Why Does Rey Have a Yellow Lightsaber?

Rey Skywalker suddenly whipping out a yellow lightsaber remains one of the most controversial moments in Star Wars. To say Episode IX: ‘The Rise of The Skywalker’ took the audience by surprise would be an understatement. 

How did she get the yellow lightsaber? Why the yellow blade? From where did Rey get the material to build the lightsaber? Why does her new lightsaber look familiar?

Most theories state that the answers lie within the sequel trilogy. Other theories hint towards the indications in the Star Wars Fortnite series ‘Rey’s Quarterstaff’.

Let’s tackle the questions about the lightsaber first. Then we will link the color of the crystal. 

What Happened?

Rey Skywalker is shown burying lightsabers at the end of Episode VIII: The Rise of Skywalker. The two lightsabers belonged to Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. Before her new lightsaber, she used the aforementioned lightsabers throughout the trilogy. 

Her burying the lightsabers at Tatooine was an act of homage to the two Star Wars prodigies. It was also the end of a chapter for Rey Skywalker. 

However, now that she had buried her old lightsabers. Rey needed a weapon to defend herself. 

Lightsaber Construction Theory

If you take a closer look at Rey’s new lightsaber you will see something familiar. It contains parts of her previous quarterstaff. 

Rey was known to be quite attached to her quarterstaff. As a Jakku scavenger Rey decided to construct a weapon to be able to defend herself. She used parts of her quarterstaff and the metal scrapes available on Jakku. Kudos to her exceptional lightsaber building skills. She was able to construct a sturdy and lavish lightsaber from scratch. 

This is further proved in the official Star Wars book ‘The Visual Dictionary’. The lightsaber shares the same hilt design as the quarterstaff. It has a familiar resemblance down to the wrapping cloth. Because of her amateur attempt the hilt has a bulky look. Another reason for the thick hilt is the extra metal coverage to protect the saber from wear and tear. 

Despite the additional weight, the lightsaber shows exceptional functionality. With a yellow kyber crystal at the heart. Rey was able to emit and retract the blade speedily. The end of the lightsaber supports gear like mechanics that allow the crystal to light up and charge requiring minimum effort. 

Kyber Crystal Theory

Skywalker fans and enthusiasts have successfully connected the dots and concocted a theory about the kyber crystal. The yellow kyber crystal lighting Rey’s lightsaber could be the one Luke Skywalker owned at one point in his life. 

In the Star Wars series by Charles Soule Luke Skywalker’s yellow light saber was damaged because of an attack by the killdroid. For the time Luke decided to repair the crystal. He was able to contact Dr. Cuata, a lightsaber expert. Dr. Cuata informed Luke that he would fix the cracked crystal. As promised, Dr. Cuata fixed the crystal and brought it back to its original glory. 

However, in the meantime, Luke had bonded with another crystal. His iconic green bladed lightsaber. Now the previously fixed crystal was of little use to Luke. 

Could it be that the same crystal was hunted down by Rey Skywalker? She found the crystal, bonded with it, and is now using it against the thugs and junk boss in Jakku. 

Rey is carrying part of her previous mentor true to her adopted Skywalker surname. 

Ever the romantic fans are convinced that this is true. Because then the crack in the crystal would match the crack of Rey’s lover Kylo Ren’s blade!

Lightsaber Color Theory

Let’s tackle the question that has the Galaxy confused. Why is Rey’s crystal yellow? 

That may not be a first for a Jedi. But it surely is new for Rey Skywalker. Given Rey’s family heritage and her new association with the Skywalkers. 

Sure blue and green run in the Skywalker line. So it would have been predictable if her lightsaber had taken the usual force colors. The bright yellow crystal was a bit of a strange surprise. 

Could it be that yellow indicates the new beginning of the Jedi Reign? As Rey is the only Jedi Force unit standing.

In Star Wars Lore Jedi temple guards are associated with the yellow color. They carried double bladed yellow saberstaffs through the Clone Wars and the Rebels. The temple guards are a symbol of fierce protection and loyalty to the Jedi. 

Rey wielding the same color hints at Rey’s legacy. She will be the next big Skywalker to protect the Galaxy. As she has big shoes to fill. Rey is the last Jedi that can protect the Order from extinction. 

So her yellow might share the same meaning as the temple guards. Indicating protectiveness, loyalty, and hard work to maintain and uphold the Jedi name. 

In short, it is a perfect color choice for what is to follow the Galaxy!


The deliberate appearance of Rey’s yellow blade indicates something big is following the Star Wars planets. Theories have been arising left and right. 

Even the established theories have many gaps. All that fuss about discovering the crystals when you could have built one from a Jedi script like Rey did. Was it Luke’s blade or did she build a synthetic one? 

As the kyber crystals sources are disappearing, fans are excited to discover new things. Let’s see what the filmmakers surprise us with!


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