Bridging the Resource Gap With a Dedicated Team for Software Startups

The implementation of an outstanding, unique idea is always a tough nut to crack. Indeed, there can be many problems: limited funding, the lack of a ready-made business model for sales, an incomplete understanding of the needs and pain points of the target audience, and, of course, a lack of human resources. The fact is that such ideas are often best implemented with the help of advanced or unclaimed technologies, and the search for local specialists in both areas can take a long time. How can you speed up the launch of your startup without putting extra effort into it? Let’s answer this question right now.

An Option That Will Be Your Holy Grail

In fact, a solution to this problem has existed for a long time, but it gained its popularity only after the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, we are discussing hiring a dedicated team to collaborate with you remotely.

Indeed, suppose about a dozen years ago this format of interaction seemed to business owners to be a rather risky measure, thanks to the forced transformations in work processes that companies worldwide faced. In that case, the model of dedicated teams has become extremely popular.

And yes, we are talking not only about the opportunity to speed up the hiring process – it often happens that in the local market of IT specialists there may simply not be those who are able to bring your idea to life in the best way, ensuring its cost efficiency, scalability, and sustainability.

What Else Do You Get

In fact, by collaborating with a dedicated software development team, you get much more benefits than eliminating the resource gap typical for your region. Here are just a few of them.

Opportunity to get top specialists with lower rates

The advantage of hiring dedicated teams is that you get the opportunity to collaborate with specialists from other countries where the rates even for the top ones will be significantly lower than in the country where you are a resident. This way, you can enlist the support of a star team without spending a cent more than you originally intended.

No need for complex bureaucratic procedures

Even though remote partnering with dedicated software development teams may seem more complex than in-office, experienced contractors have well-established practices in formalizing and regulating it at the legislative level. In particular, all requirements and restrictions relating to the project are described in a single document – the NDA – the preparation and signing of which usually takes no more than three to five days.

Scalable to suit your current needs

Companies providing dedicated software developers are well aware that as client requirements change, the tasks assigned to these teams may also change. This means that, if necessary, they will be able to quickly find you a new specialist with the required skills and remove from the team those whose skills are no longer needed without unnecessary bureaucracy.

Well-functioning management

The development of startups often requires flexible management and a special approach to the distribution and implementation of subtasks, and this is something that the average dedicated team can cope with very well. The fact is that a conscientious contractor will most likely be able to staff a dedicated software development team for you that already has relevant experience and will be able to successfully apply it to your project.

Last Words

We hope that the insights we shared above will help you get started with your startup as quickly as possible. Also, if you are still looking for a company providing dedicated software team services, we would be glad to offer you cooperation with us. We will fully staff the team and help you resolve all formal issues within two to three weeks, after which work on the project will begin. Feel free to contact us to discuss your startup with us in detail.


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