A Complete Guide To Outsource Ruby On Rails Development

In modern times, Ruby on Rails is preferred as an ideal technology for creating web app products. Ruby on Rails is the ultimate framework that runs on Linux. 

It is a 100% free, open-source framework suitable for developers to get tons of plugins. Are you looking for a ruby on rails development agency for your products? Outsourcing the Ruby on Rails development is a significant option for your business.

Why Outsource Your Rails Project?

Ruby on Rails is the most amazing way to achieve your success at the earliest. Based on a recent report, more than 35,132 customers have been using Ruby on Rails as a web framework tool. Ruby on Rails gained a market share of about 26.56%. About 15,415 customers have been using Ruby on Rails for web-framework in the United States.

Are you looking to build a Ruby on Rails web app? Are you unsure if outsourcing for the project is the right move? Partnering with the best outsourcing team is a suitable option to deliver high-quality results. Exploring the top Rails development companies can ensure you partner with a team that has a proven track record of delivering exceptional Ruby on Rails applications, aligning with your vision for success.

Outsourcing Ruby on Rails brings you the following benefits

  • Saves Money – Outsourcing costs less when compared to hiring your own team
  • More Flexible – Better option to choose more teams when you require projects
  • Well-Experienced And Skilled – This is a better option to pick from skilled Ruby on Rails developers
  • Easier Updates – Ruby on Rails developers know the project and make appropriate updates
  • Knows Your Business – Your outsourced team has a better understanding of your business. They can make more improvements and suggestions.

Steps To Outsource Ruby On Rails Development

Outsourcing Ruby on Rails-based software development is one of the significant options for saving more time. These are suitable for extensively building quality web apps in a cost-efficient manner. Ruby on Rails is a popular framework for web app development, which ensures rapid prototyping.  

Below are some of the important processes you can follow

Step 1: Make Clear Objectives About The Ruby On Rails Project

Take more time to define the clear goals and requirements for starting the Ruby on Rails development. The upfront investment is also helpful to pay off when evaluating the vendors. 

It is a better way to document the purpose of the project along with the target users. You need to major user workflows along with the key functionality of the project. Seeking the ruby on rails development agency is a great way to get better analyses of your project requirements and budget.

  • Write in-depth descriptions
  • Document the purpose of your project
  • Target users for your Ruby on Rails development
  • Outline available budget
  • Make project phases and milestones
  • Choose the right technology stack for the front and back
  • List specific databases, frameworks and platforms

Step 2: Find The Right Outsourcing Model

The outsourcing Model involves the three common approaches for the Ruby on Rails development. It is quite important to completely evaluate the process and budget along with an appetite for complexity.

  • Onshoring:

The onshoring process involves working with a team located in a nearby city, state or within the country. Collaboration along with communication can be streamlined in the same time zone.

  • Nearshoring:

Nearshoring involves leveraging the team in nearby time zones. The developers can be reached within a few hours for the web app development. It is a better option for hiring the talented Ruby on Rails developers at the most moderate rates. 

  • Offshoring:

Offshoring enabled partnering with teams overseas. This gives more benefits to accessing experienced and skilled developers even at low hourly rates. However, the coordination is quite difficult due to the language barrier and time differences. 

It is best to completely evaluate the needs of the Ruby on Rails development and use the appropriate model.  

Step 3: Narrow Down Target User

Normally, the target persona would dictate the designs along with the user design. Narrowing down the target user is helpful for easily saving more time in reaching the customers.  

Step 4: Create A List Of Competitor Products

With the advancement in technology, there is a massive increase in market attributes. It is best to create a list of competitor products to get better access. 

For example, you can simply go to your favorite search engine by entering “[competitor product name] alternatives”. You can find massive results from the competitors and their strategies. You can use this list to help developers to understand your requirements.

Step 5: Shortlist Ruby On Rails Development Company

Outsourcing your project to the RoR Web Development Agency requires proper analysis. Many platforms are available, such as Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer and more. 

These are convenient options for finding the ruby on rails development agency suitable for your project. You can also search on different directories like GoodFirms, Clutch and more. 

These platforms show you accurate details about the developers, such as:

  • Developers’ profiles
  • Client feedback
  • Past projects
  • Development processes
  • Specialization in Ruby on Rails framework
  • Size and pricing
  • Cultural alignment
  • Communication skills

Step 6: Finalize Outsourcing Provider

There are many methods for finalizing the ruby on rails development agency to outsource. You can simply follow the steps below for evaluating the individual company.

  • Inspect code from previous projects carefully.
  • Have the provider simulate the Ruby on Rails agile development process.
  • Ask for project quality and on-time delivery
  • Speak with past clients about the developer’s weaknesses and strengths
  • Review resumes
  • Interview developers
  • Look for clean code adhering to RoR

Step 7: Sign A Contract

For hiring the ruby on rails development agency, it is important to sign the contract officially. Normally, solid contracts create clarity and accountability for the vendors and clients.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing the Ruby on Rails development projects is helpful for your business. Getting people from other places also helps to make websites or apps more convenient. This saves more time for the developers in all aspects.

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