing sportsmanship. She is never discouraged even when the tide goes against her. And, this one thing also flows in those who she coaches. So, if you get coaching from her, your perspective will also improve apart from the improvement in your gaming skills.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, you can choose any of the above female Valorant coaches. All are pro in their games and have a lot of achievements. To help you further, here is a bonus tip: watch one stream of each coach on Twitch to YouTube here ( get a better idea of whose coaching style resonates with your learning style


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