5 Steps to Consider for Hiring the Best BigCommerce Developer

BigCommerce is one of the most lucrative platforms for you to start your online store. It comes with outstanding features and functionalities that you can integrate into your store and enhance the user experience quotient.  Being a demanding platform, a lot of budding entrepreneurs consider BigCommerce as their primary choice for an online store. You have to put out your store’s appeal with unique functionalities and appeal. And for that, you must be careful to hire BigCommerce developers!

A team of professional experts would help you ensure high speed, great UX, and utmost responsiveness for your BigCommerce store. Beyond that, you can also get custom themes developed by the experts to add a unique presence for your store, better than the default themes of BigCommerce. 

In short, hiring BigCommerce developers is quite crucial for setting up an outstanding online store. So, why take a chance on choosing someone with average or fresher experience? This article will help you with some essential steps that you must implement for hiring the best BigCommerce development experts. 

What’s Special About a Dedicated BigCommerce Developer?

A dedicated BigCommerce development expert is someone who is trained and skilled to provide you with quality eCommerce solutions that can drive better ROI for your business. May it be theme development or adding a customized cart, a BigCommerce developer is proficient with the right skills to help you integrate on-demand features with ease. 

Not only that but if you are planning on migrating your online store from some other platform to BigCommerce, these developers can get things done in a breeze without the risk of losing your business or customer data. When you hire BigCommerce developers, be assured that you will be provided with end-to-end solutions in terms of design & development.

What are the Steps You Must Consider for Hiring the Best of All BigCommerce Developers?

Every decision you make for your business is always strategic and is meant to achieve a specific goal. So, why can’t it be the same approach while hiring someone who will design and develop your core platform for operating the business?

You don’t have to settle for the first BigCommerce development company or expert you come across! Instead, here are some steps that you must strictly adhere to while you hire BigCommerce developers:

1. Get a Brief Description Elaborating Your Requirement

You must be aware of what functions or features you want in your BigCommerce store. Take note of all those important points you remember in an instant, and prepare a requirement description. Ensure that your expectations are expressed properly in a specific document, which you will have to share with the potential BigCommerce developers you shortlist to hire. 

Some of the things that you must consider while preparing your description are:

  • Add a detailed summary of your BigCommerce project.
  • Give enough background information. 
  • An example of your expected output is preferred. 
  • Put up a request for samples.

2. Get Along with Shortlisting Your Potential Developers

Once the brief is ready to define your requirements easily, you can get started with choosing the right team of BigCommerce experts or specific agencies. You are aware of what industry or category your business is catering to, which will play a major role in shortlisting the right developers who have experience in the domain. 

Every BigCommerce developer you come across will have his/her own distinct profile, highlighting their qualities and proficiencies in respective assignments. This can be a basis for you to shortlist developers who have experience working for industry domains like yours. Apart from that, you can also shortlist your candidates based on their pricing and ratings. 

3. Set Your Budget and Stick to It

Whether you are starting a new eCommerce business, or are migrating to BigCommerce, you must definitely have a budget in mind for hiring developers for the job. So, it is advised you stick to it and keep a check on the cost chart of potential developers. Align their price for the job with your budget to narrow down your list of preferred BigCommerce developers. But, it is also advisable to keep your budget a bit flexible to ensure you are not missing out on quality developers, for just a minimal difference in pricing concerns. 

4. Connect with the Shortlisted Developers

This is the stage where you will have to reach out to the developers whom you have shortlisted after all those steps. You will now have only a few names after filtering out most of the potential developers or agencies. It is now time to finally meet them and discuss your BigCommerce online store project with them. 

You are free to ask them several questions related to their experience in the field and how they approach a BigCommerce development project. Talk to them about the deliverables and their sincerity in adhering to deadlines. It is advised to meet every shortlisted BigCommerce development expert or agency before you decide on one. 

Let everyone pitch their service proficiency, and later, you can decide whose services align the best with your project demands. 

5. Finalise Your Developer

The last step of hiring a BigCommerce developer is to get one onboard! Depending on how the conversation went between you and the developer, make your decision. Once you have finalised the expert, let them understand the rules, guidelines or expectations in brief. 

If needed, you can sign an NDA with the development firm or the individual, following which the service contract can be signed to get along with the process. 

Bottom Line

When you are out to hire BigCommerce developers for your new eCommerce project, you ought to be quite strategic about hiring the best of them. No doubt, BigCommerce is one of the best platforms for you to run your online store. And taking the help of proficient developers will ensure your online presence is better than the competitors. 

The professionals you hire should be able to present your store in the most attractive and efficient way possible. Your website will be the face of your brand, and anything wrong with it can deteriorate your value. So, let’s not take this lightly and consider following the ground rules for hiring the best BigCommerce experts in business. 


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