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6 Best Sage Green Wedding Ideas For You

If you’re looking to choose the best wedding colour for your upcoming wedding, then go with sage green. Sage green colour comes with a refreshing option that transcends every season.  And this color’s greatest quality is that it goes with everything.

You will undoubtedly consider getting your bridesmaids dressed up if you’re planning a wedding in the United Kingdom. I personally recommend opting in with Sage Bridesmaid Dresses in UK for your special event. 

Your bridesmaids will also love making this colour a fashionable choice, creating a soft and striking effect. If you’re looking for the best wedding ideas for your special day, then below are some simple options you can create with sage green colour.

Keep reading, as these ideas are unique and refreshing. I’ll be sharing some of my own personal experiences with sage green wedding aesthetics.

6 Best Sage Green Wedding Ideas For You

What Does The Sage Green Color Represent?

It’s a colour that’s generally associated with balance and harmony. With a beautiful smoky grey undertone and soft green effect, this colour adds to the beauty of the natural world. 

It has a very calming and soothing feel to the eyes. You can use this colour and create a stylish and luxurious wedding look, too.

Also, Sage green is an ideal colour for any vintage background. It was one of the most well-liked hues in Victorian design during the 1800s. The 1940s and 1960s saw a rise in the popularity of this colour. This means that it offers plenty of scope for a retro-themed wedding colour.

Some Expert Tips For Making Your Wedding Perfect

1. Choose A Sage Color Wedding Dress

With the beauty of a sage green wedding dress, you’ll get the benefit of being distinctive without being too showy. You can combine it with sparkly gold accents that’ll make you look aesthetically beautiful and charming. 

Add a sage ribbon to your wedding dress for the best results.

2. Introduce Sage Bridesmaid Dresses To Your Wedding

If you’re planning on wearing a traditional white gown, then let your bridesmaids dress up in sage bridesmaid dresses in UK. Not only will this colour benefit you in making you look entirely good, but it also goes well with every skin tone. 

Also, you can include bridesmaid dresses for your plus-size bridesmaids! It will add a fresh and natural look, combining the contrast beautifully. And it will also match your white bridal gown.

3. Give A Unique Touch With Sage Green Wedding Invitations

Why limit yourself to dresses when you can create a unique green vibe with sage green? For a romantic feel, you can set your wedding stage with a striking green celebration.  Pair the colour with neutrals such as ivory or blush on your invites for best results.

As far as the concept of design goes, try adding Art Nouveau vines, which will go beautifully well with the sage green colour.

6 Best Sage Green Wedding Ideas For You

4. Decorate Your Wedding Ceremony Arch With Sage Green

Now, imagine a beautiful wedding ceremony arch that’s covered in lush greenery and flowers with different shades of sage green. Doesn’t it sound aesthetically pleasing? 

It would make a stunning focal point and also have a harmonious effect that will symbolize your upcoming future hopes for your love. Standing below the lush sage-green arch will feel like a magical moment for you. And it will go best with the overall wedding palette.

5. Add Unique Touch With Table Runners and Napkins

Opt for the best sage green fabric for your table runners! You can pair them up with satin, organza, or taffeta, which will create a very elegant effect on your wedding. 

With such a combination, you can also pair the Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses in UK weddings. It will add the look and feel of glamour to the whole occasion.

Pairing your runner with those crisp white tablecloths will beautifully transform your reception tables into a haven of harmony. As the wedding event takes place, the green runners with delicate and sparkly sequins will glitter in the candlelight.

6. Light The Mood Up With A Wedding Cake: 

Surely you can include this wedding idea in your celebration! A beautiful wedding cake is like a perfect opportunity to impress your guests and also showcase your green wedding theme. 

Try a chic white design that’s decorated with green and gold leaf accents. Surprise your guests with a sage-coloured sponge when you cut the cake!

If you’re planning on for a bolder look, then you can opt for a sage green cake decorated with pastel sugar flowers.

Finishing Words

Hopefully, these ideas will make your wedding flourish and inspire your super fashionable sage green wedding. If you’re looking to buy the best Sage Bridesmaid Dresses in the UK, then visit the Modelchic website. 

It’s a one-stop shop for all your wedding dresses. They sell formal dresses, infinity dresses, bridesmaid dresses as well as formal dresses suited for every wedding occasion. As for your big day, the ideas mentioned above are sure to make your wedding event more aesthetically pleasing. 

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