6 Proven Methods for Recruitment Agencies to Boost Their Social Media Presence


With over 80% of job seekers using social media to find work in their respective locality, it is an excellent tool for recruitment agencies to reach out to potential candidates and connect with the local community to foster brand awareness.

In this ever-evolving technology era, candidates and businesses consider the social media profiles of recruitment agencies before deciding whether to work with them.

If you check out the social media pages of top recruitment agencies in the UK, you will find captivating themes, engaging content, and ratings above 4.8 out of 5.

Hence, agencies must invest time in keeping their social media accounts active by regularly posting content in the form of infographics, short videos (reels), and HD images.

There are several ways to elevate your social media presence. In this article, we will share the best techniques you should consider to redefine your social media strategy.

Methods to Adopt for Attaining Desired Social Media Success

Get ready as we will walk you through effective techniques to take your social media presence to newer heights.

1. Understand Targeted Audience

The foremost step in nurturing your social media growth is defining your audience, especially their age group, location, preferences, and needs.

Once you have identified a target audience, you can straightforwardly determine the type of content your targeted audience prefers to read and accordingly create content.

For instance, to target professionals, LinkedIn is the ideal platform; to target youth, Snapchat is perfect; and to target different age groups, Facebook is best.

2. Create Compelling Content

You might have heard that content is king, and in the social media world, content is integral to increasing social media presence.

After identifying the target audience and determining the content they prefer to read, the next technique is consistently creating and posting meaningful content to keep the audience hooked with your social media profile. The more intriguing your content is, the more followers it will bring in.

You can post job openings, tips to crack interviews, and steps through infographics and short videos.

Keep a variety of content, such as educational, job openings, client testimonials, candidates’ success stories, and tips. All these will drive new followers and keep existing ones engaged.

Also, if you are planning to hire additional staff to work on creating and publishing social media content or outsourcing it to an agency, then let us save your overhead monthly costs.

With technological advances, there are many software available in the UK market to simplify recruitment agencies processes and enhance their overall productivity.

One of them is a cloud-based Recruitment CRM Software containing

value-for-money features. It comes with a self-serve option for candidates and your clients. It will save your team time, which can be utilized to draft social media strategies.

3. Engagement and Interaction with Users

After posting content, it is vital to respond to follower comments, appreciate them for their likes, organise live Q&A sessions to interact with them to answer their queries, and conduct question sessions through stories and responding to them.

It not only keeps followers engaged with your agency’s social media profiles but also instils trust and confidence that you are genuine and encourages their friends to follow your page.

4. Invest in Paid Advertising

The most potent technique for reaching a broad audience and elevating your social media presence is investing in paid advertising. You can post paid ads on social media platforms and also use the “boost” feature to make your social media content appear ahead in users’ news feeds.

The best part about paid ads is that you pay when users click on your ad. You have control over spending and demographics. Investing in paid ads across different social media platforms will generate qualified leads and increase your agency’s visibility to an extensive audience.

5. Make Eye-Catching Visuals

With over 1.2 billion social media users interacting with reels (short videos) every month, it has become an outstanding tool for marketers and agencies to interact with their targeted audience.

Do you know that nearly 75% of users watch silent videos with subtitles and text rather than reading the caption? You can create engaging visual content and add your educational message or informative tip rather than mentioning it in captions.

Also, nearly 65% of users recall visual content they watched on social media after three days, and around 40% like and share original visual content such as infographics and high-quality images.

You can earn nearly 40% higher engagement on Facebook by posting visual content and 3x more reach with infographics containing educational information.

Hence, invest in creating infographics and text-based visual content about your agency’s achievements, job openings, cracking complex interview hacks, basic workplace disciplinary and compliance documents’ importance.

6. Power of Hashtag Marketing

Do you know that nearly 70% of users use hashtags on social media to search for a product, service, trend, or information? Yes, that’s the power of hashtag marketing that you should incorporate to make your social media content reach a vast audience.

You can incorporate industry-relevant and most search hashtags for your agency’s offerings in your posts. For instance, if the social media post is about job openings, use related hashtags and around user search intent. It will increase your post’s visibility and reach potential candidates.


After reading the blog, you will be enriched with six proven methods to broaden your social media presence and take it to newer heights.

By implementing all the tips from understanding and identifying your target audience to drafting relevant and compelling content to invest in Paid advertising, capitalising on the power of hashtags, responding to people’s comments and messages, and most importantly, creating visually fascinating infographics and images, you will experience magical enhancement in your recruitment agency social media presence.

Adaptability is the simple secret of survival.” – Jessica Hagedorn. This quote says it all. Adopting modern approaches and methods is the secret to thriving in this dynamic competitive landscape.

Hence, incorporate all these tips in your social media strategy and experience an increase in your followers across social media platforms within six months.


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