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10 Things to Do in The Peak District with The Family

The Peak District is famous for its charming beauty, history, and thrilling experiences. As you set up this journey in the attractive region, you will get a wonderful experience with unforgettable moments on each step. 

From wildlife to different wonders to historical treasures, the Peak District is the best place for many spots that attract the attention of outdoor enthusiasts. Stay with us to explore the 10 best and most attractive places of the peak district in this article. 

Whether you want to enjoy the depth of caves, thrills of parks, or culture, Peak District will surely offer you all the experiences, so don’t wait and embark on the breathtaking journey to Peak District. For more information on accommodations and to plan your stay, visit

Peak Wildlife Park, near Leek

Explore wildlife in the natural park of the Peak District. You and your family can enjoy close interaction with different lemurs, penguins and wallabies. Further, you can immerse yourself in the animal world and create cherished moments with animals.

Matlock Farm Park, Matlock

Matlock Farm Park is the best place for families to have fun and have an education. Many farm animals, along with playgrounds and trails, are present in this park, which engages people to learn about farm life in the best environment. 

Crich Tramway Village, Matlock

Exploring the Crich Tramway village where you can go back to the old era. You may also explore the museum, rides, historic areas and other attractive points of a bygone age in this village. It is the best place for those who like to live in a small village environment. 

Gulliver’s Kingdom, Matlock Bath

If you want to enjoy the adrenaline-packed adventure, you should not skip visiting Gulliver’s kingdom. With exciting rides, attractive points and beautiful shows, you can enjoy the full day with proper and high-class excitement in this kingdom. 

The Heights of Abraham, Matlock: 

To boost the adventure of your trip and family, make sure to head over to the Height of Abraham. Take a cable car ride and enjoy the charm of different views. You may also explore caves and enjoy walks and other activities to get the most engaging experience. 

The Castleton Caves

To unveil the wonders of the underground, make sure to explore Castleton caves. From the exciting Blue John cave to the adventurous Peak Cavern, you will surely have the most attractive and wonderful journey below the ground. 

Poole’s Cavern Show Cave and Buxton Country Park

To explore the natural wonders, make sure to dive into the Poole’s cavern, where limestone caves mesmerize you and allow you to explore the beauty of the country park to create an enjoyable and adventurous day. 

The Pavilion Gardens, Buxton

A free visit to the pavilion gardens of Buxton ensures you the best experience where you can explore landscapes, gardens, play areas and picnics with your family in the ideal setting in Buxton. 

Chatsworth House, Bakewell

To explore the grandeur of Chatsworth House, make sure to head over to Bakewell. The region is famous for houses, gardens and many art collections that provide the cultural significance and best surroundings. 

Ecclesbourne Valley Railway and Peak Rail

To explore the railway scenery, head over to the Ecclesbourne Valley railways and enjoy the charm of trips. Other than this, you can also visit the Peak Rails to enjoy heritage train rides and the beauty of the Peak District with your family and friends! 


Where is the best place to stay in the Peak District?
Peak District has many charming towns such as Buxton, Matlock and Bakewell, all offering accommodation places. 

Can you recommend some outdoor experiences in the Peak District for families?
Yes, the Peak District is famous for many outdoor adventures, such as cycling, hiking, and picnicking. 

Are there any educational attractions for children in the Peak District?
You can admit your children to the Heights of Abraham, Chatsworth House and other educational institutions for a friendly educational experience.

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