Reasons Why CBD Might Not Work for You

CBD products like CBD drops, oil, gummies, and topicals are insanely popular these days — everyone’s trying them out. However, the feedbacks vary widely. Some people report being immensely impressed by the curative benefits of CBD, while there are some disappointed customers too. Does CBD work for everyone? Most people are tolerant towards CBD and it is an effective remedy to address several medical conditions.

However, the effects of CBD products depend on multiple factors. If your CBD products aren’t working, it’s probably because you’re not doing something right. Stick around to learn more.

Why Doesn’t CBD Work For Everyone?

Are you concerned about why your CBD oil doesn’t work for pain or any other conditions you’re trying to address? Here’s an in-depth analysis of all the possible reasons that your CBD doesn’t work.

1. CBD Source

CBD is popping almost everywhere now, and this underscores the significance of choosing the right sources. You cannot go for random CBD suppliers. One of the reasons why your CBD products don’t work is that your CBD isn’t sourced from a reputable supplier. Beware of the scammers in the market and get your hands on FDA-approved products only.

A survey brings forth that only 31% of the tested CBD products were found to contain the promised amount. In case your CBD products aren’t working, here are some CBD shopping tips to ensure buying the right quality products.

  • Have a look at the third-party tests that can transparently analyze the quality of the products, providing the exact figures.
  • Read the reviews of the products and try to interact with the customers to know about their feedback regarding the products.
  • Going for reputable brands is always a safer option compared to opting for the unknown ones.

2. CBD Tolerance In The Body

If you feel like CBD isn’t working for you, it’s probably due to the CBD tolerance issues. The appropriate doses are different for all people since everyone possesses a different CBD tolerance. Having a unique biological metabolism, you need to administer your doses differently.

Start with smaller doses until you find your “sweet spot” with CBD dosing. Many people like to begin their CBD experience with micro-dosing. You can tailor the doses according to your body and preferred outcomes. Adjusting your doses will ultimately help you enjoy the desired CBD relief.

3. You Need To Be More Patient

The first time you take a CBD dose, waiting for it to work for you, you’ll probably wonder if it’s a complete waste of money. A deeper understanding of CBD’s working can help you analyze why it’s not working for you. You need to be more patient while using CBD. It doesn’t work like conventional medications that provide temporary yet fast-acting relief. CBD takes some time to kick in. It starts working as CBD content starts building up in your body.

Keep a journal and track all the effects of CBD on your body. Stay patient and be vigilant about all the changes CBD is inducing in your body. Not observing any results might be frustrating in the beginning, but as you stay patient, you’ll start observing the wonders of CBD.

4. Unsuitable Delivery Systems

You’ll find several innovative CBD products on the market like CBD roll-ons, bath bombs, sprays, and a lot more. You need to understand that not every administration method would necessarily work for you. Everyone needs a delivery system tailored according to their specific body needs and wellness goals. Bioavailability is a critical aspect affecting your experience. Pick specific products according to your conditions.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not experiencing the desired results, that doesn’t always mean that your CBD products aren’t working. There are several aspects to consider before you jump to a conclusion. Make sure to consider all the above-mentioned aspects.


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