Long-Term Car Rental in Kyiv – Get the Most for the Minimum Expenses

Long-term car rental is a convenient and profitable way to use a car without the need to purchase it or solve issues related to its maintenance. As part of this service, the client has the opportunity to rent a car for a long period, usually from several months to several years.

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This rental format is gaining more and more popularity both among ordinary customers and among legal entities.

The Car Rent UA company provides the opportunity to rent a car long-term to non-profit organizations, companies, public and volunteer organizations, state institutions and even embassies.

Read more about this service and the conditions of this car rental format in the article.

When and to Whom a Long-Term Lease is Beneficial

Long-term car rental is beneficial for those customers who plan to use it for a long period of time. It can be used to solve personal or family problems, as well as for business purposes.

Organizations benefit from long-term lease when:

  • you need to quickly and inexpensively fill your own fleet for use by specialists (for example, managers and couriers);
  • there are no funds to purchase a corporate car, and the need to use it is “already now”;
  • there is no desire to withdraw funds from the company’s turnover for new machines;
  • it is necessary to periodically change car models in connection with a change in the direction of the organization’s activity;
  • to maintain the image, it is necessary to have expensive representative cars, and their purchase is financially impractical.

Depending on the company’s field of activity, the rental period and the purpose of the car, Car Rent UA offers individual rental conditions.

When and to Whom a Long-Term Lease is Beneficial

If the rented car will be used for socially useful purposes by volunteer or charity organizations, the car rental conditions will be as favorable and convenient as possible.

Advantages of a Long-Term Lease

The most significant advantage is the cost of the service – the price of renting a car in Kyiv for a long period is much lower than for a short-term rental.

For enterprises and organizations, one of the main advantages of corporate car leasing is preserving financial resources. Buying a car fleet can be very expensive and involve a lot of bureaucratic formalities.

Instead, companies can lease cars and spend only on rental fees, allowing for efficient use of their financial resources.

If there is a need to take ownership of a car, you can arrange operational leasing – this service is available to Car Rent UA customers.

Advantages of a Long-Term Lease

In addition, the company’s clients have the opportunity to immediately sign a lease agreement with the right of redemption, and become the owner of the vehicle at the end of the period determined by the contract and payment of the agreed price of the car.

In addition, there are other reasons for renting a car for a long time, namely the opportunity to:

  • to use the car for a long time without worrying about its insurance and maintenance;
  • change the car in accordance with the emergence of new tasks and needs;
  • use the latest car models.

Also, concluding an official car rental agreement simplifies the taxation process for businesses.

The car rental company provides all the necessary financial documents and reports, which allows you to include the rent in the company’s expenses and reduce tax liabilities.

In more detail, you can familiarize yourself with the terms of long-term rental on the Car Rent UA website or consult with the company’s manager.


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