5 Best Movies to Watch on a Weekend

‘Finally, it’s the weekend.’ You scream into the air. ‘I can now relax and have the time of my life.’

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You get into your comfortable clothes, clean your house, order food from your favorite restaurant, and gear up for some much-needed ‘me time’. However, as soon as you get ready to enjoy, a thought comes into your mind. 

5 Best Movies to Watch on a Weekend

But wait, how should I enjoy this weekend? I don’t feel like going out. I don’t want to invite my friends over. I don’t feel like partying. All I want to do is relax and unwind. 

Well, give your mind some rest, and let us do the hard work for you. We understand how frustrating it is to come up with something fun but also peaceful on a weekend. Keeping in mind all of this, we have prepared this article for you. 

Here, we will be enlisting the top five movies that will light up your weekend. Movies are a happy escape and can easily bring happiness into your life and instantly cheer you up. You can watch them all alone from the comfort of your home. So without further ado, let us introduce you to some of our favorite films.

1. Clueless

5 Best Movies to Watch on a Weekend

The main character of this movie is a beautiful, rich, arrogant, and socially successful girl named Cher who is at the top of her private school’s pecking scale. She thinks of herself as a qualified matchmaker and so tries her best to make people fall in love and get them to be together. 

She first forces two of her teachers into dating each other. After this successful attempt, she decides to give a new student named Tai a nice makeover. When Tai becomes more famous than her, Cher realizes that she is super lonely and that her ex-stepbrother is correct about how misguided she is. 

Clueless is a very interesting movie that will surely keep you glued to your laptop or television screen. You can easily stream this movie on Netflix. So, to watch this movie, all you need is a reliable and speedy internet service such as Cox Internet, a Netflix subscription, and of course a laptop.

2. A Good Person

5 Best Movies to Watch on a Weekend

This movie revolves around a young, pretty girl named Allison who has a great Fiancé, an amazing career, and a very supportive family. However, things take a sharp turn when she survives a tragedy, emerging from recovery with a strong opioid addiction and of course an unsettled grief. 

In the next few years, she very diligently forms an unexpected bond with her future father-in-law who becomes her strength and motivates her to fight her way back into life. He inspires her to move ahead in life and recover from all the traumas. A very sweet film that will surely bring happy tears to your eyes.

3. Sweat

5 Best Movies to Watch on a Weekend

A popular fitness influencer has it all. She has millions of social media followers, great promotional deals, and quite a lot of photo spreads in renowned magazines. However, as she begins to share more of her personal life online, the increasing pressure from sponsors and super-obsessive fans forces her to question her deepest, darkest insecurities. 

She starts feeling lonely and craves for someone who would stand with her in such trying times. A very nice film that will educate you about the realities of life and teach you that what you see online isn’t always true.

4. Pretty Woman

5 Best Movies to Watch on a Weekend

This movie narrates the story of a prostitute and a successful businessman who fall in love with each other. While on a serious business trip in Los Angeles, Edward who has now become a pro in purchasing and breaking up companies, picks up a jolly hooker named Vivian (played by Julia Roberts). 

As soon as Edward appoints Vivian to spend some time with him over the weekend, the two get super close, only to find out that there are quite a lot of obstacles to overcome as they strive to bridge the huge gap between their very different lives.

5. The Princess Diaries

5 Best Movies to Watch on a Weekend

The main character of this film is a teenager named Mia Thermopolis (played by Anne Hathaway) who is taken aback when she learns the shocking truth that she is an actual princess. As the only heir to the crown of a little European principality known as Genovia, Mia starts to figure out her royal journey

Her very strict and disciplined grandmother gives her all the relevant princess lessons and prepares her for the royal world. A fun and glamorous movie with a unique storyline. 

Final Words

We hope the five best movies that we have mentioned in this article, will surely keep you entertained over the weekend. Have fun!


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