Is Windstream Internet Good For Gaming?


Internet has helped people in connecting. Internet has somehow impacted our lives. Whenever you ask for a good and reliable internet service provider we hear Windstream Internet. I don’t think it would be wrong if I say gaming has become a part of our society and if you are a gamer you would know the hassle of bearing a slow internet. Gamers will definitely look for a stable connection and Kinetic by Windstream is one reliable source anyone can count on.

Windstream offers various packages for the user so that they can choose the required tier based on their usage and total number of devices. In this guide I’ll help you in choosing the perfect plan for your house if you are a gamer.

Windstream Internet – Plans

Windstream offers 5 plans for the consumer depending on their choice.

1.Kinetic Internet – Basic

The first tier is for the users who are a light end internet consumer Windstream announced the plan with 100mbps download speed where you will have an easy access to your emails or if you are a social media freak then this plan should be in your bucket list as it comes with $39.99 per month.

(Kinetic Internet – Basic is not fiber)

2.Kinetic Fiber Internet 

With the same price as the basic one, this plan comes with fiery 500mbps download speed. The package would allow users to play games to have streaming. If you are working from home or if you are a student who attends classes on Zoom then the plan would definitely attract you. You can easily connect more than 4 devices at a time.

3.Kinetic Fiber Internet II

If you are a true gamer and still searching for a better plan what are you waiting for? Because Windstream comes with the hot favorite package in the town Kinetic Fiber II. Windstream offers user to have up to 1gbps download speed where they will be allowed to play high end games or games like Pubg where ping matters the most. Imagine playing your favorite game without any lag fascinating, Right? Undoubtedly the package will give you a premium experience starting with $69.99 per month only.

4.Kinetic Fiber – Fast 

You want more speed? Don’t worry because Windstream is there you. If you want your entire house to get connected to a single package and can have ultimate madness of speed then this tier should definitely be in your cart. The plan comes with 2gbps of download speed and it surely will boost your experience of browsing to a next level.

5.Kinetic Fiber – Faster

If you want to have to have full fledge speedy internet where you as a user would be allowed to play any high-end multiplayer games. It would be fair to say that the package will have no limits. Buckle up because you will be having a download speed up to 8gbps. WOAH!

(Prices are introductory and for the new customers only it may get changed)

After having a closer look at the internet plans being offered by Windstream how about we look at the perks being offered to the users.

Other Benefits

There are some more factors that make Windstream a great broadband network like


How can someone not talk about the speed? Windstream is well known for its constant speed and that is what makes Windstream better than the others.

You would definitely need a phone to call your friends so that you can enjoy your gaming how about I show you my favorite plan?

Windstream Phone and Internet

The plan comes with brilliant 1gbps of download speed which means your gaming experience will enhance and you can easily call anyone because you’ll get unlimited calls. Thank me later for the bundle.

No Data Caps

One of the major reason why Windstream is hot favorites is the provider allows user to have the facility of no data caps so if you are looking for unlimited downloads then you should definitely opt for Windstream.


My final verdict would be if you want a reliable and a trustworthy provider where you can get value to your money then Windstream is perfect for you. Price should not be a concern because Windstream has affordable plans for every individual. Go for Windstream!

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