How Event Staff Can Help Your Business at a Trade Show

The importance of trade shows on the success of almost any kind of business or entrepreneur cannot be understated; serving as occasions to help network professionals, exchange ideas, and inform consumers or wider stakeholders of your brand’s values and essence, these exhibitions help to communicate what your business or concept is really about.

While it’s important that your ideas, products, or identity as a brand are strong in ensuring the success of a given trade show, it is meaningless if you can’t communicate or transfer this flow of information to those attending the event. It isn’t enough to have a charismatic leader delivering a speech to galvanise an audience or to persuade them into believing that your product or service offers unique value; communication and connection need to flow across every department of the venue to ensure attendees really understand what it’s about.

Imagine that you’re attending a trade show, and the only form of communication or active engagement that you have besides networking opportunities is a speech, which you might feel slightly detached from, or a video informing you about what a product is. To really understand the essence of a brand, idea, or concept, we need active communication with other humans to help us understand who it’s aimed at, that it’s produced with care and intention, and that the event you’re attending is worth your valuable time.

But as a trade show organiser how do you ensure that attendees are communicated to in a way that is impactful and consciously or subconsciously, helps them to perceive your business in a more positive way? People. By hiring the best event staff, you dramatically increase your chances of delivering the messages you intend for your customers to receive. 

How can you ensure that you’re getting the most out of event staff to produce a successful trade show? 

Perhaps you’ve hired temporary event staff before for a trade show and didn’t feel that it was worth your investment or failed to get the impression that it had a substantial impact on the smooth flow of the event and promotion of your business. But when a business decision doesn’t have the desired impact, we must take a level of accountability and consider what we could have done to make the event staff produce the goals and output that you want.

So, here are the three things you must do to ensure event staffing has a positive impact on your business.

1. Provide event staff with clear goals and expectations

We’ve all operated in roles which have felt slightly vague, and we’ve felt a bit directionless in what we’re expected to perform or produce; this is only amplified when you’re a temporary member of staff. 

Event staff haven’t had years of experience within your business to completely understand the culture, the objectives, or how you want consumers to feel, and you can’t expect it all to come from their own initiative.

By setting event staff with clear and measurable goals at your trade show, they’ll have a much better idea of how to tailor their style of work to exactly what you want to achieve or how you want to impact consumers. 

2. nsure event staff are trained specifically for your trade sh

While event staffing recruitment agencies such as We Are Event People hire professionals who’ve received extensive training, worked with massive brands such as Adidas and Nike, have marketing expertise, and already know how to interact with people to produce the best results for a brand, they don’t automatically know how to do it specifically for your business.

Provide brief training through role-plays, quizzes, and feedback sessions to ensure you’re getting the best out of your event staff and everybody is working in alignment with your overall objectives.

When temporary event staff are in alignment with your business’s objectives at a trade show and are well-trained for the specific nuances of this given event, you’ll ensure that your customers are communicated with in a way that portrays your brand in a positive light.

3. Utilise technology to ensure you’re getting the most out of your event staff

Although the whole point of hiring event staff is to ensure attendees of your trade show receive high-quality human interaction to educate, add context, and strengthen your brand identity, this doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate technology into their working patterns.

By providing event staff with tablets, laptops, or scanners you’re able to more efficiently collect data, capture testimonials, schedule appointments, and have contact details to send follow-up emails.

When a customer has received a positive experience with a member of your event staff, they’re far more likely to be open to sharing details that allow you to contact them for your future advertisement campaigns, trade shows, information or indirect marketing.


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