The Perfect Guide To Pick The Right Cookware

Cooking is one of the essential activities we carry out in our households to keep our families healthy and happy. Having the right cookware can help to make this cooking an easy and exciting process. The days of going to shop after shop looking for the perfect cookware are long gone. These days, most cookware shopping happens online as many websites such as Wakefit have their cookware ranges available for order via the website. While you buy cookware online may seem easy, it is not easy with the infinite possibilities and wide range of cookware available. Here is an ultimate guide that will help you break from the cookware dilemma. 

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Materials Matter

The material of your cookware online can significantly impact the way food is cooked. It also significantly affects how the dishes turn out in terms of appearance and taste. Different cookware materials have other cooking times and how they retain the heat. Therefore, they play a huge role in cooking. Some of the popular materials are:

  • Stainless Steel: This is one of the most widely available cookware materials. They are known for braising and browning of the dishes. Therefore, stainless steel cookware is perfect for shallow frying food. Not only that, it can pretty much perform everything from cooking vegetables to boiling pasta. Stainless steel is also dishwasher safe so you don’t have to worry about cleaning after cooking. 
  • Cast Iron:  Durability – the name is cast iron. While cast iron cookware might seem a little expensive, it lasts a lifetime and more. Their capacity to retain heat helps in the even distribution of heat, ensuring that the food is cooked correctly. They can even be put in the oven as they have excellent ability to handle higher temperatures. 
  • Aluminium: Aluminium has similar characteristics to cast iron in heat absorption and distribution. But they are lightweight and thin so that the food may get burnt without proper care. 
  • Non-Stick: Convenience is the first word that comes to mind regarding non-stick cookware. The fact that the food does not stick to the cookware must be enough to make this the most favourite material of all. The ease they have with cooking makes up for maintenance. They require a lot of care and maintenance. They also require less oil compared with other cookware to get the desired browning or crisp exerterior. 

Watch Out For The Ergonomics 

Apart from the materials used in the cookware, there are other aspects to consider. When it comes to cookware, it is also important to note the handles, lids, and pot holders of the cookware as they can impact how the cookware performs and its usage in the long term. When it comes to handles, potholders, or knobs, one of the crucial factors is that they are heat resistant so that you can touch them without any damage to yourself. A fitting lid is also an excellent addition that keeps food safe and warm. 

Make A Style Statement

Different people have different preferences for cooking styles. While some prefer shallow frying, others prefer to saute their vegetables instead of steaming them. It would be best if you considered this before buying cookware. If you mostly stir fry, kadhai & woks  whereas pans & skillet can be used for all your shallow frying needs. Depending on the type of cooking you do, you should be able to add the cookware needed. You will also need a roti tawa or a dosa tawa to make rotis and dosas. 

You need the products once you have identified the material, ergonomics, and cooking style. What are the product considerations you should have before you spend your money?

  • The Budget: The first and the most critical factor is the budget. How much are you willing to spend to upgrade your cookware? On this topic, it may seem like buying a whole cookware sets might be ideal, as all the items in the cookware set design may not align with your cooking goals. So go for individual ones in a size that you most preferably use. It is vital to go not too cheap and not overboard with money. The best cookware set is the one you can make with the items you want for your kitchen. 
  • Compatibility To The Heating Surface:  Make sure that the cookware you buy can be used on your heating surface. If you are using an induction-based stove, it will not accommodate any cookware with a curved bottom. In this case, you need a flat base cookware that can work on induction surfaces. Most of the curved surfaces are suitable for gas stove tops, making it easy to use a gas stove.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: If the cookware does not require additional maintenance and care, you should consider buying it. Cast iron requires a bit of seasoning to get the surface. Will you be able to prepare, clean, and maintain such cookware? This is a question that should be addressed.
  • Brand: This can be the most difficult choice of them all. But if you can think of a brand that has a good reputation in the market, a wide range of products, and can fit into your buying budget, hold on before you make that payment and ask for after-sales service. If the brand has a service center that can help fix any issues that may arise with use and provide simple solutions to salvage the pan, you have found the right match. If eco-conscious, you can also check if their products are environmentally sustainable.

Cookware selection takes a lot of time, patience, and research. But it is imperative to make the right decision as it plays a massive role in cooking delicious and healthy meals for your family. Buying good quality cookware is an investment you make, and if you choose the right ones, it will reward your investment with praise for your cooking skills. If you can remember some of the points we discussed earlier, it may make it easy to make the right decision.

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