5 Best Bike Balls To Purchase In 2024

Bike balls are a raunchy rear bike light that go beneath your bicycle saddle. Grip some balls and get on your bike. Bike balls allow every rider to show off their luminous balls of steel as they take on countless close contests across their commute. In a world loaded with furious drivers who hate sharing the road, you need some beautiful significant balls to ride a bicycle these days.

The morning commute is yelling for tiny humor to reduce the tension. As a cyclist, you need to be seen! This is why manufacturers started making bike balls. Bike Balls are rear bike lights that you can mount at the back of your bicycle saddle. They sag off the seat rail and friskily swing around as you ride. The unique mounting process is safe enough to stay on during rough rides much as remaining simple to fix and remove. Designed from nonporous silicone, this long-lasting scrotum houses a strong red LED to alert drivers to your existence. Just give them a benign squeeze to switch them on (just like the real thing) and to switch between the different light modes. They’re as practical as they are hysterical.

They are generally bob-about while you ride, gleefully increasing your vision and protection. Captions a new shaft loop that handily ties on the back of your bike seat (or pouch, tent, stroller, almost anything) built for hard riding.

1. Bike Balls Waterproof Bicycle Lights

Tight glossy Lycra and shaky ding-a-lings are just about the best accessory for your bike. As a rider who always rides in the city, you are helpless to distractions and careless drivers. There is something that can change that and allow you to have some fun while cycling. Anyone can see Bike Balls when you ride through the city, making your journey safer.

Other details

  • High-quality silicone body with integrated buckle and on/off switch
  • Sole red LED having three light modes – splash /slow flashing / solid flashing
  • 360-degree glow
  • Comprises batteries (2xCR2032)
  • RoHS / CE Approved

2. Silicone Waterproof LED Rear

Designed for hard riding – water /splash hesitant construction. Wk. 5v Bike Balls commonly bob around while you ride, increasing your perception and defense in a cheerful means. Captions a new mounting loop that easily attaches on the back of your bike seat. Or backpack, tent, stroller, almost anything! Carefully compression Bike Balls to turn the light on and change positions between the solid/flashing modes. Gently squeeze again to turn the Bike Ball.

Other details

  • Brand Bike Ball
  • Fabric Silicone
  • Water Resistance Level Waterproof
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 4.25 x 2.24 x 1.14 inches
  • Number of settings 3
  • Auto Part Position Rear

3. Silicone Waterproof led Rear Safety Tail Light

One of the greatest back bicycle lights in the world/Can be diverted on and off (and the mode changed) with very little pressure. Body made of high-quality silicone with a powerful in-built waterproof strap that is made to last. Excellent Red operative LED with three modes – continuous glare/Slow Flash/Fast Flash. Powered by 2 x CR2032 rechargeable batteries with an operation time of 100 hours (frequent light mode) or 190 hours (glare).

Other details

  • Colour White
  • Brand Hornit
  • Material Plastic
  • Power source Battery Powered
  • Water-resistance level Waterproof
  • Item weight 68 Grams
  • Mounting type Seat
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H 10 x 5 x 2 centimeters
  • Number of settings 3
  • Auto part position Rear

4. Yakalla Smart Bike Tail Light

Multi-functional Smart Bike Tail Light has to alert light/ Brake light/ Turn signal / Electric bell/ Anti-theft alarm, 5-in-1 bike taillight – The modern smart bike appliance! Smarter and comfortable cycling at night.

Wireless remote Ccntrol. Handily installed the remote on the handlebar0.78-0.94 inch, strong wireless range about 98ft-196ft, easy to switch the lighting modes of the bike rear light by pressing the 5 buttons on the controller. 

The bike light will spotlight to alert the cars and pedestrians behind you when decelerating. In the brilliant mode (Slow Flashing/ Breathing), the light is impulsively managed to turn on or off in proportion to the environment brightness and whether to ride or not, which is very intelligent and power-saving.

This tail light can operate as a bike horn, when your bike is knocked or touched, will release up to a 110dB alarm signal, scaring away thieves. The IP54 Waterproof level makes this bike turning light to be used in rain or temperature of 4-140°F.

Installed a 2000mAh repower battery, keep running for 70hours under the flash trend after charging. There is a battery signal when charging and switching the taillight. Note: kindly charge to start the alarm warning before first use!

Other details

  • Brand Yakalla
  • Material Polycarbonate
  • Power Source Battery Powered
  • Number of settings 6
  • Auto Part Position Rear

5. Cycling Balls Tail Silicone Light Creative

This bike tail light retains three-light appearances, quick flash, slow flash, and normal light, desirable for different events, and fulfills your need. This light can be attached to the bottom of the bike seat as an indication tail light, or to a backpack or other items, which helps to promote view and protection.

This bike tail light is created with high-quality silicone, which is adaptable and reliable, can be operated on rainy and snow days, or other bad weather. Tail lamp embraces a heart-shaped design, which is different and impressive, and has an additional wide view, so people can be more barely apparent to you in the night. Broadly used, it can be expended for cycling, camping, hiking, or other outdoor workouts, and it can also be an indoor light.

Other details

  • Color Green
  • Variety KNAFIT
  • Fabric Silicone
  • Power Source Mortar Powered
  • Mounting Type Seat
  • Number of settings 3
  • Auto Part Position Rear


Cycling bike balls have just got safer – or at least, a lot funnier – with the introduction of a new LED device. This keeps the danger of accident away as it alerts the driver behind you to your presence. For those interested in sharing more funny items and bike tips with others while also expanding their audience, consider exploring


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