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Top 5 Luxurious Antiparos Villas with Private Pool for the Ultimate Relaxing Escape

There is nothing more relaxing in the world than sunbathing on a comfortable sunbed by your pool in a villa that is the epitome of luxury. And if you do that in Antiparos, the hidden gem of the Cyclades with untouched beauty, where the Greek sun reflects on the white-washed houses and paints the sea with golden hues, then we can speak about the ultimate summer experience.

Read further to discover the best Antiparos villas with private pool, where magnificence meets simplicity and the crystal-clear waters of the pool mirror a deluxe setting to enjoy precious moments with your friends and family.

Antiparos Villa Hector

Villa Hector with 5 bedrooms for 10 guests is a perfect example of how a minimal mansion can be combined with lavishness and offer tranquility in a secluded location. The waters of the private pool glisten like diamonds under the sun and the moonlight, making you want to stay there, away from the crowds, forever.

Antiparos Villa Reanna

Antiparos Villa Reanna

Villa Reanna offers 6 bedrooms for 14 guests amidst and idyllic setting, where timeless beauty meets sophisticated luxury. This impressive stone-built Antiparos villa with pool offers an unobstructed sea view that turns your relaxation by the pool into an oasis of serenity.

Antiparos Villa Simona

Villa Simona with 5 bedrooms for 10 guests is located in a very close distance to Antiparos Town, giving you the opportunity to combine vacation in privacy and fun in the popular bars of the island whenever you like. Its chic simplicity proves that sumptuous accommodation can be elegant and at the same time grandiose in a scenery that looks like coming from a fairytale.

Antiparos Villa Alora

Villa Alora is the top Antiparos villa with infinity pool and it deserves this distinction. It is a spacious villa with 6 bedrooms for 12 guests with breathtaking sea view, ultra minimal lounge area around the pool and stylish indoor and outdoor spaces for unforgettable holidays with your beloved ones. Plus, it is situated in a very close distance to stunning Sifneiko beach, where you can enjoy water sports and sunset views that leave you breathless.

Antiparos Villa Nayrobi

Antiparos Villa Nayrobi

Villa Nayrobi, which offers 5 bedrooms for 10 guests, impresses with its boho design that perfectly embeds into the typical Cycladic architecture. In a short distance to the famous beaches of Soros and Saint George, this scenic villa is a sanctuary of serenity in a landscape of mesmerizing beauty.

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