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Top 5 Beautiful Lehenga Designs For Every Bride-To-Be

Lehengas are the highlight of every Indian bride’s attire! They bring out the traditional charm in your every move. This versatile outfit became popular in North India around the 10th century. When the Mughals came into power, lehengas evolved with even more detailed designs. At first, they were made with cotton fabrics. Then royal fabrics like brocade and silk made them even more glamorous. To hand made an entire lehenga dress with intricate detailing and fabrics takes at least 20 days. Over time, the classic lehenga designs has gone through many changes. Now there are so many options – different patterns, colors, designs, and fabrics to suit every bride’s style.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the wedding lehenga choices on Instagram? Unsure which design fits your vibe? Don’t worry, I’ve put together a guide to the top 5 lehenga styles on Mirraw Online Store just for you.

1. Gota Patti Lehengas

Gota Patti lehengas bring a timeless Rajasthani charm to bridal wear. They blend flawlessly with delicate embroidery and silk borders. If you love that look, gotta patti is perfect for you! These lehengas used to always feature gold and silver work. Now, more affordable metals like copper coated in silver create the same dazzling effect. Famous actresses like Madhuri Dixit and Alia Bhatt totally rock this trend.

Top 5 Beautiful Lehenga Designs For Every Bride-To-Be

The best part is gotta patti lehengas look elaborately decorated but are lighter than traditional heavy embroidered styles. This lets you move freely and stay comfy as you power through wedding events. You’ll shine in gotta patti while being able to dance all night long.

2. Art Silk Lehenga Choli

This new-age lehenga style makes a major fashion statement! It features enchanting prints and heavily embroidered, studded lace all over the dupatta and skirt. You’ll look royally chic when you pair it with heritage jewelry. Brides started loving this fuss-free trend in 2019. The lehenga skirt can be tailored to flatter your figure perfectly. The choli offers many ways to give the lehenga a modern, stylish twist. Maybe try a crop top or halter neck – something unique! This trend is all about making the traditional lehenga feel fresh and trendy. When it’s customized for you, it goes from regular to spectacular!

3. Net Embroidered Lehengas

Even if it’s not your wedding day, these light and elegant lehengas are perfect for mehendi or sangeet nights. They give off romantic vibes and will look amazing in all your spinning photos and videos. Just add some floral details to your hair and natural-toned makeup. These lehengas are timeless trend brides and bridesmaids adore worldwide. They usually have exquisite embroidery, blingy sequins, or beadwork on pastel net fabrics.

Whether you want a classic, timeless vibe or something more modern, net embroidered lehengas make a statement. Heads will turn when you walk in! These minimalist lehengas look ethereal. Pair them with floral jewelry for a daytime outdoor event. They’re so dreamy and feminine! You’ll look like a princess dancing and having fun with your besties at all your wedding events. These lehengas were made for twirling.

4. Bollywood Style Lehengas

Let’s recreate Priyanka Chopra’s gorgeous look! Choose a beautiful red lehenga embroidered all over – it will make you feel like a princess. Pair it with some simple silver bangles and minimal jewelry – you don’t need too much bling with such a vibrant bollywood style lehenga. These lehengas are perfect for your wedding day because the bold red color looks so lively and eye-catching. Plus, they are easy to wear and move around in.

Most importantly, you’ll feel like the beautiful Indian bride you are! Now comes the fun part – styling your lehenga! Brides style these lehengas in different ways. If you need some inspiration, check out social media to see how other gorgeous brides have worn their red lehengas. Think about what look would make you feel your absolute best on your big day. The options are endless when you’re working with such a vibrant, colorful lehenga.

Let your inner diva shine through! This lehenga lets your beauty and confidence take center stage.

5. Asymmetrical Lehengas

Looking for a wedding lehenga that’s nothing less than ordinary? Try an asymmetrical lehenga! These unique lehengas have hems of different lengths, creating a cool silhouette, unlike your typical lehenga. Asymmetrical lehengas are a great pick for the modern bride who wants to make a stylish statement. The embroidered detailing on the uneven hems really makes them stand out. Some designs even have an Indo-Western vibe – perfect if that’s your style! One of the best parts of an asymmetrical lehenga is that you can show off your funky heels or statement shoes. 

An asymmetrical lehenga lets you put a modern spin on traditional wedding wear. You’ll look so creative and fashion-forward! No other bride will have a lehenga quite like yours. Embrace your bold spirit and unique beauty by choosing this unconventional silhouette for your wedding day.

Now you know all about the different trendy bridal lehenga styles out there! It’s time to start thinking about which one is your favorite. The traditional reds, pinks, and golds are always a safe, timeless choice for Indian wedding wear. But if you really want to stand out and look fab on your big day, go for one of the unique options we talked about!

An embroidered lehenga will make you shine in all those gorgeous details. A red monotone lehenga brings a vibrant, eye-catching vibe. Or try an asymmetrical lehenga for a modern spin. There are so many ways to embrace your own style. Pick the lehenga that makes you feel like your best self. Try the trends if they call to you. Or stick to the classics for a traditional vibe. No matter what, rock it with confidence and joy.

This is your chance to take the spotlight and be remembered as the most beautiful, happy bride. I know you’ll find the perfect lehenga to make that happen!

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