What are the different types of SERP features, and how can you leverage them?

Understanding the different types of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) features is key for anyone looking to stand out from their competitors on their search engine results. From featured snippets to image packs, each SERP feature will provide different uses to capture the users attention, and to drive traffic to your website.

SERP results include various features that go beyond your usual organic listings, which are designed to give users more relevant information.

Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are typically positioned at the top of the search results and provide a summary or shortened answer to a query search. These featured snippets are written to provide valuable information in an easy, concise way, without the user having to search through an entire website. By ensuring this snippet is written concisely and accurately, you can increase your visibility and authority, whilst also increasing organic traffic to your website. After all, a user wants their question answered as quickly as possible. To create an attractive snippet, you must understand user itent, and must structure and summarise your information logically.

Image Pack

An Image Pack is a group of relevant photos that are shown in the search results. These images give users easy visual access to their search query, by giving them immediate visual context. This allows the user to scan through all relevant content, which can increase your brand visbility and attract potential customers. Image Packs are most effective for users who are drawn to visual information.

Knowledge Graph

A Knowledge Graph is a box that appears prominently in the search results, and provides a brief summary of the topic you looked for. This information is extracted from credible sources, and can provide users with a concise screenshot of their search answer. Using a knowledge graph can enhance the users search experience, whilst also building brand credibility as Google aims to show trustworthy content. This can in turn drive traffic to your website, and enhance your online visibility by showcasing your expertise.

Shopping Results

Shopping Results are a special feature of SERP which list products relevant to the users search query. These listed products are accompanied by an image of the product, the price, and direct links to the stores. This is a great feature for e-commerce businesses and queries, as they provide the user with convenience, and a clear overview of what they are looking for. It’s a feature that can answer the users query within seconds, through essential information such as pricing and images.

This feature can bring direct traffic and sales to your website almost instantly, as users are able to compare relevant products side by side easily and efficiently. For an e-commerce business, if your ideal target audience searches for your product on Google and is met with Shopping Results, you are in the front line for qualified traffic to your online store.

Related Questions

You may have seen this feature on Google as you scroll and see similar questions  to your query. It is usually shown as “People Also Ask”. This feature will present related questions to offer the user a deeper exploration of their inspired topic. It is always relevant to the users initial search, and can guide them towards further relevant information. Appearing in Related Questions is great for any marketers and content creators, as they typically increase visibility and drive organic traffic, but sharing all relevant pieces of content to that specific subject. You should be optimising your content to ensure it answers any questions closely relating to that topic.

Understanding and leveraging the SERP features will drastically boost your online presence. If you are keen on driving meaningful traffic to your website, each feature you use will ensure your content is optimised in your favour. By providing your users with valuable information that is quick and easy to attain and digest, you can increase your visibility and establish credibility for your brand. Harnessing the intricacies of SERP features will guide your through the ever-changing landscape of SERP.

When you explore the range of SERP features, applying these techniques will give you the ability not just to grasp their intricacies but also to enhance your visibility online. Stay ahead of the competition. Make sure your content shines in the digital realm, and if you haven’t got the time, you can always hire a marketing agency in London.


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