2 Days in Faro: Itinerary for a Perfect Weekend

Faro is exotic for the traveller, it’s not often you hear for this beautiful city which is located in Portugal. This new destination will show you the real flavour of Portugal, its amazing atmosphere and rich historical heritage. Walk around the city, which is surrounded by ancient walls, through very narrow streets with nice cafes and shops. And experience life!

In this article we will talk about the places you can visit if you come to Faro for your weekend (by standard we take Saturday and Sunday, i.e. two days). But before we start, we would like to touch on an organisational issue that often takes up time and energy when travelling – transport. Depending on the type of your trip, you might find Faro Airport Transfers useful – you’ll know exactly how much to pay (because it’s a fixed price), there’s a wide choice of car classes and a professionally trained driver.

Let’s get started!

Igreja do Carmo

So you’ve arrived in the beautiful city of Faro, taken a transfer or some other way to your hotel, checked in and started planning your journey. We advise you to start with the Igreja do Carmo. This is an important local landmark, an 18th century baroque church. It has a very unusual design, where it has bright yellow windows that coolly match the rusty facade of the building. If you go inside, you will be very surprised by so many golden details that decorate the church from top to bottom.

Also once you are in the church, don’t forget to visit the Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of the Ossuary), it is located just behind the main church building. It is a very philosophical place, because in front of the entrance you will see the sign “Stop here and think about the fate that will befall you”. This place makes people think as you read this phrase before you enter the room which is completely decorated with human bones and skulls. These are the remains of over 1,000 monks who were exhumed from a crowded local cemetery in the 19th century.

Usually places like the one we started this article with leave the strongest emotions in the course of a lifetime. Afterwards, one might wonder, what will I do on Thursday if I am gone on Wednesday?

Take a holiday at Praia de Faro

Praia de Faro is the most important beach in Faro, we definitely recommend going there for a swim. It is one of the best places in the city to watch the sunset. You will feel the atmosphere of history there, because you will be on the longest beach, with typical Algarve old whitewashed houses.  If you love surfing or have wanted to surf for a long time, this beach is the perfect place to do it (because it offers half-day or full-day surfing). Also available for rent are sun loungers and umbrellas. And in the evening you can catch a local party/festivity (which are quite common here) or go to a local restaurant on the sand.

Life begins at night: explore Faro’s nightlife scene

Avenida Almirante Reis is the place to go when night falls in Faro. Explore different restaurants, clubs, bars. To be honest, 2 days won’t be enough to fully appreciate all the places there are, but it’s better to start! Our advice: walk during this time to enjoy the atmosphere more (and it will be really cool) and not to miss anything important!

Explore Ria Formosa Natural Park

This is one of the most picturesque places in the Algarve, to check it out for sure we advise you to book a boat tour in Faro. You will sail along the largest saltwater river, past different barrier islands (for example, near Tavira island). You will see crystal-clear blue water, and along the way, you will sometimes encounter dolphins, porpoises and whales. You will also see the beautiful sight of the changing coastline (as you sail past the village). We advise you to hire a private guide who will give you an excellent tour!

Enjoy the museums of Faro

If you are very fond of hiking and some new knowledge about the places where you are travelling – this section of the article is perfect for you. Because it will talk about the different museums that the city has to offer.

Faro Cultural Centre is a very beautiful building that combines Art Nouveau style and functional cultural space. Tourists, among whom there are connoisseurs of culture, versed and actively interested in art, say that this place works like a magnet. There are art galleries that showcase the beauty of Portuguese world art, a planetarium and a cinema (they will dilute your museums a little with their diversity).

Museu do Faro – this place is considered to be one of the main places for tourists who want to really get to know the history of Faro and get into its atmosphere and flavour. It is worth noting that here you will not be just visitors, you will be treated as if you were a researcher. The museum has a special approach – an interactive format (films, games), which allows you to immerse yourself in the study of history and understand specifically what aspects influenced the development of the city and so on. You will better understand the daily life of the ancient inhabitants of Faro, their customs and worldview. In general, you can even imagine going to a museum, to get a real live experience.

Faro Archaeological Museum – it is the oldest in its region, if only for this reason it is definitely worth going there already. Entrance to it is completely free, but so valuable. Almost all of the finds that are in this region are over 3,000 years old. You will be able to see everything from pottery to ancient Roman coins. So explore!

Do you like football or rugby? Great!

Perhaps among those who are reading this article there are fans of watching football broadcasts. If so, we have good news for you! Estádio do Marítimo is your right choice in this situation – a football stadium that is historic in a way and insanely versatile. It often hosts various football matches and concerts, which will definitely dilute your trek! It’s also been renovated relatively recently, which is just nice.

If you are a rugby lover and connoisseur, there is a cool option for you too! There is this Estádio da Mata Real stadium, with a very cool visibility of 20,000 spectators (it will be a very cool atmosphere and experience). Enjoy the dynamics of the game or even support your team!

So just know that Faro provides a great opportunity to fully enjoy games like rugby and football. Even if you are not a fan of them, you will at least get a unique and interesting experience from attending such events.


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