Tips To Choose the Best Resorts In Saphale

Nestled amidst the Sahyadri ranges, Saphale is a quaint village located a few hours’ drive from Mumbai and Pune. With its lush greenery, gurgling waterfalls, and misty hills, Saphale makes for an ideal weekend getaway from the cities. This scenic destination has been growing in popularity over the years, with several resorts popping up to accommodate travelers. Choosing the resort in Saphale can be tricky, given the options. Here are some tips to pick the best resorts in Saphale for a perfect relaxed vacation in nature’s lap.

  • Research online and read reviews.

The best place to begin your research on Saphle resorts is online. Look up resort listings and reviews on travel websites to get an idea of the options available. Popular sites like TripAdvisor are a great resource for finding out about real travel experiences. Go through the reviews, ratings, and photos to understand the resort’s amenities, location, service standards, and overall holiday experience. Checking multiple review sites will give you a fair idea of the best-rated Saphale resorts before you decide to book.

  • Check the location.

While searching online, look at the exact location of the resort on Google Maps to understand its accessibility and surroundings. Proximity to Saphale’s main sights and activities is an important factor. Check the driving distance between Mumbai and Pune to gauge the convenience. Also, see if the resort is situated in a bustling area or in a more secluded natural setting based on what you prefer. The setting around the resort, like a riverside, farm, or forest area, also adds to the ambience. Ensure easy accessibility along with a desirable location.

  • Compare Amenities

Amenities on offer can make or break your resort experience, so do compare this aspect thoroughly before booking. Check what facilities like parking, wifi, a pool, a spa, room service, and restaurants are provided. Choose based on your needs and interests, like ayurvedic treatments, multi-cuisine food, a bar, a gym, etc. Family-friendly options like kids’ play areas are ideal if traveling with children. Also check if the resort offers special experiences like farm/vineyard tours, waterfall treks, or bonfire nights. Pick the resort that best matches the facilities you require.

  • Consider room types.

Before making a reservation, look at the types of rooms and suites offered. Check room size, bed options, balcony or sit-out options, and amenities like a tea or coffee maker, etc. to gauge comfort. A resort with interconnected room options works well for joint families or groups. Cottages or villas with private garden access provide a luxurious stay. Also, see if the resort has tent stays or adventurous camping options for a unique experience. Choose room type depending on group size, budget, desired views, and level of comfort.

  • Check Tariffs and Packages

Don’t forget to look at room tariffs, seasonal rates, and special packages or deals offered. This will help you find the most value-for-money options. Multi-day stay packages, complimentary meals, or spa discounts add to savings. See if a resort has promotional offers for weekdays or off-season bookings. Compare the price of rooms as well as bundled offers across different resorts in your budget range. Opt for a well-reviewed resort that also gives you the best effective price.

  • Go through the resort website.

Don’t just rely on third-party booking sites; also spend time browsing individual resort websites. This will give you a good feel for the property and what it offers. Look for photos and videos to get a virtual tour of the resort, rooms, facilities, and overall surroundings. The website content also provides details about unique activities, dining options, tariffs, etc. that help make the right choice. You can also contact the resort directly with any specific queries before confirming your booking.

  • Understand cancellation policies.

It is important to check and understand cancellation, refund, and no-show policies when booking resorts in Saphale. This can help avoid hassles later if plans change and you need to cancel the booking. Many resorts are lenient and provide full refunds on cancellations done well in advance. But strict policies apply closer to check-in dates. Read through the policies on the website or inquire clearly before booking to prevent misunderstandings later.

  • Consider resort size.

Another aspect is to consider the overall size or capacity of the resort. Boutique resorts with fewer rooms provide an intimate vacation with personalized service. Large resorts have the benefit of more amenities and activity options. Identify which experience you prefer to select the right-sized resort. Checking the number of rooms and existing reviews will give an indication of the size of the resort. Also, see if the resort offers exclusivity options to book the entire property.

  • Verify licenses and approvals.

It is always advisable to verify if a resort has the required licenses and no-objection certificates from local authorities. This ensures the property adheres to standard safety and hygiene regulations. Licenses are mandated for facilities like swimming pools as well as food and beverage service. Checking for required certificates provides you with additional peace of mind when booking resorts in Saphale.

  • Trust your travel agent.

Saphale resorts can also be selected by taking input from reliable travel agents. Experienced agents would know about the different kinds of properties available, their advantages and disadvantages, and the availability rate. They can advise on the best resorts that suit your specific holiday requirements and desires. With a travel agent, you can get insights about the latest offerings, packages, and even customized deals. Their knowledge and contacts will assist you find the best resorts in Saphale for your holidays.

Final Thoughts

Vacationing in Saphale’s beautiful scenery is a matter of choosing the right resort to make your getaway worthwhile. When choosing the best options, remember to factor in location, amenities, room types, tariffs, and reviews. Consult travel portals, the expertise of agents, and resorts’ websites when learning. This guarantees you get a resort that suits your holiday style, number of people traveling with you, budget, and interests. Its misty hills, waterfalls, and forests make a stay in one of Saphale’s resorts revitalize your senses while providing you with memories that last. The right resort has to be booked in accordance with the above tips so as to have an ideal, relaxing vacation amidst nature.


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