How Tall Is Jason Oppenheim? Know about Jason Oppenheim’s Height

One important question that may cross your mind after seeing a few episodes of Selling Sunset on Netflix is: How tall is Jason Oppenheim? The affluent lawyer, real estate broker, and reality TV personality has a stellar professional background. At his firm, he works with some of the most attractive women in Southern California as real estate brokers, and they are always around him.

Jason Oppenheim height becomes more noticeable whenever he is positioned close to some of the ladies working for him. The real height of Jason may be found here.

Biography of Jason Oppenheim

On a lovely April day in 1977, Jason Oppenheim was born into a Jewish household. In 1889, Jason’s great-grandfather arrived in Hollywood and established the first real estate business under the name “The Stern Realty Co. The Oppenheim Group.” Growing up, Jason was in Northern California, and he went to Mission San Jose High School as a youngster. Jason Oppenheim graduated from the University of California with a J.D. and college diploma.

Then, Jason Oppenheim joined the global legal practice of O’Melveny & Myers in 2003, where he practiced law and successfully defended several of his business customers. The Hollywood and Showbiz Real Estate Elite has honored Jason Oppenheim’s company throughout the years as the top Los Angeles real estate agency.

Many celebrities, wealthy businesspeople and professional sportsmen, including Orlando Bloom, Kris Humphries, Taye Diggs, Chloë Grace Moretz, Joel Kinnaman, and Chris McGurk, are among Jason’s clientele because of his own and the company’s reputations. There are singers like Nicole Scherzinger, actresses Jessica Alba and Dakota Johnson, and many more. In early 2021, Jason Oppenheim built a second office in Corona Del Mar in Newport Beach, California.

Why Selling Sunset Star Jason Oppenheim Quit His Law Career to Sell Houses?

Jason Oppenheim is a successful real estate broker who also creates entertaining television. The Oppenheim Group is the location to go, as shown in Netflix’s series Selling Sunset. It’s situated in Los Angeles at the junction of Sunset Blvd. and Sunset Plaza Dr. Amid a ton of drama fit for a television show, founder and president Jason Oppenheim works with his all-female staff to clinch significant transactions.

But who is Jason Oppenheim when the cameras are off? And how did he get to his current position?

According to his profile on the Oppenheim Group website, Oppenheim graduated Phi Beta Kappa and first in his class from UC Berkeley, where he also obtained his law degree. In addition, he taught political science and legal studies at Berkeley.

After graduating, he took his first formal position at the global legal company O’Melveny & Myers. At the company, he represented various well-known clients (remember the former CEO of Enron from the Enron scandal?). He even went on to win a case before the United States Supreme Court.

Jason Oppenheim Family

Real estate is a longstanding family tradition for Jason Oppenheim. Jacob Stern, his great-grandfather, worked as a real estate broker. Their family has operated a real estate company for five generations. Amazingly, Jason, as the fifth generation, is carrying on this tradition. Bennett Oppenheim is his father, while Deborah Oppenheim is his mother.

His mother, who also appeared in Selling Sunset, and he have a close relationship. He has a brother called Brett Oppenheim, but we don’t know the names of his sisters. So, what is Brett, the brother of Jason Oppenheim, tall? Jason’s brother, Brett Oppenheim, is also five feet six inches tall. They have the same occupation and are twins. Both on and off screen, they show each other a lot of love and support.

How Tall Is Jason Oppenheim?

Like you, I am fascinated with Jason Oppenheim, a successful real estate agent with a flair for entertaining. I invested a lot of time in practically learning all there is to know about Jason. Based on credible data we received from Dreshare, Jason Oppenheim stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, or about 1 meter 68 inches in standard units. How can I verify this if Dreshare is the sole source of information? Furthermore, I have received support from House Beautiful, Mail Online, and other sites. Since you are already aware of Jason’s height, what impression do you have of it?

