The Best Places to Buy Google My Business Reviews for Your Local Business Listing

People search for local businesses online. Google listings show first. They show things like address and phone numbers. They also show reviews from real customers. Good reviews help get more people to try the business. This article will talk about places to buy reviews for the Google listing. Buying reviews can attract more customers to the business.

Getting positive reviews on Google My Business is important to promote your local business. However, it can be hard to get real customers to leave reviews all the time. That’s where buying reviews from certain websites can help boost your rating when you’re just starting out. This article will look at trusted providers that can provide real looking reviews that follow Google’s guidelines. Purchasing some reviews from these sources could help more potential clients find and choose your business on Google.

Google Business Review Sites

There are a few websites that connect businesses with people willing to leave google reviews. These sites aim to provide reviews that look natural so they aren’t seen as fake by Google. They work by vetting the reviewers and having them leave reviews about businesses they haven’t necessarily visited personally. This helps business owners boost their Google star ratings.

Yext Guaranteed Reviews

Yext is one of the more popular places to purchase Google reviews. They guarantee to provide a set number of reviews within a time frame. The reviewers are claimed to be real people and locations are verified to match the business. Reviews appear gradually over weeks to mimic normal customer feedback. Yext may be a reliable choice for businesses looking to gradually increase their rating.

Get Five Stars Reviews

Get Five Stars Reviews is a site where you can buy a package of 5-star reviews for your Google Business profile. They promise to provide high quality reviews from verified reviewers within 15 days. The reviews are meant to look natural so they don’t trigger Google’s filter for fraudulent reviews. This site offers an affordable way to get positive ratings showing up for potential customers.

Freelance Review Services

Some websites allow freelancers to offer Google review writing as a service. This can provide a more affordable way to get reviews compared to larger review sites. However, there is less quality control so results may vary more. Businesses need to carefully screen freelancers and reviews to ensure they comply with Google guidelines.

Fiverr GMB Review Services

Fiverr connects people who want to buy google my business reviews with freelancers. Freelancers offer services on Fiverr. Some freelancers write Google reviews. They offer review packages starting at $5. People who want to buy reviews need to read reviews from past customers. This helps find freelancers with experience writing real-sounding reviews for those looking to buy Google my business reviews. Reviews have to follow Google’s rules. Finding trusted freelancers takes more work with this low-cost option to buy Google my business reviews.

Upwork Google My Business Reviews

Similar to Fiverr, Upwork is a platform where freelancers offer various services that individuals and businesses can hire for projects. On Upwork, freelancers advertise Google review writing packages. Businesses must thoroughly review freelancer profiles, samples and comments from past clients to identify those able to discreetly boost ratings through real-looking reviews written strategically over time.

Social Media Management Agencies

In addition to purchasing reviews directly, some businesses hire social media management agencies to improve their online reputation and visibility. These agencies can provide a full range of local marketing services:

  • Posting regularly on social media platforms
  • Optimising business listings on Google, Facebook and others
  • Gathering and submitting customer reviews
  • Creating advertising campaigns across Google, YouTube and social media
  • Designing flyers, posters and other promotional materials
  • Strategizing content calendar and engagement strategies

Neighbourhood Specific Services

Some agencies focus specifically on marketing businesses within a certain neighbourhood, town or small geographical area. They know the demographics, top websites and influencers in that location to help businesses stand out to local potential customers. Their expertise targeting a specific community can boost sales from neighbours.

Many companies offer packages that handle all aspects of local SEO (search engine optimization). Certain agencies aim to boost a company’s reputation across all online channels, not just Google reviews. They ensure all customer interactions, complaints and comments are addressed promptly. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Reviews

When purchasing reviews, it’s important to carefully vet providers and read policies to find those with verified reviewers leaving natural-sounding comments over time. Taking steps to avoid fake reviews helps the business avoid penalties while gradually gaining real customer feedback online.


Purchasing some positive Google reviews can help new local businesses get noticed when just starting out. However, it’s important to use trusted providers and get reviews over a period of time to avoid triggering filters. The goal should be attracting real customers, not manipulation. With the right providers, a few purchased reviews can boost a business at the beginning as more genuine feedback is gathered.

In the long run, providing excellent customer service and a quality product or service will lead to the most authentic positive reviews. But supplementing organic reviews with some initially purchased ones is a low-cost way for new companies to gain visibility on Google search results and directories.


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