5 Best Steroids For Strength and Size

In the current age of health and fitness, the rising trend of bodybuilding has become a cultural phenomenon. It is no longer confined to intense exercises and strict diet plans, from gym enthusiasts to seasoned athletes, a large number of bodybuilders are turning to anabolic steroids to chase the elusive allure for a chiseling physique.  

These synthetic substances have drawn impressive admiration within the fitness community by offering accelerating growth, enhanced performance, and improved health. However, the effectiveness of these effective drugs lies in the right selection of products according to your bodybuilding needs or requirements.  

Although there are numerous options available, everyone desires to choose the strongest anabolic steroid that can aid them in carving their bodies into a perfectly lean beach physique in a short duration. However, steroid selection demands professional administration and a proactive approach to protect users’ health.  

Consulting with a professional and healthcare expert is the right way to choose steroids but you can also consider professional recommendations to streamline the selection process. 

Here are the top 05 steroids approved by professional bodybuilders or athletes to ensure strength and size.  

1. Dianabol 

It is the most renowned name in the dynamic world of bodybuilding and steroids because it is a highly potent steroid that ensures promising muscle growth in a short duration.  Therefore, it is also known as the bulking king.  

It is a highly versatile steroid that not only adds to muscle growth but also offers rapid burning of excessive body fat along with enhanced strength and improved body performance. The best thing is that it has an androgenic rating of 60 which enables it to reduce androgen-related side effects caused by other steroids such as virilization, oily skin, facial hair growth in women, and reduced breast size in men.  

It is usually found in oral form and its pills are quite cheaper than other similar products which makes it an affordable choice for all.  Beginners are usually recommended to consume only 30-40 mg of Dianabol per day in the case of men and in the case of women 10-20 mg per day only.  However, professionals can consume 70-80 mg per day. Its cycle lasts 4-6 weeks only.  

2. Trenbolone

The second most popular name in the world of anabolic androgenic steroids is Trenbolone which is usually found in injectable form and carries no risk of liver damage.  

It is capable of increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention which in turn boost muscle growth and lean physique.  Most of all it inhibits Aromatization and increases free testosterone levels in the body to ensure better reproductive health and elimination of androgenic side effects. 

For beginners injecting 150-220  mg of Tren per week and for advanced level athletes 250-450 mg per week is enough to get the desired results. Its cycle lasts 6-8 weeks. 

3. Testosterone

The most familiar name among strength-boosting steroids is Testosterone, the derivative of naturally occurring human sex hormone. It was first introduced to cure various medical conditions like HIV but later became popular as an effective anabolic steroid. 

It stimulates red blood cell production to a higher level than normal and ensures more supply of oxygen to each body cell or tissue which results in enhanced strength and performance along with a rapid increase in muscle mass and improved reproductive health of users.  It is found in both oral and injectable form but most users prefer to inject it directly in muscles.  

Its commonly recommended dosage for beginners is 50-200 mg per day for men and 10-50 mg only for women to avoid the risk of virilization.  Its cycle lasts 8-12 weeks. 

4. Anavar 

In the list of most reliable steroids to gain muscles and strength along with a perfectly lean beach physique is Anavar. It is known around the globe because of its safety profile and multifunctional nature.  

Most people choose Anavr over other similar products because it comes in the form of oral pills or tabs and offers ease of use.  It promotes a lean physique and helps you preserve muscles even during the cutting cycle.  Therefore, it also has wide applications in the medical field.  

Following the dosage and cycle instructions is crucial to avoid health risks and get the desired results. Its highly recommended dosage for beginners is 10-15 mg per day in the first week and 35 mg per day for the rest of the cycle. Anavar cycle length is 6-8 weeks only and exceeding this limit can be dangerous for your health.  

5. Proviron

When talking about the best steroids for strength and size, it’s unfair to not mention the role of Proviron in bodybuilding and the fitness world.  Its versatile nature makes it an ideal pick for both cutting and bulking cycles.  

It greatly influences the Testosterone level and leaves an adequate amount of free male sex hormone in the body which mediates various metabolic activities such as protein synthesis, minerals retention, and red blood cell production, crucial for muscle gain and enhanced body performance. 

Proviron is not recommended for beginners and intermediate students are advised to consume 25-50 mg per day only. Its cycle can last 2-10 weeks. 

Where To Get These Steroids?

Though various online steroid stores are providing these synthetic drugs, all are not equal in reliability or legitimacy, and making a random selection can result in various troubles such as unnecessary delay or no delivery, poor quality or contaminated products, and fraud or scams.  

However, relying on SteroidsFAX can save you from this stress. They are linked to international manufacturers and offer legit products at quite a competent rate without any risk of legal consequences, fines, and penalties. 

A Final Word

To sum it up, all of these steroids are quite effective and have professional approval. Professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts always keep these steroids in their stock because of their potential to provide strength, size, and leaner physique.  Therefore, you can choose any of them to incorporate into your next steroid cycle and achieve your bodybuilding goals smoothly and swiftly

Make sure to remember that abusive use of steroids can cause serious health risks. Therefore, medical supervision, regular exercise, and a nutritious diet are compulsory for the safe use of steroids.

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