Secure PDF in the Best Possible Way: Protect PDF by GoPDF

The year 2024 can be defined as a year when everything happens digitally, and this includes documentation systems. The PDF file format has been actively used since 1993. Online PDF editors have been developed to make it more practical to perform operations on this file format, which is still actively used today. One of the online PDF editors that has managed to permanently change a system where editing is normally done only with Adobe platform products is GoPDF, and it is possible to encrypt digital documents through this platform.

Why Securing PDF Files is Important?

GoPDF is a platform that offers its users various shortcut features for many different editing operations. In addition to the ease and practicality of performing transactions through GoPDF, the advantages provided by the platform are among the reasons for choosing GoPDF.

The fact that technology has an active place in every field creates an environment that requires various steps to be taken regarding document protection within digitalization. While documents are created and transported entirely digitally, users must ensure document security. The security in question can be defined by completely encrypting a document, making it uneditable, or restricting it through different settings.

How to Use the Protect PDF Tool on GoPDF?

Editing documents via GoPDF is quite simple. Likewise, the encryption of edited documents can be carried out extremely easily with a single tool on GoPDF: Protect PDF files online! Protect PDF tool is the process of the user encrypting a PDF document so that it can be protected via email in a short time.

To perform encryption via the Protect PDF tool, the following operations must be performed on GoPDF:

  1. Go to the GoPDF platform
  1. Sign up
  2. Click Tools section
  3. Choose Protect PDF  


4. Upload a PDF file  

Following the above steps is enough to take advantage of any other feature via GoPDF. Generally, all tools and other details can be easily viewed from the landing page section of the platform.

After uploading the file, simply setting a password will be enough to restrict access to the document. Users can obtain the service equipped with other features that they can use together with many options to make it possible to edit in a minimum time. It is possible to access other tool options and perform multiple editing operations on a single page through many tools on the platform. Other tool options can be used simultaneously via the Edit PDF tool, which can be accessed via GoPDF.

Benefiting from GoPDF

GoPDF is equipped with many tools anticipating user needs and additionally serves with its AI-powered aspect. It is very simple to encrypt files and perform different operations on GoPDF using the Protect PDF tool. To operate through these tools, it will be enough to benefit from the monthly free editing and conversion rights offered by the platform. GoPDF is an online PDF editor that aims to be accessible to everyone and continues to evolve to be the best.


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