Best Shopping For a Diamond in America Online for Engagement Rings

Purchasing a diamond or an engagement ring can prove daunting, particularly for those embarking on this venture for the first time. As we would like to think, the following online jewelry store is the best option for anyone who is in the market for a diamond engagement ring. We recommend you buy an engagement ring from the Rare Carat organization. Rare Carat company has larger numbers of reviews on Google.

Even if you buy from our top wholesale store, Rare Carat, you still have to research many factors to consider (Color, budget, clarity, color scheme, shape, etc…) but Working with a trusted company is there to help.

Benefits of Buying at Rare Carat:

Here are two major benefits of rare carats:

  1. If you buy a diamond from Rare Carat and later want to make a change in the plan or if you notice any decrease in the quality of our diamond, your money will be refunded.
  2. At the point when you purchase a jewel from  Rare Carat, you will be given a lifetime warranty. If you notice any difference in the quality of the jewel later, you can exchange or return it.

Customized Engagement Rings

An engagement ring has long represented a proposal of marriage. Make customized engagement rings as beautiful as your love. Our incredible range of unique engagement rings is sure to make that milestone moment truly memorable. From high-quality diamond rings to stunning sapphire, ruby ​​, and emerald rings, the possibilities are truly endless. 

Would you like our experts to create a custom ring for you? In four steps, our experts will combine the latest design technology with craftsmanship to create the exact ring you envisioned.

Our goal is to offer a specially designed service that puts you in control and provides you with a beautiful, unique quality ring that will last forever.

Kate Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Ring Information:

Price: $690

SKU: 31-RC11106-4YE

Clarity: Sl1

Color: F-G

Setting Style: Halo

Sizes Available: 3.0 to 10.0

Width Range: 1.60mm

Can be set with: All diamond shapes

Metal: 14K White Gold

Leah 4 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

Ring Information:

Price: $450

SKU: SL0335-14K-W

Setting Style: Solitaire

Sizes Available: 3.0 to 12.0

Width Range: 1.70mm to 1.80mm

Metal: 14K White Gold

Best Places to Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds

Add shimmer to life’s greatest moments with brilliant lab-grown jewels. Rare Carat – lab grown diamonds, as the name implies, are diamonds created in a laboratory rather than hundreds of miles below the surface of the earth. You need to find a reputable jeweler who gives you the devices to find the right diamond and the ideal ring at the right cost. Our choice of loose lab-created diamonds includes a variety of shapes, varieties, and carats.

If you choose a lab-grown center jewel, then the accent jewels on your setting may also be lab-grown, as indicated in the item details.

Over 3 Carat Lab Grown Diamond 

A over 3 carats lab diamonds are a great choice for anybody looking for a large and high-quality diamond at a reasonable cost. The term 3 Carat lab-grown diamond refers to the weight of the jewel, not its physical dimensions. However, a well-cut 3-carat diamond typically measures around 9.4mm in diameter. This size ensures that your jewel will make a dazzling and elegant statement on your finger, catching the consideration of all who see it.

Shop our beautiful collection of 3 Carat Lab-grown Diamonds. 

3.00 Carat Round Lab Diamond

Diamond Details:

Price: $3,500

Shape: Round

Cut: Excellent

Colour: J

Carat: 3.00

Polish: Excellent

Clarity: Sl1

Symmetry:  Excellent

Measurements: 9.17 x 9.15 x 5.74 mm

Girdle Percentage: 3.5%

Girdle Thickness: Mid. Thick

Table: 56.0%

Girdle Thickness: Thin – Med.

Depth: 59.7% 


Are lab-grown diamonds genuine?” 

Lab-grown diamonds are physically, visually, and artificially like natural jewels.

Even though they were created in a controlled environment, lab-grown diamonds are thought of as real. “In 2018, the FTC announced lab-grown diamonds as original jewels and removed ‘natural’ from the definition of diamond, as there was no difference between them other than starting point.

How are custom rings made?

Our high-quality custom engagement rings are crafted with time-tested expertise. They are made of strong precious metals and skillfully created to last.

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