Robocop Remake Scene 27: The Controversial Missing Piece

RoboCop – an iconic film from 1987, has etched a lasting impression on cinematic history. A blend of gory visuals, satirical elements, and social commentary, the original RoboCop stands tall in the annals of sci-fi. A focal point of discussion has always been Scene 27, a segment that never made it past the editing room. But what about its representation in the remakes?

A Brief Dive into the RoboCop Saga

Set in a dystopian Detroit, RoboCop unveils the transformation of Alex Murphy, a committed police officer, into a formidable cyborg cop after a tragic altercation with criminals. Designed to be the epitome of law enforcement, RoboCop eventually finds himself ensnared in a tangle of corporate duplicity, challenging the foundation he was built to uphold.

Decoding the Original Scene 27

In this pivotal scene, RoboCop discovers a warehouse where a vile crime is in progress. Swiftly dispatching the culprits, he soon finds himself cornered by OCP (Omni Consumer Products) executives with sinister motives. Despite the temptations of bribery and a life untethered from his robotic chains, RoboCop’s commitment to justice prevails. The scene’s climax is a visceral confrontation, shedding light on themes of power dynamics, ethics, and RoboCop’s dual existence.

Its removal from the original release was attributed to:

  1. Gore Overload: The scene was drenched in gory details, pushing the envelope even for RoboCop’s standards.
  2. Corporate Commentary: The raw portrayal of corporate malfeasance was deemed too forthright, risking the alienation of certain audience sections.

Scene 27’s Significance

The scene was instrumental in laying bare RoboCop’s duality – the fusion of Murphy’s humanity with the machine’s stoic duty. It wasn’t just the blood and gore that left an indelible mark; it was the underlying narrative on corporate venality and the extent to which institutions traverse to safeguard their vested interests.

Revisiting Scene 27 in the RoboCop Remake

2014 witnessed a unique cinematic experiment – Our RoboCop Remake. A product of 50 filmmakers, this wasn’t exactly a shot-for-shot reproduction but rather a scene-for-scene retelling. The reimagined Scene 27, available on platforms like Vimeo, is a testament to the scene’s weight in RoboCop’s lore. Orchestrated by Dave Seger, this crowd-sourced venture garnered attention at screenings in places like Los Angeles and New York.

The RoboCop remake was more than just a nod to the original. It responded to the Hollywood remake machine, especially the PG-13 RoboCop reboot starring Joel Kinnaman. This scene’s reintroduction by amateur and professional filmmakers highlights its cultural relevance.

Homage to the Original and the Director’s Vision

While the RoboCop remake was not directed by José Padilha, the crowd-sourced film project based on the 1987 classic was a collective endeavor by a group of enthusiastic filmmakers. They aimed to pay homage to the original and critique Hollywood’s penchant for diluted remakes. This innovative approach not only honored the original but also resonated with fans who yearned for authentic recreations of iconic scenes like Scene 27.

Final Thoughts

RoboCop’s Scene 27 is a beacon of the film’s enduring allure. It spurs discussions on ethics, the corporate realm, and the thin line dividing humanity from machinery. As we witness more remakes and technological progress, revisiting such classics offers insights into society’s evolution and potential trajectory.


What is RoboCop Scene 27?
In the 1987 RoboCop film, Scene 27 is a cut segment where RoboCop confronts OCP executives at a warehouse. They aim to mute him due to his insights into their corrupt operations. This scene is renowned for its explicit violence and critique of corporate avarice.

Why was Scene 27 excluded from the official release?
Two primary reasons: the scene’s intense violence and its unapologetic portrayal of corporate wrongdoing.

How does Scene 27 fit in the context of contemporary remakes?
A crowd-sourced remake in 2014 reintroduced Scene 27, emphasizing its importance in RoboCop’s narrative and the larger cinematic culture.

What role does Scene 27 play in RoboCop’s character arc?
It’s a critical moment where Murphy’s human essence merges with his robotic duty, underscoring his unwavering commitment to justice.

Where can one watch the remade Scene 27?
The 2014 rendition of Scene 27, part of the “Our RoboCop Remake”, can be accessed on platforms like Vimeo.

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