Key Tips for Leveling Up Your Rank and Fighting in Apex Legends

If you want to play one of the most dynamic projects in the battle royale format and at the same time achieve a stable result, then you need to be able to move quickly, move safely and quietly around the map, be able not only to shoot accurately, but also to get yourself weapons and all the auxiliary equipment and of course, master as many agents as possible with unique capabilities that will help you conduct better battles and survive on the map as much as possible.


All players will select their agents and prepare to land over the area at any traffic location of their choice. On the spot, you need to find weapons and equipment and wait for the playing areas to narrow.

It is important to keep an eye on the battlefield shrinkage, because anyone who goes beyond it will lose health and die permanently and will be out of the race for apex boost in this match.

Sometimes an airdrop will appear on the map, which you need to collect to get the best type of weapons, as part of the competition for obtaining them. In general, your main task for the match is to survive as long as possible and at the same time try to destroy your opponents.

The game will take into account many parameters, and not just the fact of getting top 1.

The number of kills, survival time in the game and the final place you will take during the match are taken into account.

Try to avoid dangerous and crowded places with players, because of course you can practice your shooting and quickly find and use weapons in them, but there is also a risk of quick death, which will negatively affect your boosting in Apex Legends.

First stage

You must select a landing point and successfully land on it. Try to wait for the main stage of the landing of the main mass of players, because you do not need to get into their main mass, otherwise you risk your life, which is not the best and optimal strategy.

As soon as the bulk of the players determine their direction and land, wait a little and familiarize yourself with the game map in order not only to jump out, but also to choose a point where you can quickly pick up the main types of weapons, equipment, medicines and weapon accessories.

Choose a couple of buildings, because they are guaranteed to have a choice, while in single buildings everything will be decided by chance, and in large places there will always be competitors.

Immediately rush into the point and look for weapons, then assess the situation and continue your gathering. Collect all the valuable items that you can carry and wait for the moment when the first narrowing of the playing area occurs.

Once the first battle circle is marked, quickly familiarize yourself with the game map and plot your potential route to move quickly and safely.

You don’t have to run to the center of the circle, just go into the general radius and gain a foothold, while simultaneously searching for better weapons, preferably legendary level, which have higher damage and rate of fire.

Second phase

In fact, most of the players will drop out at the first stage, but this will not make your boosting in Apex Legends any easier.

The fact is that spontaneous firefights will disappear, but most of the remaining players will have good equipment and can move more carefully, which will force you to plan your route and actions more carefully.

You just need to take a good position with a good view and level of camouflage to see enemies before they see you, especially taking into account potential drones and attacks using the unique abilities of agents.

Third stage

Key tips for leveling up your rank and fighting in Apex Legends

This is the most dangerous and decisive stage, which will decide the outcome of the entire match, but if you survive to this stage, then your cheap boost to Apex will already be realized.

The stage will begin with the final narrowing of the map, which you need to rush into and be careful at the same time, because often there are always enemies who have already occupied the points before you.

Here all your skills, equipment and grenades, as well as medicines and the features of your agent will be used. The main thing is not to rush and fuss, and you will have a good chance to win, but even if this does not happen, and you lose, you will still take a worthy place and gain experience.


You will choose one of many agents who have unique skills aimed at reconnaissance, attack, or helping yourself and your allies.

Choose Lifeline if you want to gain access to drones and medicine without using first aid kits.

Choose Octane if you want to rely on your armor and ability to regenerate health in circumstances where you are not in danger.

Gibraltar and Bangalore will use powerful area-based salvos and various smoke and fire screens to reduce visibility.

Use Crypto to activate drones and clearly understand everything that is happening around you and whether the situation is dangerous.

Use Wraith and Mirage to hide from enemies and set traps and deceptions, or Bloodhound to always know the plans of enemies and the ability to determine traces of their movements, including those who are in a state of invisibility and camouflage.

Each agent has its own pros and cons, but it is better to start with those that have bonuses to survival – Lifeline with first aid kits and Octane with regenerations.

Next, go to Bloodhound, who can find out if there are enemies around and then full-fledged attacking classes, which find it difficult to ensure their own survival, but at the same time it is easier to inflict powerful damage, especially on the points where the enemy is located.

Heroes like Crypto allow you to constantly conduct reconnaissance with drones, but remember that they can indicate your presence and can be destroyed by enemies, but gradually you will learn to use them correctly and more secretly, either in single matches or in group matches for Apex Legends.


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