How to Take Proper Care of Your Clothing

Everyone should know how to properly look after their clothes. This is so that they can keep their favourite items looking their best, maximise the lifespan of clothing, and avoid having to regularly replace items (a huge cost!). So, what are some of the best practices when it comes to taking care of your clothing? Keep reading to learn how you can start taking proper care of your clothing at home.

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Wash Them Less

While you certainly do not want to wear dirty clothing, you might find it helpful to wash your clothes less often. Frequent washing inevitably causes some damage to garments, so you should always think before chucking things in the wash. You might find that you can remove stains simply with a damp cloth or freshen items up by letting them air out or hanging them in the shower to let the steam clean them. Of course, there are some items that you will need to wash regularly, especially any exercise gear!

Proper Storage

Many people have a bad habit of chucking clothing on a surface in their bedroom (or even on the floor!). To prolong the life of your clothing, and avoid the need for regular washing, you should learn how to properly store each item. Items like knitwear should be folded, while shirts and other light tops should be hung on a coat hanger. You can use protective bags to protect each item and store them in a wardrobe for easy access and safekeeping.

Pay Attention to the Label

Instead of putting all of your washing together, you should pay close attention to the label of each item – this is particularly true for valuable items and anything made of a delicate/unique fabric. Many garments will have special cleaning instructions you need to follow to avoid damage and prolong the life of the item. This might include some items that can only be dry cleaned.

Carry Out Repairs

Wear and tear is inevitable when it comes to clothing, and it is frustrating when one of your favourite garments becomes damaged. Often, you can restore clothing with some basic repairs. You can teach yourself how to do this, or you could take the piece to the dry cleaners – they should be able to help with tears, replacing zips, new buttons, and other common problems. This can prolong the life of your favourite clothing and prevent the need for you to buy replacements.

Hopefully, the information in this post will help you look after your clothing and prolong the life of your garments. Clothing needs to be properly looked after, but people often develop bad habits that could damage their clothing and lead to expensive replacements before it is required. By adopting the above habits, you will keep your clothing in the best condition and extend the lifetime of your clothing.


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