Removals to France: Your Comprehensive Guide for a Seamless Transition

Moving to the beautiful lands in France could be an ideal dream for many, an enthralling experience for a few, and an obstacle for many. Suppose the enchanting charms of Paris attract you, the lavender fields of Provence, or the chic beach style of the French Riviera. In that case, the removal procedure requires meticulous care and a provider who knows the intricacies of international relocation.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most critical steps, services, and expertise to warrant your transfer towards or away from France, which is as thrilling in execution as it will be in your aspirations. From choosing the right type of removal service to getting through customs, we’ve got your back with our many years of experience moving to one of the most adored nations.

Your Passage to France with Burke Bros Moving Group

Burke Bros. Moving Group has been a reliable partner for families and individuals moving to or from France. We combine our expertise with the desire to provide an effortless transition that aligns with the high quality of your brand’s newly opened French chapter.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Our company believes in individualisation and tailoring our services to each client’s requirements. If it’s a household move or a portion of or even transporting a vehicle, we can benefit from our specialised service.

Meticulous Planning:

We know the value that you place on your possessions. Our meticulous planning will ensure that your treasured possession is delivered to its new French residence in perfect condition and precisely when you’ll need it.

Removal Services:

Crafting Your Journey to France In the case of removals to France, the French, one size could be better for all. We provide various services designed to meet your relocation’s demands and size.

Removal Services – Crafting Your Journey to France

Regarding removals to France, one size certainly does not fit all. We offer a range of services designed to fit the scale and demands of your move.

Part Load Removals to France:

Ideal for smaller moves or when flexibility trumps urgency, part loads offer a cost-efficient sharing of a removal vehicle with others, keeping your budget in check without compromising care.

Dedicated Service to France:

When you demand exclusivity and a tailored experience, our dedicated service reserves the entire removal vehicle for your specific needs, ensuring a direct and timely delivery to your French destination.

The Packing Paragon – Safeguarding Your Transition

The safest path to France is a well-packed one. Our dedicated packing service employs industry-leading materials and methods to secure each item for the transcontinental voyage.

Export Packing:

With a focus on international requirements, our export packing provides that extra layer of defence against the rigours of long-distance travel, ensuring your possessions withstand the possible perils of their overseas adventure.

Managing Awkward Access:

Even the most majestic French chateau may present challenging access. Our tranship vehicles offer the flexibility needed to tackle narrow streets and strict regulations, guaranteeing that every location is within reach of our attentive removal team.

Navigating French Customs – From Boucles to Brie

With Brexit reconfiguring the EU landscape, understanding and managing customs for your move to France is more important than ever. We’ve demystified the process to facilitate a swift traversal of bureaucratic waters.

Essential Documentation:

From comprehensive itemised lists translated into French to proof of your new residence and employment status, proper paperwork is crucial for hassle-free customs clearance.

Declarations and Compliance:

Certain items necessitate specific customs declarations. Our experts help you identify any belongings that may require extra attention or fall under restricted categories, ensuring a smooth entry into France without any customs cavils.

Storage Solutions – When Time Synchrony is Imperative

Storing your possessions can be a strategic manoeuvre in your move. Whether it’s waiting for your new French home to be available or fulfilling a myriad of other necessities, our storage facilities are a secure haven for your items.

UK-Based and Transcontinental Storage:

With over 50,000 sq. ft of storage space in the UK, we provide both container and self-access storage solutions tailored to the unique needs of your move. For seasoned flexibility, we can also arrange storage facilities within France itself.

From Collection to Delivery:

Our storage process seamlessly integrates with your removal, ensuring that every step – from the day your items leave your current location to their arrival in France – is orchestrated for success.

The Human Touch in a Digital Dimension

Beyond the processes and paperwork, our commitment to customer service remains at the heart of our removals to France. Our team combines the latest digital tools with the warmth of a personal touch, providing support from start to finish and beyond.

Continuous Communication:

You’re always in the loop with Burke Bros Ltd. We keep you updated at every stage, from confirming your removal to the day and hour of your possessions’ safe arrival in France.

Long-Term Relocation Support:

Our relationship doesn’t end with your move. We offer continuous advisory support to ensure your adjustment to life in France is as smooth as the ride we provided to get you there.


With an array of services, a commitment to impeccable execution, and a team dedicated to excellence, Burke Bros Moving Group stands ready to facilitate your relocation to France. Preparing for a move can be daunting, but it becomes a voyage of discovery and delight with the right partner. Welcome to your new beginning, framed by the elegance and élan of living in La Belle, France.

Burke Bros Moving Group is your ally for those making or contemplating the jump to French living. Our mission is to enhance your living experience in France from the beginning – ensuring that your transition is smooth and the harbinger of a life full of joie de vivre. Your new life in France awaits; we’re here to pave the way.

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