What is the activity list about Goa that you need to know?

Goa is basically filled with sunny beaches, seafood and nightlife because this place comes with a vibe which is very hard to resist. Ultimate travel destination, the city of Goa is basically a great idea to explore because in this case, you can easily indulge in a significant range of activities on land as well as in water. So, booking your room in the Grand Hyatt Goa is definitely a good idea for you so that you can plan a great itinerary very easily and following are some of the best places to be covered in this city:

  1. Visiting the beaches: The very first thing which comes to the mind of individuals while thinking of Goa is the beaches. One of the best things to be done in the city of Goa is to explore the exquisite clean beaches for water sports and decent down parties. Some of the best options you can go for in the north Goa the Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach, Candolim Beach and Arambol Beach. On the other hand, in the case of the South Goa, you can plan a visit to Colva Beach, butterfly Beach or Palolem Beach.
  2. Exploring the majestic forts: If you are interested in getting insights about the history then definitely visiting the forts of the city of Goa is a good idea because visiting the fort Aguada, Chapora or the Mormugao Fort is a great idea in this case. This will provide you with easy accessibility to the best possible insights about the history along with architectural marvels.
  3. Visiting the Basilica of Bom Jesus: This place is basically a UNESCO World Heritage site in Goa and is very well-known across the globe for the architectural buildings associated with it. You can easily step into the history because this is a 400-year-old structure which will feature a non-plastered exterior and ornamented interior. The major highlight of this particular church is the modified body of Saint Francis Xavier which remains encased in a silver casket over here. Planning a visit to this place is definitely worth it so that you can seek the blessings of Jesus very successfully. Basically, this is a very spectacular place to visit in the city of Goa.
  4. Planning a visit to the historical temples: The city of Goa is not only about the element of the party because this place also has accessibility to spiritual places. So, taking some time aside to explore the majestic temples is a great idea because you can plan a visit to the Mahadev Temple, Mangeshi Temple or the Shanta Durga temple in this place to seek the blessings of the Lord.
  5. It is important to go for pubbing or clubbing: This place is definitely helpful in providing you with the best possible opportunity to indulge in a party because visiting the right clubs is a very good decision to be made in the city of Goa. Planning a visit to the Sinq nightclub, leopard Valley, edge or any other kind of related area is definitely a great idea so that you can enjoy a lot and ultimately have the best possible time with your loved ones.
  6. Trying the best possible food items: It has been very well believed that if you are interested in discovering the place perfectly then definitely you should try its food. So, when you are in Goa you should go for pampering your taste buds with the seafood along with the best possible delicacies associated with the authentic culture of Goa. So, in this particular case visiting the best possible bars and restaurants is a very great idea so that you can try your favourite wines along with the best possible options of seafood which will be definitely worth visiting and trying out. In this case, you will be able to enjoy the best possible satisfaction to your taste buds at all times.
  7. Planning to visit the casino: One of the major highlights of the Goa trip is to go for giving your luck a try at the casino. Planning a visit to the best possible casinos is definitely a good idea because, in this particular place, floating casinos will provide you with the perfect element of entertainment without any doubt. In this case, you can definitely have a perfect element of trial for your luck factor so that it will definitely work and you can easily win big without any doubt.
  8. Enjoying the thrill of water sports: The beaches in Goa are also very successful in providing you with easy accessibility to the best possible water sports and you can easily indulge in activities like scuba-diving, windsurfing, jet skiing, snorkelling, parasailing and other associated things without any problem. This will be providing you with the best possible level of satisfaction especially in the cases of adventure because you can have a perfect look at the best possible places without any problem.
  9. Visiting the Naval Aviation Museum: Planning a visit to the Naval Navigation Museum in South Goa is definitely a good idea because in this case, we will be able to discover the world of Neville aviation very easily and further taking some time to look at the huge machines on the display here is a great idea. In addition to this, you can also plan a visit to watch the show documentaries at the mini theatre located in this place so that you can spend the best time with your loved ones without any problem.
  10. Going shopping at the Anjuna flea market: Another very important decision that you can make for yourself to ensure the best element of one is to plan a visit to the Anjuna flea market so that you can easily indulge in the bargaining and ultimately have the best possible time to enjoy the shopping spree over here. This will be definitely helpful in making sure that you can grab the best deal on your favourite items without any doubt.

In addition to the points mentioned above, getting the tattoo done is also a very good activity to proceed within the city of Goa so that you can take a lifetime memory with you. On the other hand, if you are not very adventurous about a permanent one then definitely you can proceed with the temporary tattoo as well. Hence, staying in options like Grand Hyatt Goa is definitely considered so that you can enjoy the element of luxury along with the best possible vibe of the city simultaneously through it. 



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