Planning a Europe Trip from India in 2024

European charm is legendary! Its rich cultural diversity, beautiful landscapes, and ease of travel make it one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. From bustling metropolises to villages and snowy mountains to beaches, it offers a variety of sights for travellers.

It is a vast space for a traveller, submerged in culture, history, age-old historical attractions, art, architecture, cuisines, and nightlife. Packed with some of the best cities to visit in Europe, you stumble across diversity in every corner. Each European city has its own impressive and influential aura that can be encountered when you visit them.

From choosing the right country and city to the best time to visit and things to do, this guide has you covered. So, whether you are a first-time or a seasoned Euro-traveller, this guide will help you make your European travel dreams come true.

 Interlaken, Switzerland

Plan a trip to the picturesque town of Interlaken located in the Bernese Oberland region with the Switzerland Tour Packages. It is encompassed by snow-capped mountains, the stunning lakes Thun and Brienz, and three mighty peaks, Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. It is Europe’s top adventure destination, letting visitors connect with the outdoors in new and exciting ways. Paragliding, canyon swing, skydiving, glacier trekking, and kayaking are some of the options to choose from. For the best views of the twin lakes and three peaks, hop on the Harder Railway to Harder Klum.

Istanbul, Turkey

Plan a trip to the world’s most vibrant metro Istanbul, with the Turkey Tour Packages. Istanbul is a magical beauty and with its topographical position, it transcends two continents-Asia and Europe. The city of Istanbul is known for its diverse menu of heritage, history, and culture. Its richness is influenced by the Byzantines, Romans, Ottomans, Greeks, and Venetians. The Old City is known for its most impressive historic sites such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace. Whereas the Bosphorous area houses beautiful palaces and waterfront mansions. From sightseeing glorious buildings, and hopping between museums, to shopping, there are plenty of fantastic places to visit in Istanbul.

Athens, Greece

Athens is a splendid city with a rich history, so there is a lot to visit and explore. Though it has transformed into a busy cosmopolitan city, it still preserves elements of its ancient glory. This Greek capital is packed with history, intriguing ancient ruins to mesmerising museums. Visiting Athens is like sifting through a fascinating chapter of history, as it draws attention to its archaeological gems like the Acropolis and Parthenon. It is also popular for its delicious food culture, friendly locals, and interesting traditions.

Florence, Italy

Florence or Firenze, is like a great open-air museum for anyone who loves culture and history. It is the most populated city of Tuscany, an Italian region famous for its verdant hills and top-notch wines.  Florence has many beautiful buildings and museums including the renowned iconic landmarks, like the 84 m tall Giotto’s bell tower on the Piazza Duomo dating back to the 16th century Forte di Belvedere. One can find the magnificent palaces of the powerful Medici family, along with many galleries featuring sculptures and paintings of Michelangelo, Leonardo, and other greats of Renaissance art.

London, England

London is a magical land that seamlessly blends history with its modern times, and is the vibrant capital of the United Kingdom. It is a potpourri of rich history and culture nestled on the banks of the River Thames, and the city buzzes with iconic landmarks, ancient fortresses to modern skyscrapers. Witness the changing of guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace, admire Big Ben, or visit the architectural wonders like the St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London. Travellers will never tire of exploring London as it offers amazing diversity and fills your bucket list with great experiences.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a city built on canals and is known for offering some of the best gastronomical experiences in Europe’s Nordic countries. Plan your schedule to explore the Amalienborg Palace which is the official residence of the present king of the country and catch a glimpse of the changing of the guard’s ceremony, while you are here. Take a tour of the Christian Borg Palace, survey the Royal Library, or capture the majestic views of the city atop the Round Tower-Copenhagen’s astronomical observatory. Make it a point to visit the city’s most iconic statue of the Little Mermaid, modelled after Hans Christen Anderson’s classic of the same name.

Final Thoughts: 

With so many attractions to pick from, jotting down the best places to visit into one list is a daunting task. European cities are renowned worldwide because of their rich history, culture, and architecture. From iconic landmarks to charming streets and comfy cafes, there are options to suit various interests in a European city. While most of these cities are capitals they are illustrious for a reason, as they showcase their respective country’s cultural heritage.

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