For Your Roof tear What Dumpster Size Required

Ideally, your roof would never need to be replaced. Only a good roof will indeed last for twenty years or more before it needs to be replaced. In some cases, the old roof needs to come off, so the question becomes, “What dumpster rental size for a roof tear-off will work?” The short answer is: it might be your roof area, the roof material and the number of layers you are going to peel off.

The majority of roofs are made up of asphalt shingles, but some may be cedar or metal. It is important to know what materials a given roof is made of and how many layers of the material will be taken off before selecting a dumpster rental size for the roof tear-off project, as different materials have different weights. The majority of cities and townships are permitted to have two-layer roofing, which means if your new roof is to be layer three, then you must use a large dumpster rental.

If you rent a dumpster in San Fernando Valley that is too small for your project, you will have to pay an additional charge for this overage weight. Furthermore, make sure you don’t load the dumpster rental above the top of the unit as this creates hazards to others while it is on the road. Knowing the exact materials on your roof will do your planning process a big favor. Let’s discover what size of dumpster you need for your roof tearing in San Fernando Valley, CA.

Why a roll-off dumpster rental is one of the best ways to dispose of old roofing waste

Removing roofing debris becomes an essential part of a successful roof replacement project because this will help the construction crew to have a safe worksite and allow roofers to move around without any obstacles in the way. A dumpster rental for roofing should be arranged ahead of time so that it will be delivered on time and will be available for use when needed. When you interact with a dumpster rental company that customizes your experience, you have the peace of mind that the bin will arrive on time and be placed in the most sensible position for the work to be done.

Selecting dumpster size for roof tear-off project

Proper dumpster size selection for roof tear-off projects is of great importance. If you choose the right one, you will not have to worry about exceeding the weight limit and paying additional fees. In addition, you no longer have to pause work to have the one that has an almost full one dumpster switched out with a fresh one. Moreover, you will be charged only for the actual size of the roofing dumpster fee and you don’t spend more than necessary. If you are not sure about the size of the dumpster rental for your roof tear off, we have plenty of information to help.

Most of homeowners give a lot of ponder while they are remaking shingles or shakes, color of shingles, whether gutters will be included and the amount of debris that will be generated during the project. As homeowners, it is the wisest thing to talk to many roofing contractors, have bids for the project as well as asking several questions just to be sure. Yet how about the size of your dumpster? Have you researched enough to make an informed decision?

The quickest way to do this is to figure out what type of old shingles are in your home and whether or not they need to be removed before putting in the new roof. Some of the shingles are heavier than others, so the weight could be a crucial factor. For instance, 3-tab shingles, whose economy of scale makes them popular, are thinner than architectural shingles, which are robust, weather-resistant, and heavier.

Dumpster size for shingles

Roofers use the word “square” to calculate the number of shingles to be used for a project. A square is a unit of measure, measuring 100 square feet. The right dumpster size for shingles in a project can also be determined by squares. To illustrate, if there is a roof requiring a hundred shingles of 24-square each, the roof space is 2400 square feet. If there is an elder shingle layer that needs removal, it may necessitate a sized roofing dumpster rental accordingly.

Determining the correct measure of a dumpster for roofing asphalt shingles removal.

The size of a dumpster for roofing asphalt shingles removal depends on the quality of the shingles, with the low quality ones being lighter. Electric calculators give you the size by inputting roof pitch, eaves’ distance, and pitch. Additionally, the old nails and underlayment blocks may have to be removed. Making a choice involves taking into account materials, roof area and layers associated with shingles.

The types of asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles offer 3-tab and architectural styles that are best for apartments and bigger tasks respectively. 3-tab shingles are lightweight and quick to lay while architectural shingles are weighty and reliable, requiring increased dumpsters. Asphalt shingles form the most roofing materials; therefore, being familiar with the kind of shingles may help one choose the suitable roofing dumpster rental size in San Fernando Valley.

Matching a dumpster to your roof-size

Consider your roof size and debris levels when it comes to choosing the correct roofing dumpster. A 20-yard dumpster can fit 35 squares, a 15-yard 25 squares, and a 10-yard is 22 squares. The size of the dumpsters depends on the size of the shingles. The right dumpster should be near the project for a more manageable project. After a proper calculation of the roof size and materials that you are going to use, you will be at ease renting a dumpster for your roofing job.

How many layers of roofing are coming off the house?

It is important to know the type of shingles before deciding how many roof layers to remove before installing a roof. By planning for extra weight rather than the small size, it can help to avoid overweight fees, and therefore make the project dragged due to small dumpster filling quickly. Additionally to not supposing the bottom layer is the same as the top, one must consider the space decisions that might develop from it.

Dumpster is for tearing the other roofing materials.

The size of the dumpster for a roofing tear-out project should be based on the type of material that is to be removed before a new roofing material is installed since the materials do not have equal weights per pound per square foot.

  • Copper – .85 lbs
  • Wood shingles – 4.5 lbs
  • Clay tile – 12-20 lbs
  • Concrete tile – 8 to 10 lbs
  • Asphalt shingles – 1.95 to 4.25 lbs
  • Aluminum – .50 lbs
  • Slate – 10 lbs

The load capacity of asphalt shingles is one important element that varies widely among shingle types. Besides, they include underlayment and nails if estimated at 10 pounds per 100 square feet.

Dumpster size for the removal of roofing felt paper.

The felt paper or underlayment is also another element that increases the bulk and weight in roofing. There are three types: 15 lb., 30 lb., and 45 lb., in which lower numbers indicate a lighter felt. A 2,000 square-foot roof can weigh anything from 400 to 1,000 pounds extra, therefore having the measure for your roofing debris dumpster is highly important.

Recommended roofing dumpster rental sizes

Due to the fact of shingle density, you won’t be able to pack the largest dumpster with lots of roofing and remain under the weight limit. Unlike these huge structures that are built to tolerate the maximum amount of weight, they are more appropriate for large items that happen to be slightly bulky. Likewise, the extra big dumpsters are not the most friendly to the driveways, especially those homeowners whose driveways are rather small.

And what about the smaller dumpster sizes such as six cubic yard units? Completely constructed for hauling bulky and heavy rubbish like concrete and other materials used in lawn and garden projects, but most likely the slings are too heavy for them. On the contrary, the smaller ones are ideal for small projects.

One of the most common choices for repairs to the average size home, between 10 and 15 cubic yard roofing dumpster rentals still remain in the lead. They’ll be capable of carrying up to 5,000 pounds or 6,000 pounds of waste, as perfect as their level will be regarding size. Although two-layer roofs are expected, consider the 20 cubic yard unit, since it is smaller than the largest unit and still can handle the weight generated by two layers instead of one.

Affordable dumpster rental for roofing

While you are looking for a cheap dumpster rental service, you definitely demand reliability as well. A dumpster4rental firm that will help you get the right size bin in San Fernando Valley, CA. They have a long-term collaborative history with roofing contractors, and homeowners, as well as with roofing projects which have resulted in tons of waste. The online rental portal that they have is specially designed to cater for your information needs from pricing to size of dumpsters. Dumpster4rental is quick and reliable and is an economical dumpster rental company that contributes much value to your project. Please reach them at (949) 519 4588 if you have any questions.

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