Jason is shorter than the typical guy in America if I were to make a fair assessment of it. Despite not feeling bashful or ashamed, Jason accepted it and continued. Nobody dares to call Jason short anymore; everyone congregates and seeks his counsel and assistance.

Jason has a well-proportioned body in terms of weight. Additionally, according to data from Dreshare, Jason weighs 149 pounds. In kilos, it equals 68 kg. He seems to be fairly toned and well-proportioned.

Height Comparison of Jason and His Selling Sunset Associates

Examining the actors of Selling Sunset at their highest points reveals that the program has a wide spectrum of personalities. The following shows how tall each of Jason Oppenheim’s coworkers is:

Jason Oppenheim: 5 feet and 6 inches

Chrishell Stause: 5 feet and 6 inches

Mary Fitzgerald: 5 feet and 5 inches

Nicole Young: 5 feet and 5 inches

Amanda Smith: 5 feet and 7 inches

Davina Potratz: 5 feet and 10 inches

Christine Quinn: 5 feet and 9 inches

Interestingly, Jason’s average height may seem lower in contrast, partly because many of his Selling Sunset coworkers wear high heels.

Other Physical Details of Jason Oppenheim

In addition to his height, Jason Oppenheim is distinguished by various other physical attributes. He is in excellent form and has an athletic physique, to start. Because of his short sleeves, you can see that he has many tattoos. Officially speaking, Jason is dwarfed by his wife, Chrishell Stause, who is five feet five inches tall.

How Is Height Influenced His Work as a Real Estate Agent

Jason stands 5’6′′ tall, as does Brett, his twin brother. Their jobs as real estate brokers have been greatly impacted by this.

Despite their little size, they have mastered the art of resourcefulness and unique way finding in order to survive in the world. In Los Angeles, they established The Oppenheim Group, which aided them in becoming prosperous real estate brokers.

They have also learned to be more perceptive and constantly aware of their surroundings because of their height. They can better understand their customers’ demands and provide them with the finest service possible, which has aided them in their profession.

Comparing His Height to That of His Twin Brother

The fact that the Oppenheim twins are both 5’6″ may surprise you. This puts them at a somewhat typical height for guys, albeit they are much taller than their 5’9″ co-star Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset. However, you shouldn’t feel sorry for Jason if you’re shorter than he is since his 5’5″ ex-girlfriend, Chrishell Stause is taller than him.

Even if they are not as tall as their co-stars and partners, there’s no doubt that Brett Oppenheim and Jason look amazing together on Selling Sunset. Therefore, it pays to keep in mind that it’s always vital to dress correctly, regardless of your height, if you want to look polished like the Oppenheim!

Final Thoughts

Jason Oppenheim’s average height is 5’6″, which solves the question of his height. His height and other physical characteristics go together well. Jason’s career path, which included working as a professor and a lawyer before starting the Oppenheim Group, exemplifies the value of perseverance and hard effort.

His success in the premium real estate market may be attributed to his distinct fashion sense, assertive demeanor, and optimistic outlook. All things considered, Jason Oppenheim’s tale reminds us of the value of being loyal to who we are and pursuing our objectives with enthusiasm.


How tall is Jason Oppenheim?
Many interviews and sources have shown that Jason Oppenheim’s average height is five feet six inches.

Who is Jason Oppenheim dating?
Marie Lou Nurk is a model and influencer who is currently Jason Oppenheim’s girlfriend. Their first encounter happened while on vacation in Greece.

What is Jason Oppenheim’s net worth?
Jason Oppenheim’s estimated net worth of $50 million demonstrates his accomplishment as a well-known real estate agent in the United States.

What is the focus of Selling Sunset?
Selling Sunset offers an intimate glimpse into the glitzy and cutthroat world of Los Angeles’ luxury real estate market. It showcases the exquisite homes and lives of the upper class by fusing human narratives with real estate drama.

How did Jason Oppenheim start his career?
Jason Oppenheim, a political science professor at Berkeley University, started his academic career. He then worked as a lawyer at O Melveny and Mayers until creating the Oppenheim Group in 2010.

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