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Is Olaplex No. 6 Worth It? An In-Depth Review

Olaplex is a popular hair care brand known for bond-building hair treatments. One of their star products is Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother. As the name suggests, it aims to smooth hair and improve its condition. But is Olaplex No. 6 worth the price tag? In this article, we take an in-depth look at Olaplex No. 6 to help you decide.

What is Olaplex No. 6?

Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother is a leave-in styling cream formulated to repair and protect hair. It hydrates, conditions and smoothens strands while adding shine and softness.

Some key things to know about Olaplex No. 6:

  • Formulated with Olaplex’s patented bond-building technology to repair hair damage from the inside out.
  • Lightweight cream that absorbs quickly into hair without residue.
  • Suitable for all hair types but particularly helpful for color-treated, over-processed or dry, damaged hair.
  • Paraben-free and sulfate-free formula.
  • Comes in a 3.3 oz tube with an MSRP of $28.

So in summary, Olaplex No. 6 aims to hydrate, smooth and reinforce hair bonds externally on top of any internal bond restructuring from other Olaplex products. But does it deliver noticeable results? Let’s examine some pros and cons.

Potential Benefits of Olaplex No. 6

  • Reduces frizz and flyaways – The cream coats hair strands to tame static and smooth cuticles for a sleeker look.
  • Increases shine – The hydrating formula gives hair a glossy, conditioned appearance.
  • Softens texture – It improves hair’s feel by sealing in moisture to keep it supple and soft to the touch.
  • Heat protection – The peptide bonds it forms on the hair acts as a shield against heat damage from styling tools.
  • Colors last longer – For color-treated hair, it may help color vibrancy stay stronger by filling in broken bonds.
  • Buildup prevention – Its lightweight formula absorbs quickly without leaving residue that can flake or weigh hair down.

Does Olaplex No. 6 Live Up To The Hype?

Overall, Olaplex No. 6 receives positive reviews for delivering on its promises to soothe, smooth and protect hair. However, some factors influence whether it’s truly “worth it” for an individual:

  • Hair condition – Those with porous, processed or damaged strands tend to benefit most from the added moisture and bond repair. Those with healthy hair may see minimal effects.
  • Treatment regimen – While it can be used alone, pairing it with other Olaplex Bond Maintenance products like No. 3 or No. 5 amplifies the results.
  • Expectations – It’s not a miracle cream that entirely undo past damage overnight. Consistent use over weeks/months fully reveals its impact on hair health.
  • Budget – At $28, it’s an investment. Generic drugstore products can also smooth hair for less. Its advantages depend how much people value Olaplex’s patented technology.

On Balance – Is Olaplex No. 6 Worth It?

For most people with color-treated, over-processed or otherwise compromised hair looking to boost its health and manageability, Olaplex No. 6 usually delivers good results when used as part of a routine including other bond-building Olaplex products.

Some specific user types for whom it is especially worthwhile include:

  • Those with frizzy, straw-like locks needing major TLC.
  • Regular heat-stylists to protect against further damage.
  • Anyone wanting to preserve vibrant hair color longer between salon visits.

However, those on a budget or with healthy natural hair may get by just fine without No. 6 by exploring less expensive alternatives. But if they valued strengthened, shinier, more obedient locks, it could be a worthwhile splurge.

In essence, much depends on priorities and hair needs. To decide if Olaplex No. 6 is worth the cost for an individual requires considering hair condition and styling goals. But for high-maintenance hair types, it earns its keep well in smoothing, hydrating and helping care for those precious strands.

How to Use Olaplex No. 6 for Best Results

To get the most out of Is Olaplex no 6 worth it, it’s ideal to follow some basic application techniques:

  • On towel-dried ordry hair, dispense a palmful and distribute evenly from roots to ends with fingers.
  • Comb through with a wide-tooth comb to detangle without tugging.
  • Let it fully absorb before blow-drying or heat styling for heat protection.
  • For extra smoothness, apply to hair 30 mins before styling and allow to set in.
  • Use 2-3 times a week or as needed depending on hair texture and condition.
  • Follow with additional Olaplex treatments for ongoing bond-building benefits.
  • Store at room temperature, away from direct heat or sunlight for longest shelf life.

Is Olaplex Worth a Try? Sample Size Options

If the $28 price tag has you hesitating to commit, several alternatives can help you test out Olaplex No. 6 before fully investing:

  • Travel sizes are often sold for $15-20 and contain 1 oz, enough for 10-15 uses.
  • Beauty subscription boxes often include deluxe sample versions.
  • Olaplex sometimes offers sample kits or gift sets including No. 6 trial sizes.
  • salons provide complimentary samples to clients during treatments.
  • Buy secondhand or lightly used full sizes on resale sites at discounted costs.

Trying a trial size first lets you experience results with less risk. And for those uncertain if Olaplex justifies the cost, sampling is a smarter choice than spending $28 only to discover it isn’t for you. If you love the sample, you may be gladly willing to repurchase the full size later.

The Bottom Line – Is Olaplex No. 6 Worth It?

For anyone with chemically treated, color processed or heat-styled hair needing moisture and bond support, leave-in homemade conditioner generally delivers noticeable improvements in manageability, shine and hair health when used properly as designed. Its smoothing effects tame frizz and flyaways while imparting softness and strengthening resilience against damage.

However, its high price point may deem it unnecessary for those with healthy natural hair not prone to damage or breakage. Generic drugstore conditioners can also do the job for less cost in many cases.

Overall, Olaplex No. 6 earns its keep well for high-maintenance hair depending on factors like condition, styling needs and budget priorities. Trying a trial size first lets you assess its personal value before fully committing to a full $28 purchase. When hair health is an top priority, its intensive hydration and bond-building tends to leave users satisfied it’s “worth it.” But mileage may vary in each unique case.


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