3 Best Platforms for XMR to THETA Swap

Crypto traders who want their transactions to be untraceable and confidential often resort to Monero. XMR ensures private transactions by enabling privacy features like ring signatures and stealth addresses.

Monero earned a place among the top cryptos by popularity, while currencies like THETA are still developing. This coin powers the Theta blockchain platform, which offers a decentralized video streaming network. Many investors find the project exciting, which could be why you consider an XMR to THETA conversion. If you go ahead with this trade, these are the top platforms to choose.

1. Godex Overview

Not many crypto exchanges stay true to the anonymity concept, which was the core of the crypto market in its beginnings. Godex keeps user privacy at the highest level by not requesting traders to have an account to execute transactions. You never have to register or leave any personal data on this website.

Monero and Theta are on the list of coins supported by Godex, and you can easily check the current rate by picking these two currencies in the sending and receiving fields. Godex is ready to lock the rate to ensure your planned profit stays intact regardless of market fluctuations. The website is fast and easy to use, and you can also download a free Android app.

Over 300 coins are a part of the Godex selection. Finding the ideal trading pair is difficult, so how about checking what those who invest large sums do? You can visit to learn more about crypto whales and how to follow them to analyze their strategies and apply them to your portfolio.

Benefits of using Godex:

  • Non-custodial exchange. Godex doesn’t require depositing funds to the platform to act as an intermediary, but you send the money to the recipient directly.
  • Limitless transactions. Whether it’s the trade amount or the number of transfers daily, you won’t come across any restrictions on Godex.
  • Fast order execution times. The platform mentions it takes from five to 30 minutes to complete a transaction. Godex is surprisingly fast to ensure users are happy with its service.

2. SimpleSwap Overview

SimpleSwap also belongs to non-custodial crypto exchanges. It doesn’t require you to register an account or provide personal data. You can choose over 20 fiat currencies when buying or selling crypto.

As for crypto trading, SimpleSwap makes everything simple by offering a user-friendly form that only requires a couple of clicks to execute a trade. It doesn’t impose any trading restrictions, and you can count on customer support to answer any questions related to the platform.

SimpleSwap benefits:

  • A loyalty program. You can earn SWAP coins or use other cashback subscriptions on the website, and there can also be occasional trading contests.
  • A large number of cryptocurrencies. You can pick from 1,000 fiat and digital currencies combined on SimpleSwap.
  • Pick between floating and fixed rates. A fixed rate is great to avoid problems with price fluctuations, but sometimes it’s nice to have the option of using a floating rate.

3. Atomic Wallet Overview

Atomic Wallet is essentially a crypto wallet. It supports over 1,000 different tokens, and the creators emphasize decentralization and security features. Apart from allowing users to manage funds via this wallet, they can also trade a limited number of currencies.

Over 60 currencies are on the trading list, and although that’s limiting, the list at least includes Monero and Theta. You can trade these anonymously and get a 1% cashback. If you need to buy crypto, Atomic Wallet supports using a credit card to acquire the desired coins. The platform is available on Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Android, and iOS devices.

Atomic Wallet benefits:

  • Five million users. The number of users indicates it is a reputable platform.
  • A cashback for trading currencies. You receive 1% back if you trade via Atomic Wallet.
  • Stake and earn crypto. Depending on the currency picked, the annual percentage earning rate is from 5% to 20%.

XMR to THETA: Start Your Exchange Now

Before proceeding with the trade, don’t forget to check the current rate and perform the necessary analysis. Whether you believe technical indicators or your instinct, converting XMR to THETA will be simple. Check out the recommended exchanges above and execute an order now. It will only take minutes before THETA coins arrive in your wallet, and you become their proud owner.


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