What Services are offered at The Old Hammam & Spa and How Do They Work?

Welcome to the world of spa therapy, where relaxation meets rejuvenation and tranquility intertwines with wellness. In the bustling pace of modern life, finding moments of serenity and self-care is essential for nurturing our overall well-being. At The Old Hammam & Spa, we invite you to embark on a journey of indulgence and renewal, where the ancient traditions of hydrotherapy and holistic wellness converge to offer a sanctuary for the mind, body, and spirit. Step into our oasis of calm, where a myriad of therapeutic treatments awaits, designed to soothe your senses, alleviate stress, and restore balance to your life. 

Join us as we explore the diverse array of therapies available at spas like ours and uncover the secrets behind their transformative effects.

Ice Rooms:

Ice rooms, also known as ice caves or ice grottos, provide a refreshing contrast to the warmth of traditional spa treatments. These chambers are typically kept at chilly temperatures, often between 0°C to 10°C (32°F to 50°F), and feature walls lined with ice or ice sculptures. Guests spend short periods in the ice room, allowing the cool environment to invigorate the body, tighten pores, and boost circulation. The sudden exposure to cold prompts vasoconstriction, which can help reduce inflammation, relieve muscle soreness, and promote faster recovery after intense physical activity.

Steam Chambers:

Steam chambers, also referred to as steam rooms or steam baths, offer a humid environment infused with steam generated by boiling water. The high humidity and warmth of steam rooms induce sweating, which aids in detoxification by eliminating toxins and impurities from the skin. Inhaling steam can also help to clear congestion in the respiratory system, making steam therapy particularly beneficial for individuals with respiratory issues like allergies or asthma. Moreover, the moist heat can relax muscles, alleviate tension, and promote a sense of calm and well-being.


Saunas have a long history of use in various cultures around the world for their therapeutic benefits. These heated rooms typically utilize dry heat generated by hot rocks or electric heaters to raise temperatures between 70°C to 100°C (158°F to 212°F). Sauna sessions induce profuse sweating, which aids in detoxification, promotes circulation, and helps to cleanse the skin. The heat also relaxes muscles, relieves stress, and can contribute to improved sleep quality. Saunas are often followed by cool-down periods, such as cold showers or dips in cold pools, to enhance the invigorating effects.


Jacuzzis, also known as hot tubs or whirlpools, offer a luxurious hydrotherapy experience characterized by bubbling water and massaging jets. The warm water and buoyancy of a jacuzzi provide relief for sore muscles and joints, making it an ideal relaxation option after physical activity or a long day. The gentle massage from the jets helps to increase circulation, reduce tension, and promote relaxation. Additionally, the warm water can improve flexibility, alleviate arthritis symptoms, and enhance overall well-being by inducing a state of tranquility and comfort.

Cold Buckets:

Cold buckets or cold plunge pools are hydrotherapy features that provide a quick immersion in cold water following exposure to heat. This contrast therapy helps to constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation, promoting faster recovery and revitalization. The sudden change in temperature stimulates circulation, enhances oxygen flow to tissues, and can provide an energizing sensation. Cold buckets are often used in conjunction with steam rooms, saunas, or jacuzzis to maximize the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy.

Cold Pools:

Cold pools, also known as plunge pools or cold-water immersion pools, offer a bracing contrast to the warmth of other spa amenities. Immersing oneself in cold water stimulates the body’s natural response mechanisms, triggering vasoconstriction and activating the lymphatic system. Cold water immersion is believed to reduce muscle soreness, decrease inflammation, and improve recovery time after intense physical activity. Additionally, the shock of cold water can invigorate the senses, increase alertness, and promote a feeling of rejuvenation.

Hammam Room:

Step into our Hammam Room and immerse yourself in the ancient tradition of Turkish bath rituals. Our Hammam experience combines steam, exfoliation, and massage techniques to cleanse the body, purify the skin, and promote deep relaxation. The warmth and steam of the Hammam room open pores, allowing for a thorough detoxification while soothing tired muscles and calming the mind. Let the gentle touch of our skilled therapists transport you to a state of blissful serenity as you indulge in this centuries-old ritual.

The Old Hammam & Spa

Communal Seating Area:

After your Hammam experience, unwind in our communal seating area, where plush cushions and soft lighting create an atmosphere of tranquility and camaraderie. Share stories and laughter with friends or fellow spa-goers as you sip on refreshing beverages and savor healthy snacks. Our communal seating area provides the perfect space to extend the relaxation of your spa visit and connect with others in a peaceful and welcoming environment.


Refresh and rejuvenate with our invigorating shower facilities, designed to cleanse and revitalize the body. Choose from a range of shower options, including refreshing cold showers, warm rain showers, or luxurious aromatherapy showers. Let the cascading water wash away tension and stress, leaving you feeling renewed and energized. Our showers are the perfect way to conclude your spa experience, ensuring you leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to face the world anew.

Final Thoughts

As your spa experience comes to an end, take a moment to appreciate the tranquility and restoration it has provided. From the therapeutic warmth of the Hammam Room to the shared relaxation of the communal seating area and the revitalizing sensation of the showers, each service has contributed to your overall sense of well-being.

Whether you sought relief from tension, a moment of relaxation, or simply a break from the demands of daily life, the spa has offered a haven for rejuvenation. Carry this feeling of peace with you as you return to your routine, knowing that you can always revisit the sanctuary of the spa whenever you need to reconnect with yourself. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey toward relaxation and renewal.


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