4 Important Tech Trends for Small Businesses to Watch in 2024

Tech is constantly changing, with new trends emerging all the time – including some that can have a big impact on small businesses. As a business owner, it can be daunting trying to keep up with shifting trends while identifying which ones could potentially affect your business.

This year however, there are a few trends that look like they will definitely play a large role in the future, and you should definitely keep an eye on them:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ChatGPT and other AI chatbots have taken the world by storm and impressed everyone with their power and potential. Small businesses in particular can benefit from them in multiple ways, such as by offering personalized customer experiences, simplifying internal processes, automating a wide range of tasks, or even implementing voice assistants.

Frankly speaking, AI has close to limitless potential applications – making it the number one trend to watch in 2024.

Employee monitoring software adoption

The rise of hybrid and remote work has definitely hastened the adoption of employee monitoring software. The best employee monitoring software such as Controlio has multiple features to track attendance, hours spent working, app and web usage, types of activity, and much more.

Choosing employee monitoring software like Controlio will let you know exactly what your employees are doing at any given time. It has real-time monitoring as well as scheduled reports, performance trends, and analytics. If necessary you can even use it to block suspicious activity, enable screen recording, and set up customizable behavior rules.

Improved remote onboarding

Another trend due to the adoption of hybrid work is the use of tech to improve remote onboarding. Various types of software and tools are now being used to help bring newly hired employees up to speed and provide them with the resources they require.

As things stand, using tech to facilitate a successful onboarding process looks to be an area that small businesses will invest in more and more, especially seeing as it can help employees quickly acclimatize into their new role despite being in a remote location.

Superapps or integration platforms

Several business leaders have spoken about the possibility of ‘superapps’ being developed that combine and unify apps under a single interface. One of the clearest examples would be Elon Musk as he has made no secret that he plans to build X into an ‘everything app’.

Instead of a ‘superapp’ emerging, it is possible that integration platforms will have a breakthrough that allows them to connect with any software seamlessly – effectively achieving the same thing as a superapp. In either case, small businesses stand to benefit from embracing superapps or integration platforms early and using them to streamline the apps they use.

See how these trends could affect your small business in 2024 and the future. By keeping an eye on them and monitoring any developments, you should be able to figure out how to take advantage of them to benefit your business.


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