How to Pick the Best Theme for Your Adobe Commerce Store?

If you have decided to step into the world of eCommerce, you must first decide upon the platform you want to go with. Currently, there are several trending eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and others, but one of the leading picks for most entrepreneurs has always been Adobe Commerce or Magento. 

Alongside a plethora of features, the feasible Magento store management attributes are what convince entrepreneurs to consider this platform over others. But, before starting with the operations and management responsibilities, it is important to set up your store in the most appealing manner possible. 

And for that, you must choose the best theme for your online store. It is an integral part of your overall Magento product store management services. It is because bringing your customers to the store and making them stay on it is one of the most important tasks that you must focus on. And that begins with creating a  responsive and appealing storefront. 

In this article, you will get a clear insight into how you can pick the best theme for your Adobe Commerce store, and what are some of the best practices you can consider for customizing the same to your business benefits. 

What Should One Consider While Choosing the Right Theme for Adobe Commerce Store?

When you decide upon choosing the right Adobe Commerce theme for the online store, you might have to go through a lot of factors. This is to ensure that your theme aligns with the specific business goals or customers’ expectations. Most budding entrepreneurs prefer hiring professional virtual assistants for their Adobe Commerce store management and let them dig deeper into the consideration factors for choosing the right theme. 

It is good to have some professionals backing you up on the decision of choosing the right Adobe Commerce theme, ensuring all important parameters are taken care of. To help you understand better, here are some factors that must be looked upon while choosing a Magento theme:

1. Responsiveness

The theme that you choose or your Magento store management VA recommends should be responsive and adjustable to various devices or screen sizes, including tablet, mobile, or desktop. When your theme is responsive enough, it will ensure an outstanding user experience and boost the conversion rate as well. 

2. Customizability

The next important consideration that the Adobe Commerce store management VAs prioritize while choosing a theme is customizability. Not all available themes would go well with your brand’s style, but they should be customizable for your experts to amend it to your needs or preferences. So, go with the theme that allows you to change the color scheme, typography, layout and other such parameters. 

3. Loading Speed

If a poor theme adversely affects your site’s loading speed, it is dropping down your chances of securing conversions. Therefore, when you hire Magento product store management services and request your VAs to help you find or develop a perfect theme for your store, do ensure they are considering the loading speed. Faster loading of a site leads to a lowered bounce rate and higher conversions. 

4. SEO Optimization

A theme for your Magento store should be SEO-friendly to help your business rank higher in Google SERPs. Suppose you have hired professional Magento store management VAs. In that case, they will filter out the themes with such properties, such as clean HTML codes, schema markups and optimized graphics, to enhance your store’s SEO outcomes. 

5. Great UX

The user experience (UX) quotient of the Adobe Commerce store also depends on the theme. Looking after optimizing the UX is one of the most important jobs of the VAs offering Magento product store management services. But, this should be taken care of right from the time of choosing the theme. Go for the one that gives you an intuitive and user-friendly UI, making it easier for the customers to navigate through your site easily and find what they are in search of. 

What are Some of the Best Practices that You Must Seek for Customizing the selected themes?

Right from choosing or developing a theme and integrating it to customizing and managing it, a virtual assistant is capable of taking those workloads off your head. The first best practice for acquiring the best-customized theme for your store is to look out for the best virtual assistant companies in the USA, and hire expert designers and developers as VAs to do the needful. 

Some of the best practices that your select professionals would implement for healthy brand-wise customization of your theme are:

Use the Potential of Built-In Theme Customization Tools

Whether you manage a Shopify store, a Magento store, or a BigCommerce store, you get built-in tools to customize your themes and make them align with your brand image. But, one needs to have the right skills to maneuver those settings and use the tools in order to bring out the best version of your store theme. And that’s what the virtual assistants will help you with. 

Keep a Tab on All the Update Necessities

Irrespective of whether you choose a pre-existing theme from the Adobe Commerce platform or get one developed with the help of virtual assistant companies in the USA, the team of VAs will constantly keep a tab on when there is an available update or need for one. 

There is a possibility that some updates might overwrite certain customizations you made to your theme, which needs to be restored as it was. So, taking the help of Adobe Commerce or BigCommerce product store management VAs, specialized in theme development, can help you with the needful. 

Testing of the Customizations Properly

Whether you hire VAs to manage a Shopify store or an Adobe Commerce store, the theme customizations must be tested before they can go through. So, the professionals you hire for remotely managing your theme development, integration, and customization, will run tests on whether the applied settings are ideal to maintain the responsiveness of the store or not. 

Bottom Line

This is a clear understanding of how you can choose the best themes for your Adobe Commerce store. It is always advised to back your decisions up with the help of professional VAs offering you Adobe Commerce store management services. 

Such VAs are proficient in not just managing eCommerce operations such as inventory management, customer services, or others but can also help you set up a highly responsive store with a customized theme. So, it’s time to start your eCommerce business with the perfect Magento theme. 


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