Interested in Princess Cut Lab Grown Diamonds?


Rare Carat is the first direct diamond and engagement ring comparison service that bails out people getting overcharged, deceived, or ripped off. With a deep focus on natural and lab diamonds, Rare Carat does tremendously well at offering customers the ability to cross-compare price points along with quality from one diamond jewelers that fits their specific demands. In this post, we will explore Rare Carat, what they offer as a service to the customer and other finer points along with why would you even want to venture down getting lab-grown diamond?

What Makes Rare Carat Stand Out?

Dedicated to transparency and ensuring that buyers can make an informed decision, Rare Carat is a name synonymous with trust. This is accompanied by a sophisticated search mechanism that the platform offers, enabling users to choose diamonds on an in-depth level, e.g. based upon its cut color, clarity and weight etc.

Of note, Rare Carat has a vast array of lab-grown diamonds. While chemically and physically they are identical to natural diamonds, CVD (chemical vapour deposition) diamond pricing is much lower making them an incredible value. This makes these diamonds very attractive to shoppers who still want a high-quality diamond while trying to stick within their budget.

Additionally, Rare Carat prioritizes education that helps customers understand the differences and benefits of lab-grown diamonds, and improves their overall shopping journey.

Shopping Experience on Rare Carat

Rare Carat offers a user-friendly and informative shopping experience for both beginner buyers as well as those with more exposure. Rare Carat provides a fantastic, simple tool to find the finest diamonds in your budget based on cut, color, clarity and carat weight choices.

Interested in Princess Cut Lab Grown Diamonds?

It also provides a high-resolution image along with official grading lab certificates for each diamond, thus offering superior transparency and trust. The more than 150,000 diamonds from thousands of retailers for sale have a Price Check feature that will compare the price against similar stones sold elsewhere.

This ensures the best deal on every customer’s order. The website also offers resources to educate buyers on the intricacies of diamond-buying which can help them in making informed decisions, thereby improving their shopping experience.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Rare Carat is also rated highly by its customers who have heaped praise onto the platform for being so transparent, friendly to use and having exceptional customer service. Rare Carat has been a great experience for many users, praising how it sourced the right diamond at an excellent price. 

Interested in Princess Cut Lab Grown Diamonds?

This commitment is reflected in the large number of positive reviews and high ratings on an array of review platforms.

Benefits Over Natural Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds offer multiple advantages addressed below:  

Affordability and Responsibility

It offers a more sustainable option for consumers because of less expensive, eco-friendly and ethical ratios from which they are sourced.

Diverse Selection

Rare Carat, meanwhile, has a breadth of lab-grown diamond options on offer to cater for every need. It includes the incredibly popular princess cut that provides an exceptional degree of brilliance making it a most suitable option, if you’re looking for bold and modern appeal.

Comparable Beauty and Durability

These Lab-created diamonds offer the same beauty and strength as original diamonds at an affordable price.  

Responsible and Cost-Effective Purchase

So by going with lab-grown diamonds from Rare Carat, customers can make a responsible and cost-effective purchase that also delivers premium quality.

So, the unusual advantages offered by these lab-grown diamonds have made them a trending choice for ethically-minded consumers.

Educational Resources

Rare Carat does not mess around when it comes to educating its customers on diamonds, with an expansive education section of their website. From diamond specifics to lab-grown vs. natural diamonds, and even tips on picking the right engagement ring, there’s a wearable wealth of information that the users are looking for.

By providing these robust resources, customers are able to make informed buying decisions and truly understand the specifics of what they are purchasing. The way Rare Carat offers this educational content, showing customers they are confident and knowledgeable, thus offering a more welcoming shopping environment.


In conclusion, Rare Carat is a marketplace and an expert with unparalleled organic knowledge in the diamond industry. It has put together a collection of Princess Lab Diamonds unmatched by any other. Rare Carat is known for being very transparent and customer-focused, which makes the shopping experience pleasurable.

In selecting Rare Carat, customers are then able to discover their perfect diamond that simply fits in well with what they want and need at the price point of lab-grown diamonds. Watch this video ( to get further information and explore their offerings.


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